Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029455 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, Y. Antoninka,Anita Joy NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Training Culturally Responsive Leaders for Managing Resilient Forests
1026506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gill, N. S. Gill,Nathan Samuel TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Training experts to investigate, manage & communicate complexities of forest resource use under novel patterns of wildfire in the Western US
1025223 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dudley, E. Dudley,Edward PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Training Food Microbiologists toward Data Science Fluency and Code Competency
1020668 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fahey, R. Fahey,Robert UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Training Forest Resources Graduates for an Exurban Forest Future
0208837 NEW OTHER GRANTS Flinn, W. L. Flinn, W. L. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Training in Sustainable Sciences Through an Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Rural Sociology (IGPRS)
0212642 NEW OTHER GRANTS Merrigan, K. Merrigan, K. FRIEDMAN SCHOOL OF NUTRITION SCIENCE & POLICY MA Training Leaders to Understand and Integrate Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and Policy
1027079 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vasco-Correa, J. Vasco-Correa,Juliana PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Training Professionals in BioRenewable Systems for a Sustainable Future
0222255 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lossie, A. C. Lossie,Amy C. PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training STEAM Educators to Teach Applied and Advanced Topics in Animal Genetics
1029355 NEW OTHER GRANTS Steinbach, S. Shah,Farhed A UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Training the Next Generation of Agricultural Economists in Data Science
1031648 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pezeshki, A. Pezeshki,Adel OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Training the next generation of animal science scholars in the application of integrative meta-omics for animal production
1028679 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, Y. Antoninka,Anita Joy NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Training The Next Generation Of Hispanic Leaders For Managing Resilient Forests
1029577 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ileleji, K. E. Ileleji,Klein E PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training the Next Generation of Leaders for a Transforming Grain Industry
1020556 NEW OTHER GRANTS Iyer-Pascuzzi, A. Iyer-Pascuzzi,Anjali PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Training the next generation of plant pathologists in multi-scale, quantitative approaches to solve plant disease problems
1025489 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rohr, J. Rohr,Jason UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME IN Training under-represented and cross-disciplinary graduate scholars in agricultural biosecurity and data science
1026561 NEW OTHER GRANTS Agudelo, P. Agudelo,Paula CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Training Under-represented Minority Scholars in Sustainable Management of Plant Diseases
1025383 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fresnedo-Ramirez, J. Fresnedo-Ramirez,Jonathan OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Trans-omics assisted plant breeding for enhanced nutrition
1026832 NEW OTHER GRANTS Serao, N. Bundy,Jennifer IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Transdisciplinary Training In Animal Genetics And Genomics Of Disease
0203441 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rose, K. P. Rose, K. P. Northeast Texas Community College TX Transferring Agriculutural Mechanics (TAM)
1028663 NEW OTHER GRANTS Feng, Y. Feng,Yaohua PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Transformative Food Safety Learning 1.0: Using Virtual Simulation To Engage Small- And Very-Small Food Processors
1025488 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hoey, L. M. Hoey,Lesli Michelle UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN MI Transformative Food Systems Fellows Program: Democratizing Planning and Enabling Public Health
1029399 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fiorella, K. Fiorella,Kathryn CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Transforming Food Systems to Provide for Health, Equity, and Sustainability
1013224 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thao, C. Thao,Chukou NATIONAL HMONG AMERICAN FARMERS, INC CA Transforming the Future
1031970 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hankoua, B. Hankoua,Bertrand DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Transgenic Accumulation and In Situ Activation of Ligninolytic Peroxidases for Sustainable Production of Biofuels
1030952 NEW OTHER GRANTS Maga, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic Animal Research Conference XIV
1006990 NEW OTHER GRANTS Murray, J. D. Murray,James D UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Transgenic_Animal_Research_Conference_X
1029287 NEW OTHER GRANTS Singer, A. Gordon,Matt ROGUE FARM CORPS. OR Transitioning Oregon’s Farmland: Access, Planning, and Assistance for This Generation and the Next (TOF)
1028581 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hankins, G. R. Hankins,Gerald WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Translational genomics using Drosophila model for obesity and human health by linking gut microbiome with the benefits of various phytochemicals
1028695 NEW OTHER GRANTS Joassart-Marcelli, P. M. Joassart-Marcelli,Pascale M SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY CA Transnational Approaches to Sustainable Food Futures: Integrated High-Impact Learning Experiences and Pathways to Food Careers
1031917 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li-Byarlay, H. Li-Byarlay,Hongmei Central State University OH Transportation causes stress in honeybees