Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1028615 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yousuf, A. B. Yousuf,Adnan B. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Dietary management to mitigate methane emission from goats by feeding tannin containing sorghum diets: energy and feed conversion
1028633 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sriharan, S. Andrews-Brown,Danielle M. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Professional Development for Teaching/Continuing Education Project Based on Research on Remote Sensing in Environmental Science
1028971 NEW OTHER GRANTS Corley, R. Corley,Robert VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA 1890 Scholarships Program: Next Generation of Food and Agricultural Scholars
1029773 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Outreach, Training, and Technical Assistance Investment for Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
1030328 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jiang, G. Jiang,Guo-Liang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Strengthening 1890 Capacity in Plant Breeding and Promotion of Edamame and Dual-Purpose Soybeans for the South Atlantic States
1030335 NEW OTHER GRANTS Temu, V. W. Temu,Vitalis W VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Exploring stinging nettle-alfalfa mixed stands as ecofriendly high-value bioactive forage resources for integrated parasite control in climate-smart small ruminant production
1030442 NEW OTHER GRANTS Faison, M. O. Faison,M. Omar VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA CBG: Development of a Center for Social Data Analytics at Virginia State University
1030521 NEW OTHER GRANTS Corley, R. Corley,Robert VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA 1890 Scholarships Program: Next Generation of Food and Agricultural Scholars
1030723 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thomas-Buchanan, P. A. Thomas-Buchanan,Pamela A VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Student Experiential Learning-Internships, Professional Skills, Faculty Development in Animal and Environmental Sciences, and Climate Change
0220325 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hughes, M. Hughes,Michelle VISION AIR RESEARCH ID The New Farmer Development Project educates and supports immigrants with farming experience to become successful farmers in the Northeast
1027481 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sockabasin, A. Sockabasin,Andrea WABANAKI HEALTH AND WELLNESS, NPC ME Ktanaqson "Abundance": Creating an Indigenous Food Sovereignty System
1026784 NEW OTHER GRANTS Okihiro, M. M. Okihiro,May Michiko WAIANAE DISTRICT COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH AND HOSPITAL BOARD, INCORPORATED HI COVID RELIEF 2020-70030-33127: Expanding the Waianae Ohana Produce Prescription Program
1013309 NEW OTHER GRANTS Skellington, A. Skellington,Azure WAIMANALO MARKET CO-OP HI Healthy Food (Ka Mea`ai Pono) Initiative
0218269 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sproat-Beck, S. Sproat-Beck,Stacy WAIPA FOUNDATION HI Waipa Foundation Community Kitchen, Poi Mill & Farm Project
0218191 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dickinson, R. E. Cannon,Meredith Celeste Walton County Public Schools GA Up wit AG! Underrepresented Populations Working Toward Higher Education for Agriscience Careers
0195708 NEW OTHER GRANTS Remington, D. Remington, D. WASHINGTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL KY Merging Agri-Science Technology and Traditional Agriculture Education
0212438 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sischo, W. M. Sischo, W. M. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Reducing the environmental load of food and waterborne pathogens on CAFOS
1023855 NEW OTHER GRANTS Carpenter-Boggs, L. Carpenter-Boggs,Lynne WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA No-Till Organic Cropping System for the Dryland Pacific Northwest
1024191 NEW OTHER GRANTS Higheagle Strong, Z. Higheagle Strong,Zoe WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Culturally Sustaining/Revitalizing Approach to Native American Undergraduate Recruitment, Retention and Nation Building
1026404 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hudson, T. D. Hudson,Tipton D. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Big landscapes meet big data: a decision support tool for grazing management in a variable and changing world
1026806 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amiri, A. Amiri,Achour WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Systems-Based Approach To Enhance Quality, Safety, And Shelf Life Of Organic Tree Fruit In The Pacific Northwest
1027068 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sablani, S. Sablani,Shyam WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Virtual and Remote Laboratories for Enhanced Food Science and Engineering Education
1027544 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Enhancing Supply Chain Sustainability and Global Competitiveness for Pacific Northwest Hops
1028929 NEW OTHER GRANTS Northfield, T. Northfield,Tobin WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Integrating vector and pathogen phenology to optimize X-disease management
1028997 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hopkins, B. Hopkins,Brandon WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Informing And Developing A Decision Support Tool For Indoor Storage Of Honey Bee Colonies As An Integrative Pest Management Approach
1029005 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jiang, Z. Jiang,Zhihua WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Genomically optimized organic dairy (GOOD): genome selection against uterine diseases to improve fertility and longevity in cattle
1029162 NEW OTHER GRANTS Turner-Depue, N. Turner-Depue,Natalie WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Trauma-Informed Communities of Practice: Building Capacity to Address Opioid Misuse in Rural and Tribal Communities
1029190 NEW OTHER GRANTS Snekvik, K. R. Snekvik,Kevin Roy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA NAHLN: Maintain Level 1 status and increase NAHLN capabilities and capacity in addressing an adverse animal health event such as may occur with an emerging disease detection or foreign animal disease
1029249 NEW OTHER GRANTS DeVetter, L. W. DeVetter,Lisa Wasko WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Improving end-of-life management of plastic mulch in strawberry systems