Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031086 NEW OTHER GRANTS Waring, K. M. Waring,Kristen Marie NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ IPM for Oystershell Scale, an Invasive Pest of Aspen Forests and Urban Trees
1031950 NEW OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. Warren,Tamara ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Cardiovascular Health, Aerobic, Management And Prevention Initiative Optimizing Nutrition
0207031 NEW OTHER GRANTS Washburn, S. G. Washburn, S. G. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Integrated Marketing Communication: A New Model for Recruiting Pre-Service Agriculture Teachers
1031509 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watkins, C. Watkins,Christopher CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Benefits of and barriers to dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) storage: Analyses needed for technology uptake by the U.S. apple industry
1027439 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watkins, E. Watkins,Eric UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN WinterTurf: A Holistic Approach to Understanding the Mechanisms and Mitigating the Effects of Winter Stress on Turfgrasses in Northern Climates
1031515 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watrelot, A. A. Watrelot,Aude A IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Enhancing regional grape and wine production and quality
1028825 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watt, C. E. Watt,Casey Elizabeth WILLOWCREEK ANIMAL HOSPITAL, P.C. ID ID203_Willowcreek Animal Hospital: Veterinary Services for Rural Idaho Producers
0198553 NEW OTHER GRANTS Waukechon, C. Waukechon, C. COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Creating a Model Outreach Program for Native Americans
1029954 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weatherwax, M. Weatherwax,Melissa BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT BCC Meat Processing
1031034 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weaver, N. M. Weaver,Nikki Marincic SUBLETTE VETERINARY SERVICES, INC. WY Seeking funding opportunities to purchase tools and equipment to provide more veterinary services to food animal producers.
1030538 NEW OTHER GRANTS Webster, T. Webster,Thomas KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Enhancing Methods in Agricultural and Environmental Science for the Kentucky State University Master of Science in Environmental Studies Program
1031963 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weerasooriya, A. D. Weerasooriya,Aruna Dharmapriya PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Establishing the breeding value for various economic traits of industrial hemp using multi-omics data
1031241 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wei, H. R. Wei,Hsar R TRANSPLANTING TRADITIONS COMMUNITY FARM, INC. NC Increase start up and/or income of new refugee and immigrant farm businesses across N.C. through wrap-around educationalĀ opportunities.
1030303 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wei, X. Wei,Xiaofang Central State University OH Building Education and Research Capacity of Unmanned Aerial Systems at Central State University
1031195 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weigle, J. Griffin,Ashley EXTENSION FOUNDATION MO Advancing Agrosecurity and Community Resilience through Innovation, Collaboration, and Capacity-Building in the Cooperative Extension Service
1031749 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weil, R. C. Weil,Robert Conrad CITY OF DECATUR IL Pride of the Prairie Food Waste Composting Plan
0203944 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weisser, D. L. Weisser, D. L. Sinte Gleska University SD Certificate Program in Tribal Health and Wellness Grant
0214843 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weisser, D. L. Weisser, D. L. Sinte Gleska University SD Increasing the capacity of Sinte Gleska University to provide land use management to the Sicangu Lakota Oyate through the establishment of t
1031527 NEW OTHER GRANTS Well, J. Well,Jay OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Adaptive Agriculture in a Changing Climate
0212296 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wells, J. Wells, J. MAHASKA COUNTY AGRICULTURE EXTENSION DISTRICT IA Annie's Project-Curriculum Review and Adatpation Project for Farm Women Financial Risk Management Education
1029211 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wenninger, E. J. Wenninger,Erik J UNIV OF IDAHO ID Dissecting effects of insect-transmitted viruses on yield and quality of forage alfalfa crops
1031387 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wesson, G. Wesson,G. Dale FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL FAMU FY 2023-2027 Facilities Grant
1032311 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wesson, G. D. Wesson,Garlen Dale FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL 2020 Florida A&M University 1890 Scholarship program
1027414 NEW OTHER GRANTS Westfall, J. Westfall,Jill HUNGER SOLUTIONS MINNESOTA MN GusNIP Nutrition Incentive Grant
1026819 NEW OTHER GRANTS Westfall-Rudd, D. M. Westfall-Rudd,Donna M VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Native Student Retention Through Experiential Learning and Culturally Competent Mentoring Program
1030763 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wetzel, D. Wetzel,Dana MOTE MARINE LABORATORY FL An In-situ Biosensor for Rapid Sex Determination: A Critical Tool for Economic Growth and Profitability of Sturgeon Caviar Production
1026881 NEW OTHER GRANTS Whitaker, C. L. Whitaker,Charles L WHITAKER SMALL FARM GROUP INC NC Capacity Building: Experiential On-Farm Training, and Business and Entrepreneurial Academy for Military Veterans
1030420 NEW OTHER GRANTS White, A. White,Alexandra PRODUCEGOOD CA Field to Family Food Rescue
1027524 NEW OTHER GRANTS White, C. J. White,Chana Janine NATIVE BRAND HONEY, LLC NC Creating Profitable Farm Business Opportunity for Native Americans and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in North Carolina
0197689 NEW OTHER GRANTS White, M. White, M. LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College Extension Initiative