Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0195574 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Daniels, S. E. Daniels, S. E. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Western Rural Development Center
1029161 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zahid, A. Zahid,Azlan TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Greenhouse Microenvironment Control for Hydroponic Leafy Greens in Hot and Humid Climate
1028996 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Helman, H. Fischweicher,Alicia FARMSHARE AUSTIN TX Fresh for Less Mobile Markets and Curbside Delivery Produce Prescription: Increasing Incentives and Equity for Local Fruits and Vegetables
1028983 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Joshi, V. Joshi,Vijay TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Systems Approach to Maximize Organic Spinach Productivity
1028559 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fernando, H. Fernando,Harshica PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Professional Development In Assessing The Food Safety Using The Chemically Activated Luciferase Gene Expression (Calux) Bioassay
1027670 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Forbes, C. Forbes,Cory UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON TX Supporting Undergraduate Teaching and Learning about Socio-Hydrological Challenges through Data-Driven Modeling in the FANH Sciences
1027574 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, N. C. Anderson,Nichole Chapel TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Using virtual reality to increase student understanding and interest in farm animal welfare
1027163 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ganjegunte Keshava, M. Ganjegunte Keshava,Murthy TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing Canola as an alternative crop for marginal lands irrigated with brackish waters in the southern great plains region.
1027129 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yemmireddy, V. K. Yemmireddy,Veerachandra UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Closing the GAPs: Food Safety Education and Outreach to Underserved Communities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
1027063 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Meyers, C. A. Meyers,Courtney Alyssa TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX iVisit: Interactive Virtual Tours for Advancing Food and Agricultural Sciences
1027054 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Chappell, J. E. Chappell,James E RICE UNIVERSITY TX Monitoring and modeling the dynamics and host range of synthetic microbe gene transfer in soils using catalytic RNA
1027036 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kerns, D. Kerns,David TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX The Texas IPM and Extension Program: Meeting the Demands of a Diverse State
1026986 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Vafaie, E. Khan,Dr. Rafia TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Integrated pest management of the European Pepper Moth
1026329 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Huertas, M. Huertas,Mar TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Development Of Nasal And Gut Probiotics To Protect Intensive Catfish Culture Against Edwardsiella Ictaluri Infections
1026296 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hollenbeck, C. Hollenbeck,Christopher TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY-CORPUS CHRISTI TX Building foundations for genetic improvement of Eastern oyster in Texas
1026274 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. Williams,Robert Texas A&M University-Commerce TX Developing Urban Agricultural Educators for the 21st Century
1026065 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gao, M. Gao,Ming PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Towards Marker-Assisted Breeding Of Improved Purple-Sweetpotatoes For Processing
1026006 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Garcia, A. Garcia,Arlene TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Developing Spanish communicative competence among veterinary and animal science students as a means for improving U.S. agriculture
1025995 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jones, B. Webb,Edward TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY - TIAER TX Enhancing regional dairy center’s outreaching capacity via virtual reality platform
1023719 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pina, M. Murphrey,Theresa TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Gender Lensed Curricula for the FANH Sciences
1023718 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hairgrove, T. Hairgrove,Thomas TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Improving the sustainability of rural veterinarians through mentoring, targeted education, telemedicine, and monitoring of disease syndromes
1023616 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS De Laune, P. De Laune,Paul TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Diversifying organic cotton production in semi-arid environments of Texas
1023591 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simpson, C. R. Simpson,Catherine Ross TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX MASTERS (Mentoring Agriculture Students through Training, Experiential learning, and Research Skills) for the Future Agricultural Workforce
1023440 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Chumbley, S. G. Chumbley,Steven TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX Higher Education Agricultural Technology Training
1023376 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Boren Alpizar, A. E. Boren Alpizar,Amy Elise TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Initiating and Mobilizing a Pipeline in Agricultural Careers Training (IMPACT)
1023179 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Castillo, K. Castillo,Krystel UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX BE AWARE 2: BioEnergy And Water for Agriculture Research and Education Network 2
1023170 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Drewery, M. Drewery,Merritt TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Exposure, Experiential learning, and Extension: positioning underrepresented students for academic and professional success in agricultural sciences – 3eX-Ag
1022576 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Murray, D. Murray,Darrel TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY - TIAER TX Restoring Connections with Texas Grasslands: Building capacity for Natural Resource Research, Education, and Outreach
1022496 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pavelock, D. Nair,Shyam SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY TX Expanding Opportunities in Agriculture for Under-Represented Populations
1022495 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dey, M. Dey,Madan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Integrated Training and Experiential Learning (InTEL) for Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling and Computer Skills in Agricultural Sciences