Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1018540 REVISED HATCH Ditommaso, AN. Ditommaso, AN. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Development of a Weed Emergence Model for the Northeastern United States
1018523 REVISED HATCH Samuel, RY, . Samuel, RY, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Improving production efficiency of growing and finishing swine through the application of feed and management technologies
1018518 REVISED HATCH Hanumappa, MA, . Hanumappa, MA. UNIV OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DC Evaluation of Cultural Practices for Two New Ethnic Crops: Lamb's-quarters and Malabar Spinach
1018517 REVISED HATCH Wang, LE, . Wang, LE. UNIV OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA DC Development of A New and Optimal Geothermal System for Urban Agriculture Sustainability and Food Security in the District of Columbia
1018515 REVISED HATCH Thune, R. Thune, RO, . LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA The Biology and Control of Aquatic Animal Diseases
1018434 REVISED HATCH Yang, JI, . Yang, JI. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Nutrient Bioavailability--Phytonutrients and Beyond
1018389 REVISED HATCH Matocha, CH, J. Matocha, CH, J. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Dynamics of Nitrogen Fertilizer Transformations in a No-Tillage Agroecosystem
1018371 REVISED HATCH Trinetta, VA, . Trinetta, VA, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis
1018355 REVISED HATCH Huynh, TU, . Huynh, TU. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Molecular Mechanisms of Bacterial Cell Wall Stability under c-di-AMP Regulation
1018344 REVISED HATCH Jiang, ZH, . Jiang, ZH. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA National Animal Genome Research Program
1018339 REVISED HATCH Adams, AM, . Adams, AM. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Understanding seasonal influences on inflammation and insulin dysregulation using an oral sugar test in horses with endocrine disorders
1018313 REVISED HATCH Williams, D. Pearce, RO. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Industrial Hemp Production, Processing, and Marketing in the U.S.
1018307 REVISED HATCH Drouillard, J. Drouillard, JA, S. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Improving efficiency of beef production through nutrition and management strategies
1018241 REVISED HATCH Pope, EL, F. Pope, EL, F. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Examining Cooking as a Health Behavior
1018239 REVISED HATCH Liu, WA, . Liu, WA. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA National Animal Genome Research Program
1018193 REVISED HATCH Sun, XI, SU. Sun, XI, SU. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy
1018190 REVISED HATCH Bruemmer, J. Thomas, MI. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO National Animal Genome Research Program
1018189 REVISED HATCH Edwards, NA, . Edwards, NA, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Minimizing Corn Production Risk with SD Mesonet Database and Web Tool
1018167 REVISED HATCH Brecht, J. Brecht, J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Storage Technologies
1018087 REVISED HATCH Siliveru, KA, . Siliveru, KA, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Marketing and Delivery of Quality Grains and BioProcess Coproducts
1018086 REVISED HATCH Villoria, NE, . Villoria, NE. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS U.S. Agricultural Trade and Policy in a Dynamic Global Market Environment
1018034 REVISED HATCH Levesque, C, . Levesque, CR, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Nutritional Systems for Swine to Increase Reproductive Efficiency
1018032 REVISED HATCH McCoy, AN, . McCoy, AN. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL National Animal Genome Research Program
1018005 REVISED HATCH Sassenrath, GR, . Sassenrath, GR. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Managing Plant Microbe Interactions in Soil to Promote Sustainable Agriculture
1018004 REVISED HATCH Gonzalez, J. Boyle, EL, . KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Improving Meat Quality and Safety
1018003 REVISED HATCH Wu, YI, . Wu, YI. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards
1017987 REVISED HATCH Maynard, L, . Kusunose, YO. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Economic Analysis of Local Food Issues
1017984 REVISED HATCH Bauner, CH, . Bauner, CH. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Advertising, Price Competition, and Entry in Concentrated Industries
1017965 REVISED HATCH Ganjegunte Kesh, M, G. Ganjegunte Keshava, MU, G. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Water Resources and Salinity Management in the Far West Texas
1017963 REVISED HATCH Smith, ZA, KI. Smith, ZA. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Growth management strategies to optimize feedlot cattle production