Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0218520 NEW OTHER GRANTS Findeis, J. L. Findeis, J. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Ag 2 Africa: Development of an International-US Learning Laboratory
0218411 NEW OTHER GRANTS DeVuyst, C. S. DeVuyst, C. S. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK 2009 NACTA/SERD Project Director`s Conference
0218269 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sproat-Beck, S. Sproat-Beck,Stacy WAIPA FOUNDATION HI Waipa Foundation Community Kitchen, Poi Mill & Farm Project
0218191 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dickinson, R. E. Cannon,Meredith Celeste Walton County Public Schools GA Up wit AG! Underrepresented Populations Working Toward Higher Education for Agriscience Careers
0218089 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hardee, B. Hardee,Ben HORRY COUNTY SCHOOL SC Biodiesel Fuel Pilot Project
0218017 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ahlschwede, S. Ahlschwede, S. UNITED METHODIST MINISTRIES NE Big Rural Garden Community Food Project
0218014 NEW OTHER GRANTS Littles, J. Littles, J. MCINTOSH SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENT & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT GA Mcintosh County Community Agriculture and FoodSovereignty Programs
0218012 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walter, K. Walter,Kirsten ST. MARY'S HEALTH SYSTEM ME Local Foods for Lewiston
0218009 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ryan, J. Wood, A. H. CHIRICAHUA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS, INC. AZ Creciendo Sano/Growing Healthy
0217998 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rhodes, K. Rhodes,Kevin SHAWNEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE IL Strengthening Education in Food & Agricultural Sciences in the Rural Shawnee Region
0217909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Couchman, T. S. Couchman,Tera Shea VILLAGE GARDENS, JANUS YOUTH PROGRAMS, INC. OR Village Gardens: partnering with low-income people, farmers, government, and business to meet food needs and organize for lasting change
0217072 NEW OTHER GRANTS Reaves, D. W. Dixie Watts Reaves VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Virginia Tech AEEMS for Success!
0216853 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mulvaney, D. R. Mulvaney,Donald AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Auburn University Multicultural Scholars for the Pre-Veterinary Medicine
0216041 NEW OTHER GRANTS Finkenstadt, V. F. Finkenstadt,Victoria AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Agricultural polymers for corrosion inhibition
0215533 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moore, J. C. Moore,John COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Research opportunities in ecosystem science and environmental sustainability
0215412 NEW OTHER GRANTS diouf, A. diouf, arona NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Interdisciplinary Project-based Course Modules Development and Incorporation to improve the Earth Science Program and Student Recruitment
0215246 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thompson, A. Thompson, A. NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Enhancing Collaboration between 1890 and 1862 institutions in the area of food safety
0214843 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weisser, D. L. Weisser, D. L. Sinte Gleska University SD Increasing the capacity of Sinte Gleska University to provide land use management to the Sicangu Lakota Oyate through the establishment of t
0214523 NEW OTHER GRANTS Burkett, B. F. Burkett,Ben Frank Mississippi Association of Cooperatives MS Mississippi Association of Cooperatives Small Farm Outreach Training and Technical Assistance
0214330 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pickett,G,G Pickett,Geneva G. NC COALITION OF FARM & RURAL FAMILIES NC Farm Diversity Strategies for the Socially Disadvantaged Farmer and Rancher
0214279 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bandy, M. B. Michael Bandy AMERICAN FORAGE AND GRASSLAND COUNCIL IL 2008 Emerging Scientist Competition
0214092 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears,Mindy Malynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Center for Food Industry Excellence, TX
0213899 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dewey, P. T. Dewey, P. T. TST BOCES NY Center for Sustainability Outdoor Classroom
0213873 NEW OTHER GRANTS Newcome, B. A. Newcome, B. A. PIERPONT COMMUNITY AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE WV Engaging secondary and post secondary students in a sustainable agriculture curriculum developed for multiple learning styles...
0213870 NEW OTHER GRANTS Griffin, R. A. Griffin,Al GOSHEN HIGH SCHOOL AL Pike County Agriscience and Technical Career Academy (Pike A & T)
0213844 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cargle, J. Cargle, J. TIFT COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL GA The Development of an Agricultural Biotechnology/Biofuels Program at Tift County High School
0213783 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chevalier, J. Chevalier, J. BERGEN COUNTY TECHNICAL SCHOOLS NJ Culinary Food Science: Promoting Synergistic Secondary/Postsecondary Linkage through Curriculum Development
0213381 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jolly, D. Berman, C. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA California Small Farm 2501 Project
0212642 NEW OTHER GRANTS Merrigan, K. Merrigan, K. FRIEDMAN SCHOOL OF NUTRITION SCIENCE & POLICY MA Training Leaders to Understand and Integrate Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences and Policy
0212572 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pinney, P. P. Pinney, P. P. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Extended University: A Continuing Collaboration Between the College of Rural AK Extended Campuses & AK Cooperative Extension Service