Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0221677 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anoruo, F. Anoruo,Florence CLAFLIN UNIVERSITY SC Establishment of an Agricultural /Biofuel Feedstock Research Field Station: Phase II
0222255 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lossie, A. C. Lossie,Amy C. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training STEAM Educators to Teach Applied and Advanced Topics in Animal Genetics
0222384 NEW OTHER GRANTS McFarland, M. E. McFarland,Michael NORFOLK COUNTY AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL MA Linking New Careers in Agriculture to Higher Education
0222657 NEW OTHER GRANTS Holtzapple, M. T. Holtzapple, M. T. Texas Engineering Experiment Station TX Demonstration of the Commercial Feasibility of Anaerobic Fermentation for the Production of Acid Salts and Their Conversion to Ketones
0222671 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, Y. C. Kim,Young Chul Fondy Food Center, Inc. WI Fondy Farm Project: Growing the viability & self-reliance of Milwaukee`s limited resource farmers with land access and technical assistance
0222780 NEW OTHER GRANTS Croney, C. C. Croney, C. C. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Develop of an Integ. Curriculum for Animal Bioethics: Teaching farm animal welfare, agricultural environ. ethics, and rural issues
0222810 NEW OTHER GRANTS Klingler, T. LaBelle, S. Chugachmiut, Inc. AK Snaaqulluta Neqnek (Sharing Food) Community Food Assessment Project
0222850 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sharma, N. K. Sharma,Neelam Kumari Community Services Unlimited Inc. CA Community Services Unlimited Inc. - Community Food Village Project
0222892 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner, N. T. Turner,Nat Our School at Blair Grocery LA Our School at Blair Grocery: Toward a Viable and Sustainable Community Food Economy
0222966 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fernandez, J. M. Fernandez, J. M. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Support of the USDA-SERD component at the NACTA/SERD Meeting
0223107 NEW OTHER GRANTS Collins, D. J. Daniel J. Collins SOUTHERN UNIV LA Graduate Education and Training in Global food security and Agricultural bio-security
0223181 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sequeira, E. Sequeira,E. Jemila CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Tompkins County Community Food Assessment Planning Project
0223505 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rader, H. B. Rader, H. B. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Rural Delivery: New Education Methods Promote Self-Reliant, Alaska Native Villages
0223531 NEW OTHER GRANTS Leech, J. Leech,Jacob Florida West Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc. FL The Center for Integrated Agriculture: Building a Entrepreneurial Beginner Farmer Resource
0223532 NEW OTHER GRANTS Daniell, H. Daniell, H. UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA FL Engineering plants for enhanced biomass production and degradation
0223561 NEW OTHER GRANTS Andaluz, K. Andaluz,Kevin Nuestras Raices MA Tierra de Oportunidades Project - Immigrant and Refugees Beginning Farmer Training and Incubation in Western and Central Massachusetts
0224103 NEW OTHER GRANTS Keen, C. L. Keen,Carl L UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Nutrition and Childhood Obesity Training Program
0225512 NEW OTHER GRANTS Robinson, D. Robinson,Doria Urban Tilth CA Raising Richmond: Growing Our Own
0225535 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stulz, D. L. Stulz,Diane L. Worcester Technical High School MD Secondary Education, Two-Year Postsecondary Education, and Agriculture in the K-12 Classroom (SPECA) Challenge Grant Program
0225611 NEW OTHER GRANTS Birkenholz, R. J. Birkenholz,Robert James OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Improving Food Safety and Security Instruction in Secondary Agricultural Education
0225617 NEW OTHER GRANTS Henry, M. Henry,Mary Milwaukee Teacher Education Center (MTEC) WI The Milwaukee Aquaponics Expertise Development Initiative (MAEDI)
0225869 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kastan, C. A. Gehrt,Karen UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Master FCS Volunteer Proposal
0225898 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bullard, J. S. Bullard,Jill Staton Inter-Faith Food Shuttle C/O Katherine Andrew NC "Supporting New Farmers on the Piedmont: Workshops, Apprenticeships, Training, Network"
0225964 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nuri, K. Nuri,K. Rashid Truly Living Well GA Urban Oasis Beginning Farmer Training Program
0226012 NEW OTHER GRANTS Doohan, D. Doohan,Douglas OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Reducing injury to fruit and vegetable crops caused by drift or volatility of herbicides applied to row crops
0227113 NEW OTHER GRANTS OLMEDA, R. Olmeda,Rafael UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO EXTENSION PR Pesticide Safety Education Program
0227278 NEW OTHER GRANTS Craig, C. Craig,Charmaine Knox Parks Foundation, Inc. CT Gardens to Groves: Tipping the Scale on Food Security in Hartford
0229065 NEW OTHER GRANTS Millard, J. R. Millard,James R. Craven Community College NC Sustainable Agriculture Certificate/Degree Program
0229298 NEW OTHER GRANTS Parker, K. Parker,Karen GROWING POWER, INC. WI Urban Farms for America with a Focus on Socially Disadvantaged Farmers in the Urban Agriculture Sector