Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1007961 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Odemuyiwa, S. O. REDDY,GOPAL TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL A project-based approach to teaching virology and immunology in the Tuskegee University DVM curriculum
1000367 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thames, S. F. Thames,Shelby Freland T R SOLUTIONS LLC MS A Proposal for Commercialization of Vegetable Oil Macromonomers
0222857 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Newberry, T. Newberry,Teresa Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ A proposal to conduct research on alternative energy sources for a remote tribal community
0224115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Beghin, J. C. Beghin,John C IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Proposal to Train Doctoral Students in the Economics and Management of Bio-renewable Energy
0215407 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thurman, W. N. Thurman,Walter N. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A Proposal to Train Scientists in the Economics of Forest Products, Natural Resources, and Agriculture
0216198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Skinner, M. Skinner,Margaret UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT A Public-Private Partnership to Promote IPM Implementation in Northern New England Greenhouse Ornamentals
1004297 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parveen, S. Parveen,Salina University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD A Rapid, User Friendly Method for Detection of Total Vibrionaceae as an Indicator of Pathogenic Vibrio species in Oysters and Seawater
0223024 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, L. J. Wang,Lijun NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC A Reactive Distillation Process for Upgrading Bio-oil to Transportation Fuels and Bioplastics
0214578 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Riley, D. G. Riley,David G UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A Reduced-Risk System for Managing Thrips and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Tomato and Pepper in the Southeastern USA
1003757 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barbercheck, M. E. Barbercheck,Mary Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A Reduced-Tillage Toolbox: Alternative approaches for integrating cover crops and reduced tillage in an organic feed and forage system
0208917 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hess, D. J. Hess, D. J. COLLEGE OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS FM A Regional Pacific Island-Hawai'i Partnership to Strengthen and Expand Capacity in Aspects of Aquaculture and Marine Science Education for Im
1003844 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fernandez, J. Fernandez,Juan Marcos PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Report of Employment Opportunities for College Graduates in the Food and Agircultural Sciences, United States, 2015-2020
0230573 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schoen, R. Schoen,Roberta NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES DC A Review of the USDA Agricultural and Food Research Initiative
1013721 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lindquist, J. Lindquist,John UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Risk-Assessment Model and Population Genomics Tools for Monitoring Herbicide-Resistance Evolution in Weedy Sorghum
0204570 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Todd, E. C. Todd, E. C. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Risk-Based Approach to Determine Best Consumed by" Dates to Control Exposure to Listeria Monocytogenes in Delicatessen Meats"
1013989 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cunningham, K. K. Cunningham,Kutcher Kyle ARKANSAS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE AR A robust instructional effort to guide Extension professionals in the latest technology-enabled forest management tools and silvicultural sciences enhancing impact for multiple objectives
1016076 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mandadi, K. Mandadi,Kranthi TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX A scalable bioassay for culturing CLas and high-throughput screening of novel antimicrobials for HLB management
1014180 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Verle Rodrigues, J. C. Verle Rodrigues,Jose Carlos UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR A Science Hub Facility for Agriculture and Plant Protection
0214191 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kpomblekou-A,K Kpomblekou-A,Kokoasse TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL A Scientific Partnership in Research and Education to Enhance Student Learning and Promote Development of Low-cost Renewable Energy
0190211 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Godwin, S. L. Godwin, S. L. TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Simplified Rapid Tool for Estimating Portion Size in Dietary Studies
0193805 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Calvin, D. D. Calvin, D. D. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A Site-Specific Field Corn IPM Program that Incorporates Transgenic Technology
0222367 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kim, D. J. Kim,Dong-Joo AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL A SMART Trap System for the Invasive Ambrosia Beetles in Production Nurseries
1004103 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Griffin, S. Griffin,Sarah CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC A Social Ecological Approach to Encourage and Assist Residents to Eat Smart and Move More in Rural Colleton County
0190317 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nitzke, S. A. Nitzke, S. A. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI A Stage-Based Intervention to Increase Fruit & Vegetable Intakes of Young Adults
0208987 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tolin, S. A. Tolin, S. A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA A Standardized, Practical Method for Detecting Legume and Soybean Viruses for the PIPE Program
0213787 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kroening, M. K. Kroening, M. K. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION MO A Statewide Educational Program Featuring IPM in the Urban Homeowner's Landscape
0186744 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Koelsch, R. K. Koelsch, R. K. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Statewide Educational Program to Implement Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning
1008935 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hoy, C. W. Hoy,Casey W OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH A Statewide Network for Multiple Pathways to a Baccalaureate Degree in Sustainable Agriculture
0221492 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Dugan, A. Dugan,Ann UNIV OF PITTSBURGH PA A Strategic Investment in America`s Farms