Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026073 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gyawali, B. R. Gyawali,Buddhi Raj KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Strengthening Teaching Effectiveness, Curriculum, and Experiential Learning to prepare Agricultural Intelligence (AI) workforce for the 21st century
1007145 NEW OTHER GRANTS Beltrami, J. Beltrami,Joleen University of the Incarnate Word TX Strengthening the Agricultural Statistics Pipeline at Hispanic-Serving Institutions
1027004 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, J. Kim,Jinhee UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Strengthening the Capacity in Rural Maryland to Address Opioid Misuse During the Pandemic
1031236 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lee, J. Lee,Jung-lim DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Strengthening the DNA Core Facility at Delaware State University.
1030251 NEW OTHER GRANTS Silva, R. C. Silva,Roberta C NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Strengthening the Food and Nutritional Sciences Program to Create a Pipeline for Graduate Study and a Diverse Workforce
1024404 NEW OTHER GRANTS Koprak, J. Koprak,Julia THE FOOD TRUST PA Strengthening The Food Trust`s Food Bucks Network: Scaling Up Proven Incentive Models in Pennsylvania and New Jersey
1029183 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, T. Peterson,Leah NEBRASKA GRAZING LAND COALITION NE Strengthening the Ranching Legacy in Nebraska
1020552 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stock, M. N. Stock,Melanie N. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Strengthening Training In Extension Plant And Soil Sciences (STEPSS)
1031378 NEW OTHER GRANTS Haynes, H. Haynes,Hal ILISAGVIK COLLEG AK Strengthening Tribal Students’ Persistence and Retention with Place-Based Wellness, Behavioral Health, and First-Year Student Support Strategies
1026022 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gosukonda, R. M. Gosukonda,Ramana Murthy FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Student Experiential Learning in Agri-ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) through Curriculum and Infrastructure Development
1030723 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thomas-Buchanan, P. A. Thomas-Buchanan,Pamela A VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Student Experiential Learning-Internships, Professional Skills, Faculty Development in Animal and Environmental Sciences, and Climate Change
0197414 NEW OTHER GRANTS Otis, M. G. Otis,Morgan G. D-Q UNIVERSITY CA Student Recruitment & Curriculum Development at D-Q University
0201124 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cowan, G. Cowan, G. D-Q UNIVERSITY CA Student Recruitment and Curriculum Development at D-Q University Program
1030317 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kinman, L. A. Kinman,Lea Ann PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Student Workforce Development Program Promoting Experiential Learning for the Meat and Poultry Industry
1023288 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kant, A. Kant,Ashima RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK NY Success And Support Of Under-Represented Nutrition Students At Queens College
0210961 NEW OTHER GRANTS Klein, R. Klein, R. FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Successful Stockman, Ensuring Sustainable Agriculture for Fort Berthold Indian Country
1028886 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mencher, M. Mencher,Moira CATSKILL REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER NY Sullivan and Orange County Nutrition Incentive Program
1028661 NEW OTHER GRANTS Meddaugh, M. Meddaugh,Melinda CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF SULLIVAN COUNTY NY Sullivan County Food Safety Outreach Program
1023359 NEW OTHER GRANTS SOTOMAYOR-RAMIREZ, D. SOTOMAYOR-RAMIREZ,DAVID RECINTO UNIVERSITARIO MAYAGUEZ PR SuMAS: Student Internships and Faculty Training in Sustainable Management of Agricultural Systems
1024169 NEW OTHER GRANTS Martin, J. L. Martin,Jennifer Lee UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Supplement - Solid Ground 2: Weaving Together Expert Trainings and Peer Networks for Sustained Beginner and Advanced-Beginner Farmer Success in Connecticut
1021311 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gabriel, E. Quaresma,Juliana GROUNDSWELL CENTER FOR LOCAL FOOD AND FARMING, INC. NY Supplemental Funding: Creating Pathways for Socially Disadvantaged Beginning Farmers
1020358 NEW OTHER GRANTS Morgan-Hubbard, M. Morgan-Hubbard,Margaret ECO City Farms MD Supplemental Support For Continuing The Momentuum:Growing Urban Farmers And Farms
0222966 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fernandez, J. M. Fernandez, J. M. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Support of the USDA-SERD component at the NACTA/SERD Meeting
0203946 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hiestand, P. Hiestand, P. FOND DU LAC TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Supporting American Indian Students Through Opportunities, Internships, Experiences & Distance Education
1031494 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cruz, A. E. Cruz,Angel Elisa NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Supporting Career Pathways in Sustainable Agriculture Sciences for Women and Minority Community College Students across NC
1026012 NEW OTHER GRANTS Merkel, R. Merkel,Roger LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Supporting the Fiber Goat Industry through Producer Education and Genetic Selection Assistance
1026814 NEW OTHER GRANTS Silveri, J. M. Silveri,Jennifer Marie MICHIGAN FOOD AND FARMING SYSTEMS MI Supporting the Next Mission: Training Veterans to be the Next Generation of American Beekeeper
1027198 NEW OTHER GRANTS Allard, M. Allard,Molly NORTHERN RHODE ISLAND CONSERVATION DISTRICT RI Supporting Urban Growers Through The Providence County Urban Growers Leadership Program (UGLP)
1006995 NEW OTHER GRANTS O`Gorman, M. O`Gorman,Michael FARMER VETERAN COALITION CA Supportive, Small Scale, Basic Livestock, Financial Skills and Risk Management Training for Beginning Veteran Farmers Program
1030316 NEW OTHER GRANTS Flickinger, D. Flickinger,Dallas LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Sustainability of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture in Missouri