Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0195014 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Ralston, P.A. Ralston, P.A. FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FL Advancing Multicultural Students in the Food and Nutritional Sciences
0207985 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Martyn, H. A. Quinn,Brigid K. LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Cultural Standards Curriculum Development
0196401 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Nydam, D. Quinlan, K. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Preparing Future Veterinarians for Careers in Food Animal Medicine, Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health
0214120 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pushkarskaya, H. N. Pushkarskaya,Helen UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY On-line math modules
0203952 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Posey, R. D. Posey, R. D. TEXAS A&M RESEARCH FOUNDATION TX Preparing Veterinary Students for Leadership in Contemporary Food Animal Agriculture
0204823 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pomper, K. W. Pomper, K. W. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Development of Biotechnology Courses to Enhance Aquaculture and Life Science Programs and Recruit Students to Kentucky State University
0196247 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Polito, T. Polito, T. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Integrating an Entire Semester to Make Connections for Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration and Communication
0197257 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pliss, M. Pliss, M. Ithaca High School NY The Global Seminar: Adapting an Award Winning Model for the High School Curriculum
0185762 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Player, W. K. Player, W. K. CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Multicultural scholars program in agriculture and food
0195876 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pierce, N. Pierce, N. Seacoast School of Technology NH Pioneering Biotechnology Education in New Hampshire
0206398 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Piatek, K. Piatek, K. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Internationalization of Forestry Education: Improving Global Competency of West Virginia University Students and Faculty
0206385 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Peterson, N. Peterson,Norman Jay MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Global Climate Change and Implications for Agriculture: An International Undergraduate Research Seminar
0210828 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pete, M. Pete,Mary KUSKOSWIM CAMPUS - UAF AK Elitelta Naunranek: Let's Study Plants
0204796 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Howard, P. Perry Howard NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Enhancing Recruitment, Retention, and Graduation Rates in a Nationally Accredited Landscape Architecture Program
0213782 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perey, J. Perey, J. YAVAPAI COLLEGE AZ Multimedia Development Center for Agribusiness Curriculum Enhancement
0196177 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pereira, R. Pereira, R. Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico PR A Multimedia Program to Facilitate Retention and Academic Performance of Minority Students in Entry-Level Math and Science Courses
0203642 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pennington, P. Pennington, P. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Leadership Education Institute for Faculty in Colleges of Agriculture
0204018 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Pendergraft, J. S. Pendergraft, J. S. SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Preparing Underrepresented Animal Science Students for Success
0207310 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Patil, B. S. Patil, B. S. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX The Science of Foods for Health: A Multi-Institutional, Multi-State Effort for Undergraduate Education
0211593 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Paskins, N. paskins, N. KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Increasing Access to Geographic Information Systems in the Agricultural Sciences: Creating an Online Certificate Program at KY State Univ...
0206377 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Palaniswamy, U. Palaniswamy, U. UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT International Farming Systems: Sustainable Farming and Natural Resources Management Practices in the Developing World
0210722 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Paetz, K. M. Paetz, K. M. UNITED TRIBES TECHNICAL COLLEGE ND United Tribes Technical College Extension Program
0196207 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Owens, C. Owens, C. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Collaborative Development of a Multi-Media, Modular Poultry Processing, Products, and Food Safety Curriculum
0200262 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Onan, G. W. Onan, G. W. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN WI From Pig to Plate: Creating a Model for Value-Added Agriculture Education
0204966 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Olson, D. Olson, D. S. Missouri Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture MO Web-Based Agriculture Classes - MO
0209015 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Olson, D. S. Olson, D. S. Missouri Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture MO WEATHERBUG: Connecting Agriculture and Weather
0211140 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Old Elk, L. Old Elk,Latonna LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Little Big Horn College Extension Project Economic and Communtiy Development
0215602 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Oh, J. Oh, J. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE From the farm to the runway
0204129 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Garza, N. R. Nora R. Garza LAREDO COMMUNITY COLLEGE TX USDA - Texas Hispanic-Serving Institutions Consortium