Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1021321 NEW OTHER GRANTS Leggett, ZA, HO. Leggett, Z, H. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Forestry of the Future: Improving student readiness and workforce participation of underrepresented minority populations in forest resources
1021311 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gabriel, E. Quaresma,Juliana GROUNDSWELL CENTER FOR LOCAL FOOD AND FARMING, INC. NY Supplemental Funding: Creating Pathways for Socially Disadvantaged Beginning Farmers
1021255 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, F. Taylor,Frank WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE MS Fortifying Rural Economic Empowerment (FREE): Multi-State Farm Business Development, Innovative Farming Strategies, and Apprenticeship Program Extended
1021219 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ranco, D. Ranco,Darren UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Wabanaki Youth Science (WaYS) Program to Higher Education
1021204 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yarrow, L. Yarrow,Linda KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Development Of Multicultural Scholar Graduates And Leaders With Global Competency
1021174 NEW OTHER GRANTS Faulkner, P. E. Faulkner,Paula E. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Multicultural Scholars Program: Preparing Future Global Ag Leaders
1021167 NEW OTHER GRANTS Liu, H. Liu,Hsiao-Ching NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Engaging multicultural scholars in feed-the-future careers in the animal sciences
1021115 NEW OTHER GRANTS Warnock, B. J. Warnock,Bonnie J SUL ROSS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Avanzando en la Frontera: Preparing students for a sustainable future through the use of technology for efficient livestock production
1021108 NEW OTHER GRANTS Arnold, C. Arnold,Catherine BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY IL Preparing Multicultural Scholars For Leadership In Nutrition And Dietetics
1020996 NEW OTHER GRANTS Naumova, E. Naumova,Elena TUFTS UNIVERSITY MA Tufts-USDA Doctoral Fellowships in Nutrition Data Science to Drive Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Health
1020880 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fong, E. Fong,Elysia FOOD & AGRICULTURE, CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CA Farmers` Markets and Beyond: Expanding the California Nutrition Incentive Program
1020845 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tussler, S. Tussler,Sherrie HUNGER TASK FORCE, INC. WI Hunger Task Force Fresh & Local Markets
1020835 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hall, T. E. Hall,Troy E OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Preparing Leaders in Collaborative Forest Management in an Era of Wildfire
1020825 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cooperstone, J. Cooperstone,Jessica OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Metabolomics across the food system: an integrated graduate training program
1020805 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lowe, J. Lowe,James UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL A Multi-audience Online Educational Program for Rural Practitioners and Veterinary Students Entering Rural Veterinary Practice
1020748 NEW OTHER GRANTS Feldhacker, T. Feldhacker,Tyler CENTRAL VETERINARY CLINIC, P.C. IA Iowa 163 - Central Veterinary Clinic Mobile IVF Unit
1020742 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moore, P. J. Moore,Patricia J UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Promoting Insect Pest Management Graduate Research and Education to Foster Communication and Collaboration Across Disciplinary Boundaries
1020741 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nilon, C. H. Nilon,Charles H UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO National Need for Disciplinary Integration in Forest Resource Management
1020715 NEW OTHER GRANTS Olsen, J. R. Olsen,Jesse Riley STILLWATER VETERINARY CLINIC PC MT Rural Practice Enhancement: Addressing Veterinary Shortage In South-Central Montana (MT176)
1020679 NEW OTHER GRANTS Newton, P. Newton,Peter UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO CO Disruptive technologies and US food security: interdisciplinary training of graduate Fellows to be food system leaders
1020673 NEW OTHER GRANTS Berrian, A. Berrian,Amanda OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Building the Next Generation Veterinary Workforce: A Professional Training Program to Protect the Nation’s Agriculture
1020670 NEW OTHER GRANTS Colebrook, B. Zoodsma,Anna REFUGEE & IMMIGRANT SELF-EMPOWERMENT, INC. NY Syracuse Community Food Project
1020668 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fahey, R. Fahey,Robert UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Training Forest Resources Graduates for an Exurban Forest Future
1020650 NEW OTHER GRANTS Koning, Y. Holbrook,Matt GLOBAL GROWERS NETWORK INC GA Cultivating Food, Health, and Community with the Clarkston Food Initiative
1020625 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moore, J. Moore,John C COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Re-visioning graduate training for the era of agricultural big data
1020592 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bailey, B. N. Bailey,Brian N UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Interdisciplinary Training in Digital Agriculture Innovation
1020556 NEW OTHER GRANTS Iyer-Pascuzzi, A. Iyer-Pascuzzi,Anjali PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training the next generation of plant pathologists in multi-scale, quantitative approaches to solve plant disease problems
1020552 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stock, M. N. Stock,Melanie N. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Strengthening Training In Extension Plant And Soil Sciences (STEPSS)
1020497 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hang, P. Hang,Janssen HMONG AMERICAN FARMERS ASSOCIATION MN Food Safety Outreach Project for Hmong Immigrant Farmers
1020358 NEW OTHER GRANTS Morgan-Hubbard, M. Morgan-Hubbard,Margaret ECO City Farms MD Supplemental Support For Continuing The Momentuum:Growing Urban Farmers And Farms