Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029451 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tong, X. Tong,Xiao UNIV OF ALABAMA AL Building Adaptive Apparel Competencies into the Higher Education Curriculum
1028952 NEW OTHER GRANTS Torres Quezada, E. Torres Quezada,Emmanuel VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Integrated Pest and Water Management Practices to Improve Tomato and Strawberry Crop Health
1023753 NEW OTHER GRANTS Torrison, J. Rovira,Albert UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Collaborative food animal diagnostician and anatomic pathology training grant
1023366 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trejo, H. Trejo,Helen CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA An Experiential Learning Approach: US Wool and Water Re-Use for Sustainable Development
1029159 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tressler, E. Tressler,Elizabeth YUKON-KUSKOKWIM HEALTH CORPORATION AK Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program Produce Prescription Program
1031443 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tressler, E. K. Tressler,Elizabeth K YUKON-KUSKOKWIM HEALTH CORPORATION AK Prescription Produce Program
1029509 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tribett, E. Tribett,Erika PROJECT OPEN HAND CA Project Open Hand Medically Tailored Meal Nutrition Intervention with Prescription Produce
1028972 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trinetta, V. Trinetta,Valentina KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Novel sanitation approaches to control Listeria biofilms in the organic produce industry
1029206 NEW OTHER GRANTS Triplett, E. W. Triplett,Eric W UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Hazard comparisons, under field conditions, of GE-derived, CRISPR-mutant, and wild-type tomato lines that vary in plant defense expression
1031286 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tronstad, R. Tronstad,Russell UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Overcoming Business and Land Challenges: Assisting Refugees, Indigenous Peoples, and other Limited Resource Beginning Producers in Arizona
1028813 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trout Fryxell, R. T. Trout Fryxell,Rebecca Tiffany UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Development, validation, and evaluation of computer imaging for tick detection on cattle
1026836 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trueblood, C. Trueblood,Claudia NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Experiential Learning: A Tool to Increase Retention and Graduation of Tribal Students at New Mexico Land Grant Institutions
1031207 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trybus, J. Trybus,James Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory NC NAHLN NIFA 2023-2024
1029166 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trybus, J. A. Trybus,James A Rollins Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory NC NAHLN NIFA Support 2022-2023
1026953 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tsai, C. Tsai,Chung-Jui UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry for metabolite profiling in crop and forestry research
1029055 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tschetter, E. Tschetter,Emery AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL HEADS-UP Helping Every Alabamian (American) Develop Storm Understanding and Preparation Plans
1030370 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tsolova, V. M. Tsolova,Violeta M. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Non-Targeted Metabolomic Approach to Evaluate the Bio-Active Profiles of FL Distinctive Wines Fermented with Autochthonous Yeast Strains
1028584 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tubene, S. Tubene,Stephan University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Building Capacity across 1890 Land-Grant Universities to Address Global Food Security and Enhance Student Learning and Community Engagement
1030712 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tubene, S. Tubene,Stephan University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Generating and Sustaining the Next Generation of the Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Human Sciences Workforce through International Experiential Learning, Outreach and Engagement
1027185 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tucker, J. Tucker,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Alfalfa Nutrient Preservation, Utilization and Cycling in Sustainable Southeastern Livestock Systems
1029038 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner, A. Turner,Andrew CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Mentoring Young Women and Minorities to Expand STEM Careers in Food and Agriculture in New York State’s North Country Region and Beyond
1031187 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner, A. Turner,Aaron CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Improving Organic Vegetable Profitability by Identifying Cost-Effective Technologies that Optimize Production and Whole-Farm Planning in the Southeast: A Planning Grant
0222892 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner, N. T. Turner,Nat Our School at Blair Grocery LA Our School at Blair Grocery: Toward a Viable and Sustainable Community Food Economy
1029162 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner-Depue, N. Turner-Depue,Natalie WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Trauma-Informed Communities of Practice: Building Capacity to Address Opioid Misuse in Rural and Tribal Communities
1020845 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tussler, S. Tussler,Sherrie HUNGER TASK FORCE, INC. WI Hunger Task Force Fresh & Local Markets
1029620 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tyner, M. Tyner,Mekko COLLEGE OF THE MUSCOGEE NATION OK Growing CVSE (Pumpkin) and the ORKO (PawPaw)
1027449 NEW OTHER GRANTS Udarbe, A. Udarbe,Adrienne PINNACLE PREVENTION CORP. AZ Double Up Food Bucks Arizona Corner Store Expansion Initiative
1029002 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ugarte, C. M. Ugarte,Carmen M. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Rooting for Ecosystem Services
1026783 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ulrich, N. Rodriguez,Eric Friends of Zenger Farm OR COVID Relief 2020-70030-33122: Matching Community Demand for Year-Around Produce by Extending the Growing Season of Local Farms
1031237 NEW OTHER GRANTS Upadhyay, A. Upadhyay,Abhinav UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Enhancing Microbial Safety and Production Efficiency in Organic Poultry Farming: An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Innovative Strategies