Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0219755 NEW OTHER GRANTS Harvey, D. Harvey,Dana MANDELA MARKETPLACE CA Healthy Neighborhood Store Alliance
0219872 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jessup, E. C. Clifton,Karen D. FRESNO METROPOLITAN MINISTRY CA Fresno Healthy Food Access
0222850 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sharma, N. K. Sharma,Neelam Kumari Community Services Unlimited Inc. CA Community Services Unlimited Inc. - Community Food Village Project
0224103 NEW OTHER GRANTS Keen, C. L. Keen,Carl L UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Nutrition and Childhood Obesity Training Program
0225512 NEW OTHER GRANTS Robinson, D. Robinson,Doria Urban Tilth CA Raising Richmond: Growing Our Own
1002372 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zhou, H. Zhou,Huaijun UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Genomics for Improving Animal Production.
1004180 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kintzel, E. Kintzel,Erik SACRAMENTO FOOD BANK & FAMILY SERVICES CA Increase access to fresh produce and health & nutrition education for low-income families and individuals in Sacramento.
1006990 NEW OTHER GRANTS Murray, J. D. Murray,James D UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic_Animal_Research_Conference_X
1006995 NEW OTHER GRANTS O`Gorman, M. O`Gorman,Michael FARMER VETERAN COALITION CA Supportive, Small Scale, Basic Livestock, Financial Skills and Risk Management Training for Beginning Veteran Farmers Program
1013224 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thao, C. Thao,Chukou NATIONAL HMONG AMERICAN FARMERS, INC CA Transforming the Future
1018052 NEW OTHER GRANTS Philpott, S. Philpott,Stacy UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ CA Fostering Agroecology and Multicultural Scholarship
1018192 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stubblefield, A. Stubblefield,Andrew HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Outdoor Leadership in the Forest Management Degree
1020592 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bailey, B. N. Bailey,Brian N UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Interdisciplinary Training in Digital Agriculture Innovation
1023166 NEW OTHER GRANTS Michieka, N. Michieka,Nyakundi CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA BRIXCAL: Building Research and Internship Experiences for Hispanics in California`s Central Valley
1023285 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hibbs, B. Hibbs,Barry California State University, Los Angeles CA Growing Food in the City: Urban Food Gardens for Research and Education
1023363 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lewis, H. Lewis,Howard LOS RIOS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT CA Cosumnes River College Agricultural Mechanics and Dual Enrollment Sustainable Garden Project for Success
1023366 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trejo, H. Trejo,Helen CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA An Experiential Learning Approach: US Wool and Water Re-Use for Sustainable Development
1023385 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pheasant, S. Pheasant,Susan CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Increasing FANHS Student Success through “Less Leaky” Co-Curricular Experiential Pathways
1023405 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fox, A. Fox,Aaron CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA SoCal Farm to Table: Experiential Learning And Leadership Development In Direct Marketing, Food Safety, Urban And Community Agriculture
1023469 NEW OTHER GRANTS Marshall, S. Marshall,Susan HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA La comida nos une (Food unites us): A fusion of community, curriculum, and culture to prepare for food systems careers
1023751 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zandi, H. Atwood,Leah Planting Justice CA Building Beginning Farmer Resilience through Hybrid Participatory Education, Urban-Rural Networks, Mentorship, and Incubation
1024412 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dillon, S. Greenlee,Sam ALCHEMIST CDC CA Making Sacramento America`s Farm-to-EVERY-Fork Capital
1024423 NEW OTHER GRANTS Raders, G. Raders,Gavin Planting Justice CA Closing the Loop: Innovative Healthy Retail for Food and Economic Justice
1024637 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sherman, S. Thomas,Kimberly ALAMEDA COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFFS ACTIVITIES LEAGUE INC, THE CA Alameda County Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League's "Farm as Medicine" will boost food security and community resiliency through innovative mechanisms, including locally-based food delivery service.
1025177 NEW OTHER GRANTS Melotto, M. Melotto,Maeli UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Science to Practice Leadership Training in the Soil-Plant Health Continuum
1025461 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Diversifying the Plant Breeding Workforce: New Ideas to Meet New Challenges
1026033 NEW OTHER GRANTS Castro, L. Castro,Luis CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Establishment of a Fermented Beverages Laboratory for Enhancing Education and Research in Fermentation Science
1026040 NEW OTHER GRANTS Johnson, M. Johnson,Matthew D. HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Camino al Rancho: Welcoming underrepresented students to agroecological science through innovative educational programming and wildlife conservation internships on California grazed rangelands
1026264 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gekara, O. Gekara,Ondieki CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA Enhancing Research Skills Of Underrepresented Students In Feed Manufacturing Technology
1026294 NEW OTHER GRANTS Liu, Z. Liu,Zhongzhe CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Collaborative Capacity Building in Research and Entrepreneurship/Leadership for Handling Agricultural Wastes in the Leading Agriculture Region