Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0225374 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Teel, P. D. Teel,Pete D. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Application of weather dynamics to predict changes and enhance IPM strategies for the Gulf Coast tick
0196933 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Taylor, S. L. Taylor, S. L. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Midwest Advanced Food Manufacturing Alliance
0222412 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rothwell, N. L. Rothwell,Nikki MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Improved Fruit Practices
0203293 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Brown, D. S. Trower, V. I. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Fruits and Vegetable Policy Analysis and Modeling
0201319 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lugo, M. L. Carro-Figueroa, V. UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Integration of Weed Management and Aphids in Papaya Fields
0200744 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Braddock, R. J. Braddock, R. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Investigation of Tropical/Subtropical Juice Spoilage by Spore-Forming Bacteria
0190022 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cavalieri, R. P. Cavalieri, R. P. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Grass Seed Cropping Systems for a Sustainable Agriculture
0207137 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hong, C. X. Hong, C. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Phytophthora Disease Management Alternatives for Nursery and Greenhouse Crops
0206785 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Zink-Sharp, A. Zink-Sharp, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Sustainable Engineered Materials from Renewable Resources: Design and Manufacture of High-Performance Composites
0204943 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Gorman, T. M. Gorman,Thomas M. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Inland Northwest Forest Products Research Consortium
0214441 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cockett, N. E. Cockett, N. E. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Joint U.S. China Biotechnology Research and Extension, UT
0193027 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lewis, C. E. Mitchell, G. A. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK New Crops for New Markets
0204080 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Fares, A. Fares, A. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Developing and Improving Tension Based and Capacitance Based Soil Moisture Sensors as Water Management and Irrigation Scheduling Tools
0214048 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Snyder, D. L. Snyder, D. L. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Intensively Managed Irrigated Pasture Project, Utah
0192005 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Klopfenstein, T. K. Nelson, D. W. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Integrated Crop/Livestock/Agroforestry Research for Sustainable Systems in Nebraska
0210436 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lalancette, N. Lalancette, N. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ Predicting Inoculum Availability for Peach Scab: Development and Validation of a Forecasting Model
0187958 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Webb, A. I. Webb, A. I. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Minor Use Animal Drug Program: Southern Region
0219780 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bosland, P. W. Bosland, P. W. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Soil-borne Disease Prevention in Irrigated Agriculture
0207983 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Semmens, K. J. Semmens, K. J. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Aquaculture Product and Marketing Development, West Virginia University
0219171 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stout, M. Stout, M. J. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Revising management programs for the rice stink bug in southern rice
0218651 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lamm, F. Lamm, F. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Water Conservation-Increased Efficiency in Usage
0230083 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ellsworth, P. C. Ellsworth,Peter C. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Integrating Biological Control Into Management Decisions: Advancing the IPM Continuum Through Research and Implementation
0195266 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Babcock, B. A. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA International Competitiveness and Marketability of Midwest Agribusiness Products
0215186 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Weigel, K. Weigel, K. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development
0222994 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Habte, M. Habe, M. I. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Understanding Factors Contributing to Unpredictability of Field Response of A.koa to Pre-Transplant Colonization of its Roots by AM Fungi
0196267 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Semmens, K. J. Semmens, K. J. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Aquaculture Product and Marketing Development, West Virginia University
0222274 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Leung, P. Leung, P. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Economic Analysis of Little Fire Ant Risk in Hawaii
0221633 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Prasad, P. Prasad,Vara KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Great Plains Sorghum Improvement and Utilization Center
0201065 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Jenkins, D. M. Jenkins, D. M. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Innovation of Detection Mechanisms for Dissolved Nitrogen and Bicarbonate in Agriculture and the Environment