Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0208088 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brazil,R Garrett,James J. CANKDESKA CIKANA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Enhancement of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the Spirt Lake Nation
0208090 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hurley, P. A. Hurley,Patricia A SALISH KOOTENAI COLLEGE MT Salish Kootenai College Equity: New Directions in Natural Resource Education
0208113 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Suslow, T. Suslow, T. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Novel Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide Treatments for Disinfection of Lettuce and Leafy Greens to Enhance Food Safety and Preserve Quality
0208533 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hughes, S. G. Hughes, S. G. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Research to Improve the Culture and Availability of Fishes with Economic Importance to Pennsylvania
0208793 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Manore, M. M. Manore, M. M. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Multidisciplinary Training in Nutrition and Physical Activity
0209031 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Henroid, Jr., D. H. Henroid,Daniel H. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance in Restaurants
0209767 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Price, E. Price,Edwin C TEXAS AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX Iraq Agricultural Extension Revitalization: Second Implementation Phase
0210014 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hartman, K. E. Hartman,Kerry FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Collaborative Investigation into Propagation Methods for Expansion of Native Juneberry Stands
0210160 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Poole, R. L. Poole, R. L. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Investigation of Dead Zone on Tribal Fisheries in Bellingham Bay, Washington
0210166 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Miller, H. S. Miller, H. S. NEBRASKA INDIAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NE Enhancing Tribal Economic, Cultural, and Environmental Benefits with Conservation Plantings
0210422 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears,Mindy Malynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Pre-Harvest Critical Control Points in Feed Yards to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Pathogens onto Cattle and other Environmental Areas
0210934 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Klein, R. Klein, R. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Tribal Outreach and Youth Leadership Training
0211246 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DeLoughery, R. L. DeLoughery, R. L. Sitting Bull College ND Growing a Bison Culture
0211289 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Allen, J. C. Allen, J. C. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Western Rural Development Center
0211295 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Orozco, S. OROZCO,SAMUEL G. Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ Everything in the Desert Connects II Extension 2010-2011
0211470 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Thompson, D. Thompson, D. HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Yes SIR! Our Strength is Indian Country: Sustainable Indian Resources @ Haskell
0211612 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jenkins, N. L. Jenkins,Nina Lyon UNIV OF MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE MD Building Capacity in Family & Consumer Sciences Education and Dietetics Programs: A Model for Recruitment, Retention & Increased Graduation
0211651 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Snowball, C. D. Snowball LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Be Strong and Educate My Children
0211970 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brock, E. F. Freda Gipp HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Nutrition & Exercise: What Every Health, Sport and Science Educator Should Know, the Next Level
0211994 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Goecker, A. Goecker, A. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Report of Employment Opportunties for College Graduates in the Food and Agricultural Sciences, United States 2010-2015
0212061 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Flute, S. Flute,Sharon L. SISSETON WAHPETON COLLEGE SD Sisseton Wahpeton College Extension Outreach Program
0212520 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Alwang, J. R. Alwang, J. R. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA USDA National Needs Fellowship in Bio-Fuel Systems
0213808 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ermer, S. Wulf,Dresden Petty HAWKEYE COMMUNITY COLLEGE IA Two-Year Degree in Food Science: Production to Consumption
0213931 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lotz, J. M. Lotz,Jeffrey UNIV OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI MS U.S. Shrimp Farming Program - GCRL
0214100 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Scott-Small, V. A. Scott-Small, V. A. LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT American Indian Land Tenure & Policy: The cultural and ecological effects of Russian olive along the Little Bighorn River
0214111 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wilson, D. Wilson, D. ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Agriculture Water Policy, Georgia
0214164 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nightingale, K. K. Nightingale, K. K. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Integrating teaching, research, and outreach efforts to facilitate industry application of molecular subtyping for foodborne pathogens
0214179 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Stepan, D. J. Stepan,Daniel J. UNIV OF NORTH DAKOTA ND Developing Water Management Strategies for the Red River Basin
0214236 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Lee, A. Domenica G. Pappas Illinois Institute of Technology IL Investigation of norovirus cross-contamination during food service procedures used in the preparation of fresh produce
0214318 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hoenig, S. Hoenig, Sam THE NEGEV FOUNDATION OH The Ohio-Israel Ag & Rural Development Initiative