Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0230539 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ezekwe, M. O. Ezekwe,Michael O ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Development and Evaluation of Purslane as Functional Feed for Production of Omega-3 Healthy Pork
0230659 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chukwuma, F. O. Chukwuma,Franklin Olisa ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Enhancing Sustainable Vegetable Production, Marketing and Management for Small Farm Families
1002011 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Collins, D. J. Collins,Daniel James ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Graduate Education and Training in Global Food Security and Agricultural Bio-security
1004073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, P. Zhang,Ping ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS An automatic system for bruise detection on tomatoes and apples using 3-D near infrared imaging technology.
1004101 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Zhang, C. Zhang,Chunquan ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Investigation of small farm ecosystem crop diseases and integration of plant pathology resources for limited-resource farmers in rural Missi
1004778 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cuadra, E. J. Cuadra,Evelin J ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Career Development in Animal Science thru Experiential Learning: Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer.
1006313 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Njiti, V. Njiti,Victor ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS A Multidisciplinary Approach To Train Under-Represented Minority Students In The Agriculture And Natural Resource Sciences
1007771 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Meng, Y. Meng,Yan ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Establishment and Application of a Virus-Free Sweetpotato Program for Limited Resource Farmers in Mississippi
1007808 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Njiti, V. Njiti,Victor ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Tropical agriculture, ecology, environmental and energy sustainability research and education in Costa Rica
1012124 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Chukwuma, F. O. Chukwuma,Franklin Olisa ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Increasing the viability and sustainability of small farm operations in Mississippi
1012335 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mrema, F. A. Mrema,Frank Anderson ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Popularizing Specialty Mushroom Production in Rural Communities of Mississippi: Sustainable Shiitake Log Mushroom Cultivation by Small-scale Farmers
1015075 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Panicker, G. Panicker,Girish ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Phenotyping a diversity panel for exploring natural variation within nutraceutically important metabolites for use in watermelon breeding
1015455 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jones, Y. K. Jones,Yolanda Kay ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS ASU Center for Sustainability
1016562 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Myles, E. B. Myles,Elizabeth B. ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Farm Management Educational Program for New, Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Mississippi
1027454 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Buckner, E. R. Wakefield,Dexter ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Scholarships for Students at 1890 Institutions, Alcorn State University School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
0210359 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Neilsen,A Neilsen,Ardis Allan Hancock College CA Multi-Cultural Culinology: From Campus to Career
0229073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Koch, A. Koch,Alfredo Allan Hancock College CA Cultivating the Future: A Community Partnership for Project Based Learning
1013758 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Walker, T. R. Walker,Tracy Renee ALLEGHENY EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICE WV WV152: Expansion Of Veterinary Services in Preston & Tucker Counties, West Virginia
0203073 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Wyse, R. Eversole, K. A. Alliance for Animal Genome Research CA International Bovine Genomics Phase II Workshop
0227324 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Gallagher, C. Gallagher,Carrie Alliance for Community Trees MD People`s Garden Grant Program - ACTrees Funding Proposal for Micro Sub-Grants & National Program
1004064 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Holland, K. Holland,Kathryn ALLIANCE OF COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE MINISTRIES, INC. TX ACAM Food Access and Security Planning Grant
0218003 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Blazej, R. G. Charles Emrich ALLOPARTIS BIOTECHNOLOGIES, INC. CA Improving enzymes for saccharafication of sustainable cellulosic biomass for biofuel production
0222193 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, J. R. Stewart, J. R. ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL AARP (Aquaculture Applied Research Projects): High School Aquaculture Research Projects
1003737 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Stewart, J. R. Stewart,Julian Ross ALMA BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL AL "Half-Shell High School": Using Oyster Aquaculture to Develop Curriculum, Improve Delivery Systems and Expand Student Career Opportunities
1010670 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welch, D. C. Welch,David Charles AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BOVINE PRACTITIONERS AL Next Generation Veterinary Practice Analysis Workshops
1017180 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Welch, D. C. Welch,David Charles AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BOVINE PRACTITIONERS AL Manage Your Rural Practice for Success
0219838 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bustos, D. Elizabeth Chey AMERICAN FRIENDS SERVICE COMMITTEE NM Community-Based Food Security for Albuquerque Public Schools and the South Valley
0197983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Powell, T. H. Powell, T. H. American Meat Science Association IL 51st International Congress of Meat & Science & Technology-Baltimore, MD 2005
1010266 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Houlding, K. Houlding,Kimberly AMERICAN OLIVE OIL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION CA Developing a trans-disciplinary strategic plan for the American olive oil industry to identify and prioritize research opportunities and challenges