Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020769 REVISED HATCH Elliott, HE, . Elliott, HE. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Beneficial Use of Residuals to Improve Soil Health and Protect Public, and Ecosystem Health
1004530 REVISED HATCH Endecott, RA, LO. Endecott, RA, LO. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Enhancing management, production, and sustainability of grazing ruminants in extensive landscapes
1016470 REVISED HATCH Endres, MA, I. Endres, MA, I. UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Management factors influencing productivity and welfare of dairy cattle
1015479 REVISED HATCH Engel, R, E.. Engel, R, E.. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Nutrient Cycling and Management in Montana's Agricultural Soils
1018881 REVISED HATCH Enger, BE, . Enger, BE, D. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Mastitis Resistance to Enhance Dairy Food Safety
1016574 REVISED HATCH Erickson, P, S.. Erickson, PE, S.. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Management Systems to Improve the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dairy Enterprises.
1016134 REVISED HATCH Ernakovich, JE, . Ernakovich, JE. UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH The functional significance of the soil microbiome in New Hampshire’s agriculture: harnessing the power of genomics and ecological theory
1020348 REVISED HATCH Walsh, CH. Farcuh, MA. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Storage Technologies
1021429 REVISED HATCH Farney, JA, . Farney, JA. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Optimizing land use for beef cattle production
1002082 REVISED HATCH Fasina, O. Fasina, OL. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy
1020261 REVISED HATCH Featherstone, A, . Featherstone, AL. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Agricultural and Rural Finance Markets in Transition
0198285 REVISED HATCH Federici, B. A. Federici, B. A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Development, Biology, and Application of Novel Proteins and Peptides for Insect Control
0185775 REVISED HATCH Fellner, V. Fellner, VI. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Modulate microbial fermentation to improve energetic efficiency.
1012853 REVISED HATCH Fennell, A, . Fennell, AN. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Genotype to phenotype: Growth cycling and low temperature response in Vitis species.
1014355 REVISED HATCH Fennell, A, . Fennell, AN. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Multi-state Coordinated Evaluation of Winegrape Cultivars and Clones
1016746 REVISED HATCH Ferguson, C. Ferguson, CA. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Plant Biodiversity Research
1017507 REVISED HATCH Fernandez, C, J. Fernandez, C, J. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Strategies for improving crop water use efficiency: screening and characterization of drought tolerant and high-yielding genotypes.
1017218 REVISED HATCH Paz, HE, . Feugang, JE, M.. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows
1013520 REVISED HATCH Finnigan, GR, . Finnigan, GR. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Analysis of CRISPR-based gene drive systems in budding yeast
1017243 REVISED HATCH Ferraz Dias de Moraes, LU, . Firkins, JE, L. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Metabolic Relationships in Supply of Nutrients for Lactating Cows
1017544 REVISED HATCH Viteri-Dillon, DI, . Flores, CA, A.. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization
1014527 REVISED HATCH Flury, MA, . Flury, MA. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Soil-Plant Interactions: Chemical, Physical and Biological Processes
0209947 REVISED HATCH Fortmann, L. Fortmann, L. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY CA Exploring the Potential for Interdependent Science in Natural Resource Use and Management
1021213 REVISED HATCH Fox, AM, AN. Fox, AM, AN. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Validating Emerging Technologies in Precision Agriculture
1020745 REVISED HATCH Francis, SA, LU. Francis, SA, LU. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Improving the health span of aging adults through diet and physical activity.
0198282 REVISED HATCH Frankenberger, W. Frankenberger, W. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CA Bacterial Reduction of Selenium in Agricultural Drainage Water
0191185 REVISED HATCH Frisvold, G. B. Frisvold, GE. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Impact Analyses and Decision Strategies for Agricultural Research (NC1003)
1014096 REVISED HATCH Fry, J. Fry, JA. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Development and Management of Turfgrasses to Reduce Water Inputs and Control Difficult Weeds
1019879 REVISED HATCH Fuller, B, . Fuller, B, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Control and Management of Corn Rootworms