Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030293 NEW OTHER GRANTS Parveen, S. Parveen,Salina University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Professional Development in Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Metagenomics to Enhance Research and Teaching in Food Safety
1030301 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tolen, T. Tolen,Tamra PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Experiential Approach to Beef Cattle Production Feedlots for Undergraduate Students
1030303 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wei, X. Wei,Xiaofang Central State University OH Building Education and Research Capacity of Unmanned Aerial Systems at Central State University
1030305 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pendyala, B. Pendyala,Brahmaiah TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Screening and Identification of Potential Cyanobacterial Crude Extracts/Compounds against Highly Infectious Poultry Viruses and Bacteria
1030306 NEW OTHER GRANTS Omondi, E. C. Omondi,Emmanuel Chiwo TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Role of Mulches and Planting Time in Enhancing Production of Clonally or Seed Propagated Industrial Hemp in Tennessee
1030315 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gupta, P. Gupta,Pratibha Central State University OH Nutrition Education and Outreach Program to Address and Prevent Obesity in Minority communities: Application of Nutrigenomics
1030317 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kinman, L. A. Kinman,Lea Ann PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Student Workforce Development Program Promoting Experiential Learning for the Meat and Poultry Industry
1030325 NEW OTHER GRANTS McClain, K. McClain,Kimberely SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Designing a State-of-the-Art Nutrition and Food Laboratory System for South Carolina State University
1030327 NEW OTHER GRANTS Johnson, M. Johnson,Melissa SOUTHERN UNIV LA An Integrated Assessment of Sweet Potato as a Functional Food: From Product Development to Human Health
1030328 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jiang, G. Jiang,Guo-Liang VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Strengthening 1890 Capacity in Plant Breeding and Promotion of Edamame and Dual-Purpose Soybeans for the South Atlantic States
1030331 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nagle, M. Nagle,Marcus Central State University OH Innovative use of a perennial flower species as a new crop to improve honey production while advancing sustainability of agricultural production systems in Ohio
1030335 NEW OTHER GRANTS Temu, V. W. Temu,Vitalis W VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Exploring stinging nettle-alfalfa mixed stands as ecofriendly high-value bioactive forage resources for integrated parasite control in climate-smart small ruminant production
1030336 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acosta, P. Acosta,Phil ALOHA HARVEST HI Oahu Resilience Food Hub
1030341 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bailey, M. Bailey,Marilyn UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Lifting Facilities in Support of Enhancing Learning Environments for Teaching and Education
1030342 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amu, Y. Amu,Yemi OKO URBAN FARMS INC NY Oko Farms Community Food Project
1030350 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kulkarni, K. P. Kulkarni,Krishnanand P. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Genetic mapping and improvement of blueberries for high-temperature stress tolerance
1030351 NEW OTHER GRANTS Seo, J. Seo,Jung-Im SOUTHERN UNIV LA Enhancing the Hands-on Quilting Experience Using the Existing Quilt Laboratory
1030352 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abrahamsen, F. Abrahamsen,Frank TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Adding Value to Weaned Beef Calves Belonging to Small and Limited Resource Producers in the Black Belt of Alabama
1030357 NEW OTHER GRANTS Qi, Y. Qi,Yadong SOUTHERN UNIV LA Genetic Approach to Assessing UV-B Radiation Tolerance Capacity in Selected Southern Broadleaf Trees
1030358 NEW OTHER GRANTS Phillips, B. K. Phillips,Brian K. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Mobile Livestock Harvesting Unit: An Extension’s Effort to Support Small Disadvantaged Minority Farmer`s Ability to Bring Livestock to the Marketplace
1030360 NEW OTHER GRANTS McCray, S. R. McCray,Si-Arah R. SOUTHERN UNIV LA JAGcation: An Experiential Agricultural Sciences Camp for Middle and Early High School Students
1030361 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nelson-Smith, K. Nelson-Smith,Kenyetta SOUTHERN UNIV LA Evaluation of a Virtual Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) Bootcamp: A Training for Undergraduate Students and Early Childhood Educators
1030365 NEW OTHER GRANTS Khatabi, B. Khatabi,Behnam University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Development of actinomycetes-derived antimicrobial compounds as eco-friendly solutions for the management of plant and food-borne pathogens
1030366 NEW OTHER GRANTS Allen, A. Allen,Arthur University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Building Additional Capacities: A Model for Soil Health Among 1890 Universities
1030369 NEW OTHER GRANTS Agarwal, M. -. Agarwal,Meenakshi - FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Capacity in Functional Genomics to Augment Sugar Metabolism for Improving Muscadine Grape Product Characteristics and Sustainability
1030370 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tsolova, V. M. Tsolova,Violeta M. FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Non-Targeted Metabolomic Approach to Evaluate the Bio-Active Profiles of FL Distinctive Wines Fermented with Autochthonous Yeast Strains
1030371 NEW OTHER GRANTS El-Sharkawy, I. El-Sharkawy,Islam FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Next Generation Grape Breeding: Integrated Approaches to Identify Root-Hypoxia Resistance Mechanism in Native American Muscadinia.
1030372 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tan, J. Tan,Juzhong FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building the Capacity of Multidisciplinary Research and Education in Food and Agriculture Science: Value-added and Innovative Food Processing of Plant Protein-based Meat Analogs
1030373 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rasmussen, A. Rasmussen,Andrew FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Evaluating the Utility of DNA Metabarcoding Methods in Water Quality Biomonitoring Protocols to Assess Stream Health
1030374 NEW OTHER GRANTS Humphries, A. F. Humphries,Allen Frank FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL New Climate Smart Muscadine Management Practices: Utilizing Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) Inoculated Under-Vine Vegetation (UVV) to Reduce Pesticide Applications and Enhance Student Learning