Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031297 NEW OTHER GRANTS Guo, W. Guo,Wenxuan TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Capacity Building for AI-driven Research and Education on UAS Applications in Precision Agriculture
1031318 NEW OTHER GRANTS D`Souza, G. D`Souza,Gerard PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX 1890 Facilities Grant Program (FY23-27)
1031345 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swinford, A. Swinford,Amy TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX NAHLN 2023 Infrastructure Grant
1031375 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wise, M. Wise,Michael UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS TX The Milpa Agricultural Placemaking Project at the University of North Texas
1031384 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, H. Chen,Heping TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX AnimalCareBot: Bridging the Gap between Emerging Technologies for Cattle Farming and Education in Agriculture Sciences
1031388 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vasquez, B. E. Vasquez,Bob Edward TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX CAMINOS For Success
1031400 NEW OTHER GRANTS Huang, Y. Huang,Yuxia TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI TX Cross Training on Data Analytic Experience in Agriculture (CODE-AG)
1031412 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hainline, M. S. Hainline,Mark S SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY TX Building a Bridge: Deepening Connections between Sam Houston State University and our Hispanic Communities
1031415 NEW OTHER GRANTS Meadows, A. Meadows,Alicia ASCENSION SETON TX The Ascension FoodRx-Social Systems Initiative (AFRx-SSI): Mixed Methods Design for Poverty Disruption Among Our Most Vulnerable Pregnant Persons and Babies
1031422 NEW OTHER GRANTS King-Kostelac, A. L. King-Kostelac,Amelia Lynn UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Advancing Minoritized Students through Regenerative Agriculture and Community-Engaged Study Abroad
1031430 NEW OTHER GRANTS Khan, A. Khan,Abdul UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SYSTEM TX Skills development in synthetic biology for climate smart and sustainable agriculture
1031431 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, J. Kim,JiYoung UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS TX Creating Transformational Leaders in Sustainable Food and Fiber Systems
1031439 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lokensgard, M. Lokensgard,Mark ST. MARY'S UNIVERSITY OF SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS TX Educating the Future Workforce of Underrepresented Students in International Agriculture
1031453 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ray, R. Ray,Ram PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Biochar Application: A Sustainable Approach to Improve Soil Health and Enhance Soil Carbon Sequestration
1031458 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pomeroy, M. Pomeroy,Mike BRIGHTER BITES TX Brighter Bites GusNIP Produce Prescription
1031461 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ayre, B. G. Ayre,Brian G UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS TX A Laser Microdissection System to Enhance Agricultural and Food Research in the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma Region
1031463 NEW OTHER GRANTS Keller, J. Keller,June Houston Community College TX Developing the HSI Community College-University Academy for Professions in the FANH Sciences (HSI FANH Academy)
1031483 NEW OTHER GRANTS Khan, A. Khan,Abdul UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SYSTEM TX Photosynthetic analytical instrument for understanding crop plant responses to climatic stresses
1031504 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, R. Anderson,Ryan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Providing a Small Gas Engine CASE Institute for beginning teachers
1031505 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, R. Anderson,Ryan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Women And Minorities in Welding- WAM Weld
1031514 NEW OTHER GRANTS Malla, S. Malla,Subas TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Ensuring Future Economic Viability of US Short-day Onion Production Through Mechanical Harvesting
1031524 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ozmaeian, M. Ozmaeian,Masoumeh WEST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Empowering Young Women and Educators: Promoting the Significance of STEM Education in Agricultural Practices through Hydrologic Sciences
1031557 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tedeschi, L. Tedeschi,Luis TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Harnessing Precision Livestock Farming to Support Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Beef Cattle Production
1020552 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stock, M. N. Stock,Melanie N. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Strengthening Training In Extension Plant And Soil Sciences (STEPSS)
1027502 NEW OTHER GRANTS Curtis, K. Curtis,Kynda UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Enhanced Farming and Marketing Opportunities for Refugee and Native American Farmers in the Mountain West
1027528 NEW OTHER GRANTS Black, B. L. Black,Brent L UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of tart cherry production through precision management
1027562 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hunter, J. Hunter,James INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE, INC. UT IRC SLC Youth, Agriculture, Livestock And Leadership Program For New Americans In Utah (Y’ALL) Project
1028899 NEW OTHER GRANTS Messmer, T. A. Tegt,Jessica UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Wildlife Across America: Supporting County Extension Educators through Connections and Certifications
1031060 NEW OTHER GRANTS Firth, P. Firth,Phillip BEAR RIVER ANIMAL HOSPITAL UT Improvement of veterinary facilities and equipment to provide better service to rural livestock producers in veterinary service shortage area UT222 (Box Elder County, Utah).
1031397 NEW OTHER GRANTS Larsen, R. A. Larsen,Ryan A UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Utah and Intermountian Farm Business Management Benchmarking Consortium