Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1026606 NEW OTHER GRANTS Biediger-Friedman, L. Biediger-Friedman,Lesli TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Food Security LEADers (Learning Communities and Experiential Learning Advancing Dietetics and Nutrition)
1026610 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stanko, R. L. Stanko,Randy Louis TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX GO START NOW: "Getting Occupational Student Training in Agricultural Research Through NOvel Workshops"
1026928 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bernal, J. Bernal,Julio TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Optimizing teosinte to maize microbiome transplant strategies to enhance insect resistance in maize
1027028 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mace, A. Mace,Alex SUSTAINABLE FOOD CENTER TX COVID Relief 2019-70030-30394: Bolstering and Building Capacity for Double Up Across Texas
1027042 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brown, A. M. Brown,Amanda May Vivian TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Advanced Multidisciplinary Training in Agricultural Microbiome Science
1027054 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chappell, J. E. Chappell,James E RICE UNIVERSITY TX Monitoring and modeling the dynamics and host range of synthetic microbe gene transfer in soils using catalytic RNA
1027063 NEW OTHER GRANTS Meyers, C. A. Meyers,Courtney Alyssa TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX iVisit: Interactive Virtual Tours for Advancing Food and Agricultural Sciences
1027087 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bagavathiannan, M. Bagavathiannan,Muthukumar TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Investigating the frequency of Sorghum halepense x S. bicolor hybridization and progeny characteristics
1027118 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ho, A. Foxworth,William PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Targeted training for veterinary students in goat medicine and production
1027121 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hillhouse, C. Hillhouse,Carol PLAYA VETERINARY ASSOCIATES, PLLC TX TX212 Rural Veterinary Practice Enhancement
1027258 NEW OTHER GRANTS Raygoza, J. M. Raygoza,Juan M. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN AMERICAN TX Fincas De Familia: Bridging Generations And Programs To Develop Successful Beginning Farmers In South Texas Colonias
1027318 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jones, W. A. Jones,Wash Antoine PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX CAHS Passport to Careers in Agriculture Scholarships Program
1027398 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kimbrough, E. Kimbrough,Erin TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Battleground to Breaking Ground Expansion Project (BGBXP)
1027450 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jones, W. A. Parks,Alfred L PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX CAHS Passport to Careers in Agriculture Scholarships Program
1027467 NEW OTHER GRANTS Garcia Padilla, D. Garcia Padilla,Diana H.O.P.E FOR SMALL FARM SUSTAINABILITY TX Peer-to-Peer Organic Whole-Farm Training with Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas
1027514 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cisneros-Zevallos, L. Cisneros-Zevallos,Luis TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Next-Generation Smart Surfaces and Coatings to Improve Food Safety and Water-Efficiency of U.S. Specialty Crops
1027541 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mills, I. Mills,Igalious TEXAS AGRIFORESTRY SMALL FARMERS AND RANCHERS TX Developing and Sustaining Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Texas
1027611 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bell, K. Bell,Kay NATIONAL WOMEN IN AG - TEXAS CHAPTER TX National Women in Ag Texas Chapter presents: Learning Important Farming Training Skills (L.I.F.T.S) Project
1027738 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mandadi, K. Mandadi,Kranthi TEXAS A&M AGRILIFE EXTENSION SERVICE TX CAP- Advanced testing and commercialization of novel defensin peptides and therapies for HLB control
1028528 NEW OTHER GRANTS Qian, L. Qian,Lijun PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Multi-scale Multi-resolution Agriculture Data Analytics for Crop/Vegetation Health Prediction and Optimazation
1028531 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kebrom, T. Kebrom,Tesfamichael PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Axillary Bud Dormancy and Outgrowth in Sorghum and Maize to Identify Shoot Branching Genes
1028570 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gao, Y. Gao,Yunxiang PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Multi-functional crosslinked carbon nanotube/hydrogel nanocomposites for enhanced fertilizer utilization efficiency and drought alleviation
1028600 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jones, W. A. Parks,Alfred L PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX CAHS Passport to Careers in Agriculture Scholarships Program
1028601 NEW OTHER GRANTS Monsur, M. Monsur,Muntazar TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Virtual Tours to Train Childcare Professionals And Future Leaders to Create Healthier Early Childhood Environments
1028605 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mitchell, A. Mitchell,Adam TARLETON STATE UNIVERSITY - TIAER TX Partners in Pollination: Capacity building for agriculture STEM research in pollinator conservation on Texas grasslands
1028616 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fares, A. Fares,Ali PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX AI-based Program for Advancing Research, Education and Extension Activities in Precision Agriculture at PVAMU
1028668 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hutchinson, J. Hutchinson,Jeffrey UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX #Eco-JEDI: Building a City-Wide Collaboration to Facilitate Career Readiness in FAS Through Science Literacy & Counter-Storytelling
1028669 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li, H. Li,Hua TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY- KINGSVILLE TX Minority-focused Multi-level Engagement through Research Integrated Team Projects Across Agriculture Disciplines (MERIT)
1028684 NEW OTHER GRANTS Han, D. Han,David UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Preparing Hispanics for Leadership in the Fields of Statistics, Data Science and Analytics for FANH Sciences
1028687 NEW OTHER GRANTS Khaleghian, S. Khaleghian,Seyedmeysam TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Smart Farm Program