Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029462 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swenson, R. Swenson,Rebecca UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Growing Graduate Studies in Science Communication with Shareable Modules
1031506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swett, C. Swett,Cassandra UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Limiting Fusarium basal rot losses in Allium crops: A planning grant to establish national needs and priorities for improving management
1029120 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swinford, A. Swinford,Amy TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX NAHLN Infrastructure Support
1031345 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swinford, A. Swinford,Amy TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX NAHLN 2023 Infrastructure Grant
1031438 NEW OTHER GRANTS Szendrei, Z. Szendrei,Zsofia MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Enhancing integrated insect pest management strategies for U.S. potato production systems
1029051 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tablante, N. L. Tablante,Nathaniel L. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Biosecurity Compliance Audits to Prevent Outbreaks of HPAI and Risk Based Planning to Improve Outbreak Response
1030236 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tahergorabi, R. Tahergorabi,Reza NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Capacity Building in Plant-Based Seafood at NC A&T State University by Development of a Research Program in Fish-less Imitation Crab Meat (Surimi)
1030266 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taheri, A. Taheri,Ali TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Engineering Climate Smart Crops Through DNA Nano-Delivery And Speed-Breeding Techniques
1030372 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tan, J. Tan,Juzhong FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Building the Capacity of Multidisciplinary Research and Education in Food and Agriculture Science: Value-added and Innovative Food Processing of Plant Protein-based Meat Analogs
1029795 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tarrant, K. Tarrant,Katy CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Flying the COOP: Empowering Underrepresented Students to Broaden Poultry Processing Career Horizons in the COOP Center of Excellence
0197419 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, T. Tatsey, T. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Spirit of The Land on Triple Divide
1027225 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tautges, N. Tautges,Nicole FIELDS, MICHAEL AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE INC WI Building place-based mentorships for beginning grain farmers, with special supports for beginning women farmers
1031194 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tautges, N. Tautges,Nicole FIELDS, MICHAEL AGRICULTURAL INSTITUTE INC WI Planning for an Upper Midwest Organic Gluten-Free Grain Value Chain: Economic, Field, and Stakeholder Data Aggregation
1028550 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, B. C. Taylor,Bettina C DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Develop an MS in Dietetics including Experiential Learning to Graduate Nutrition Leaders with Expertise in Addressing Health Disparities
1021255 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, F. Taylor,Frank WINSTON COUNTY SELF HELP COOPERATIVE MS Fortifying Rural Economic Empowerment (FREE): Multi-State Farm Business Development, Innovative Farming Strategies, and Apprenticeship Program Extended
1018282 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, J. Taylor,John UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI CATCH MSP: A model for training students from underserved urban communities in sustainable terrestrial and aquatic food systems
1029830 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, J. R. Taylor,John Robert UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Mapping Diverse Services from Alternative Urban Food Provisioning Networks and Identifying Opportunities for Policy Support
1031493 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, M. Taylor,Melissa WHEATLAND UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT CA Agriculture Work-Based Learning and Leadership Institute Project
1031557 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tedeschi, L. Tedeschi,Luis TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Harnessing Precision Livestock Farming to Support Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Beef Cattle Production
1029019 NEW OTHER GRANTS Teets, N. M. Teets,Nicholas M UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Genotype By Environment Interactions Influencing The Efficacy Of Insecticidal RNAi
1028899 NEW OTHER GRANTS Messmer, T. A. Tegt,Jessica UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Wildlife Across America: Supporting County Extension Educators through Connections and Certifications
1029126 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tell, L. A. Tell,Lisa Ann UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) - California Component
1031356 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tell, L. A. Tell,Lisa Ann UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Food Animal Residue Avoidance Depletion Program (FARAD) 2023-2025
1030335 NEW OTHER GRANTS Temu, V. W. Temu,Vitalis W VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Exploring stinging nettle-alfalfa mixed stands as ecofriendly high-value bioactive forage resources for integrated parasite control in climate-smart small ruminant production
1028574 NEW OTHER GRANTS Terrill, T. H. Terrill,Thomas Howard FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Geo-Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence Application Based Animal Health Management Decision Support System Development to Support Small-Holding Farmers
1025128 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tesfaye, D. Tesfaye,Dawit COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO NNF - Reproductive Biotechnology for Sustainable Animal Production: A Multidisciplinary Graduate Fellowship Program
1026578 NEW OTHER GRANTS Teske, J. Teske,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Arizona`s Science, Engineering, And Mathematic Scholars (ASEMS): Preparing And Retaining Leaders In STEAM
1028766 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tewari, R. Tewari,Rachna UNIV OF TENNESSEE TN Empowering Small Farmers and Agriculture Students: FSAS (Farmers’ School for Agricultural Sustainability) and Experiential Learning Programs
0211947 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thames, S. F. Thames, S. F. UNIV OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI MS Commercializing Alternative Crops