Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029467 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bornhorst, G. M. Bornhorst,Gail Michelle UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Promoting Technical Innovation in the Agriculture and Food Industry through Computer-aided Design Instruction
1028686 NEW OTHER GRANTS Borgwordt, C. Dunne,Joshua LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO This Collaborative Education and Training project increases food safety capabilities for Missouri small farmers and processors, and their on-farm and direct service providers with food safety training
1029571 NEW OTHER GRANTS Borges, B. Borges,Brad TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX SWEAT: Standardized Welding Education and Training
1030985 NEW OTHER GRANTS Borges, B. Borges,Bradley TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Machinery Management Laboratory Improvement
1031636 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boome, L. Boome,Lora NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Contemporary and Historical Importance of Traditional Plants and Foods
1031565 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bollero, G. Bollero,German UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Modernization and Renovation of Meat Science Laboratory Project Funding Level 3
1004645 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bolden-Tiller, O. Bolden-Tiller,Olga TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Cultivating 21st Century Workforce Diversity in Agricultural and Natural Resource Conservation
1029138 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bojrab, M. Bojrab,Michelle PARKVIEW HOSPITAL, INC. IN Veggie Rx to HEAL Enhancement
1031771 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bockheim, G. Bockheim,Greg CITY OF NORFOLK VA The Virginia Zoo Composting Program
1030434 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boateng, J. Boateng,Judith ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Application of Novel Non-Thermal Processing to Enhance Nutritional Quality in Dry Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)
1028592 NEW OTHER GRANTS Boaitey, A. Creutzinger,Kate UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - RIVER FALLS WI Calf Management Practices and the Social Sustainability of the Dairy industry: A Multi-stakeholder Assessment
1031457 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blonder, B. Blonder,Benjamin UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY CA Remote sensing of vegetation, soils, and crop health with field spectrometry
1030745 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bliss, S. Bliss,Shannon Hartnell Community College CA Hartnell College Learning to Lead: Career Pathways Supporting US Leafy Green Production
1030292 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blevins, M. Blevins,Mark NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Biodegradable Mulch for Field and High Tunnel Vegetable Production
1031823 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blaz, E. Blaz,Erin CIUDAD SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT NM Cultivating Collaborative Composting in New Mexico
1029619 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blaurock, A. Blaurock,Amanda VILLAGE EXCHANGE CENTER, INC. CO Village Farm at Stanley: Social Enterprise Sustainability and Food Sovereignty in Our Community
1028509 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blanding, C. Blanding,Cornelius Federation of Southern Cooperatives GA American Rescue Plan Technical Assistance Investment Program - Federation of Southern Cooperatives, Inc.
1029329 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blakeslee, J. J. Blakeslee,Joshua J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Acquisition of a PTR-ToF-MS-4000 for volatile analyses from biogenic sources
1027528 NEW OTHER GRANTS Black, B. L. Black,Brent L UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of tart cherry production through precision management
1031513 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bisbee, Y. J. Bisbee,Yolanda J. UNIV OF IDAHO ID University of Idaho Path to Wisdom: Cultivating Indigenous Knowledge through Family and Community
1031679 NEW OTHER GRANTS Birnstihl, B. Birnstihl,Beth NATIONAL 4-H COUNCIL MD Increasing Food Production & Combating Food Waste and Loss through 4-H
0225611 NEW OTHER GRANTS Birkenholz, R. J. Birkenholz,Robert James OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Improving Food Safety and Security Instruction in Secondary Agricultural Education
1031492 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bimczok, D. Bimczok,Diane MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Multi-color flow cytometer for high-dimensional cell characterization
1024097 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bilen-Green, C. Bilen-Green,Canan NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Making Good: Delivering Educational Equity For & With Indigenous Tribal Students & Communities
1026807 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bilen-Green, C. Bilen-Green,Canan NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND New Beginnings: Supporting Students from Urban Inter-Tribal and Rural Tribal Communities
1029272 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bilen-Green, C. Bilen-Green,Canan NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Circling Back, Affording Tribal Students Opportunities to Flourish
1032758 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bihn, E. A. Bihn,Elizabeth Ann N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Leveling Up Produce Safety Knowledge Among Underserved Communities by Building Local Capacity and Creating a Dynamic Peer Network
0196228 NEW OTHER GRANTS Biernbaum, J. Biernbaum, J. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Building Curriculum Around a Student Operated, Year-Round Community Farm
1026606 NEW OTHER GRANTS Biediger-Friedman, L. Biediger-Friedman,Lesli TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Food Security LEADers (Learning Communities and Experiential Learning Advancing Dietetics and Nutrition)
1028673 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bickford, N. Martinez,Lee Anne COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY-PUEBLO CO Helping Kids find FANH careers: Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road