Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0222818 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smart, C. D. Smart,Christine D. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY A Novel Extension/Education Experience in IPM Systems for Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Plant Pathology
0192683 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Matlock, M. Matlock, M. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR A Nutrient Management Decision Support System for the Eucha Basin
1000716 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, G. Smith,George Robert TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Parking Lot on Grandpa`s Farm
0201420 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hausbeck, M. Hausbeck, M. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Partnership Among Eastern US Carrot Stakeholders to Develop and Implement IPM
0200758 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Erhardt, P. W. UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO OH A Partnership for Pharmaceutical and Economic Development of Wild Lebanese Plants
0222879 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomich, T. P. Tomich,Thomas P UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A partnership model for recruiting nontraditional and underrepresented high school students into sustainability degree programs
1006984 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bauer, R. Bauer,Robert SOUTHWEST BADGER RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, INCORPORATED WI A Pathway to Livestock Farming: Providing Access to Land and A Guiding Hand
0208130 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooley, D. Cooley, D. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA A Pest Management Program Using Reduced-Risk Pesticides, Eco-Apple Protocols, and Value Added Marketing for NY and New England Growers
0215957 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mizell, R. F. Stephens, C. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Pest Management Strategic Plan Database: Completion, Analyses and Publication
1010710 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Choudhary, R. Choudhary,Ruplal SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIV IL A pilot project on food safety outreach for produce growers and processors in southern Illinois
1014968 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Planning Activity Project for Development of a Master of Public Health Tracked in Food Safety and Foodborne Disease Epidemiology
1007250 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brito, A. F. Brito,Andre UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH A Planning Network of Organic Farmers, Researchers, and Dairy Processors to Optimize Productivity and Resiliency of Forage Production
0228619 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kling, C. L. Kling,Catherine L IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Policy Research Center Proposal: The Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University
1007327 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Katampe, I. Katampe,Ibrahim Central State University OH A Potential for Building and Strenghening Capacity and Advancing the Quality of Teaching and Extension at Central State University
0230446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Afrasiabi, Z. Afrasiabi Navan,Zahra LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO A Practical Approach To Integrating Nanotechnology Education Into Agriculture And Environmental Science Curriculum
1017198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, S. Smith,Stephanie WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Primer To The Produce Safety Rule For Small And Very Small Farms In Washington State
0223115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nacos-Burds, K. Nacos-Burds,Kathleen NORTHEAST IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE IA A Program in Chemical Technology
0229694 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Childress, J. Bell,Amber Marie Southwest Georgia Project for Community Education, Inc. GA A Project to Create a Regional Food Hub in Rural and Urban Food Deserts in Southwest Georgia
1004090 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hendrix, J. Hendrix,John MISSISSIPPI BAND OF CHOCTAW INDIANS MS A project to expand the capacity of the Mississippi Choctaws to supply fresh fruits & vegetables to improve health and create jobs.
1007961 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Odemuyiwa, S. O. REDDY,GOPAL TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL A project-based approach to teaching virology and immunology in the Tuskegee University DVM curriculum
1000367 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thames, S. F. Thames,Shelby Freland T R SOLUTIONS LLC MS A Proposal for Commercialization of Vegetable Oil Macromonomers
0222857 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Newberry, T. Newberry,Teresa Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ A proposal to conduct research on alternative energy sources for a remote tribal community
0224115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Beghin, J. C. Beghin,John C IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Proposal to Train Doctoral Students in the Economics and Management of Bio-renewable Energy
0215407 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thurman, W. N. Thurman,Walter N. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC A Proposal to Train Scientists in the Economics of Forest Products, Natural Resources, and Agriculture
0216198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Skinner, M. Skinner,Margaret UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT A Public-Private Partnership to Promote IPM Implementation in Northern New England Greenhouse Ornamentals
1004297 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parveen, S. Parveen,Salina University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD A Rapid, User Friendly Method for Detection of Total Vibrionaceae as an Indicator of Pathogenic Vibrio species in Oysters and Seawater
0223024 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wang, L. J. Wang,Lijun NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC A Reactive Distillation Process for Upgrading Bio-oil to Transportation Fuels and Bioplastics
0214578 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Riley, D. G. Riley,David G UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A Reduced-Risk System for Managing Thrips and Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus in Tomato and Pepper in the Southeastern USA
1003757 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Barbercheck, M. E. Barbercheck,Mary Ellen PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA A Reduced-Tillage Toolbox: Alternative approaches for integrating cover crops and reduced tillage in an organic feed and forage system