Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0201107 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stevens, C. M. Stevens, C. M. INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS NM Traditional Native Art Curriculum and Cultural Identity Program
1029270 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stewart, S. Stewart,Susan STEWART S & ASSOCIATES GA 2023 and 2024 National 4-H Conference Logistics
1030786 NEW OTHER GRANTS Still, D. Still,David CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA Building a Boulevard for Career Success in Agriculture and Natural Resources for Underrepresented Students
1020552 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stock, M. N. Stock,Melanie N. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Strengthening Training In Extension Plant And Soil Sciences (STEPSS)
1030957 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stock, P. Stock,Patricia California State University, Chico CA Education and Work Force Development in Climate Smart Agriculture
1029592 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stoelb, A. Stoelb,Amanda Youth Farm and Market Project MN Northside Youth Greenhouse: A Youth-Led Social Enterprise Supporting Healthy Northside Communities
1030877 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stone, D. L. Stone,David Louis OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Pacific Food Safety Education and Training Collaborative
1026176 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stone, W. Stone,William ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Strengthening FANH Education, Research, and Extension in Forestry for Understanding and Reducing Impacts on Water Quality and Sensitive Ecosystems
1031301 NEW OTHER GRANTS Storey, A. Storey,Amanda JONES VALLEY URBAN FARM AL Good School Food Expansion
1031126 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stowell, D. R. Stowell,Derrick Ryan UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Getting Rooted in Gardening
1030929 NEW OTHER GRANTS Strauss, S. H. Strauss,Steven H OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR DNA Methylation Control for Site-Specific Recombinases: Biosafety and Efficacy
0219813 NEW OTHER GRANTS Strickland, K. K. Kathryn Strickland FOOD BANK OF NORTH ALABAMA AL Pulaski Pike Market, a worker-owned food cooperative serving low-income, urban neighborhoods existing in a food desert.
1018192 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stubblefield, A. Stubblefield,Andrew HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Outdoor Leadership in the Forest Management Degree
1028917 NEW OTHER GRANTS Studer, B. Studer,Brianne FRIENDS OF THE NATIONAL ARBORETUM, INC. DC Friends of the National Arboretum School Garden Educator Coaching Program
1031028 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sturgess, K. Sturgess,Kynan HEREFORD VETERINARY CLINIC TX TX234: Equipment modernization for rural food animal hospital serving TX while providing food animal medicine and surgery training to fourth year veterinary students
1030274 NEW OTHER GRANTS Su, Y. Su,Ye LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Building Capacity to Serve Small and Medium Goat and Sheep Producers Efficiently and Effectively by Examining the Value Chain
1029905 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sulakvelidze, A. Sulakvelidze,Alexander Intralytix, Inc. MD Optimization of SalmoFreshâ„¢ application at small and medium poultry and meat producers
1028898 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sulbaran, T. A. Sulbaran,Tulio A UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Expanding Participation of Women and Underrepresented Minorities in STEM Post-Secondary Education through H-Sum and E-Sum
1028896 NEW OTHER GRANTS Summerlee, E. Summerlee,Erin RURAL HEALTH NETWORK OF SCNY, INC., THE NY Food as Medicine South Central New York
1024392 NEW OTHER GRANTS Summers, K. Chunga-Celis,Andrea ADELANTE MUJERES OR Nourish the Community: Connecting Communities of Color to Healthy Eating
1029292 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sun, L. Sun,Luyi UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Acquisition of an Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester for Food Science and Food Packaging Applications
1023572 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sundin, G. Sundin,George MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Comprehensive fire blight management systems for the United States
1028553 NEW OTHER GRANTS Surface, T. Price,Sara WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Sowing Young Sprouts
1029271 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swain, B. Swain,Banikalyan UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Self-Destructing Edwardsiella Piscicida: DNA Vaccine And Antigen Delivery Vector System To Prevent Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV) Infection
1028630 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swamy, A. Swamy,Aavudai Anandhi FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building Capacity in the biological systems engineering Teaching and REsearch using Artificial inTelligence and machine learning (BC-TREAT)
1031478 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sweaney, D. Sweaney,Daysi LIVE WELL COLORADO CO Double Up Food Bucks Colorado: Deepening Reach and Expanding Access Project
0197603 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sweet, D. Sweet, D. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Strengthen Student Recruitment in Nutrition and Food Science Program
1029462 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swenson, R. Swenson,Rebecca UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Growing Graduate Studies in Science Communication with Shareable Modules
1031506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swett, C. Swett,Cassandra UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Limiting Fusarium basal rot losses in Allium crops: A planning grant to establish national needs and priorities for improving management