Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030977 NEW OTHER GRANTS Singh, V. Singh,Vijay VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Standardization of Unmanned Aerial Systems-Based Herbicide Spray Applications in Watermelon
1030273 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sinha, A. K. Sinha,Amit Kumar UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Functional significance of Rhesus glycoproteins in mitigating toxic ammonia build-up in catfish challenged with elevated environmental ammonia and water borne iron in aquaculture practices
1024077 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sinnemaki, J. Entress,Amy FLORIDA IS FOR VETERANS, INC. FL Veterans Florida Agriculture Program
1016495 NEW OTHER GRANTS Siry, J. P. Siry,Jacek Piotr UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Empowering Native American Forester Management through Forest Business Leadership
0212438 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sischo, W. M. Sischo, W. M. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Reducing the environmental load of food and waterborne pathogens on CAFOS
1013309 NEW OTHER GRANTS Skellington, A. Skellington,Azure WAIMANALO MARKET CO-OP HI Healthy Food (Ka Mea`ai Pono) Initiative
1029583 NEW OTHER GRANTS Slazer, E. Slazer,Emily SECOND HARVEST FOOD BANK OF GREATER NEW ORLEANS AND ACADIANA LA Nourishing Acadiana: Creating a More Robust Local Food System by Empowering Farmers and Families
1029602 NEW OTHER GRANTS Slick, J. Slick,Jodi ECOLIBRIUM3 MN LNPK 156: An Integrated Approach to Food Access for an EJ Neighborhood
1027500 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sliwoski, G. Sliwoski,Grace Regional Environmental Council, Inc. MA Centering Community Leadership, Urban Agriculture Education & Training, and Expanding Market Opportunities
1029267 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sloven, J. Sloven,Jonah SWEET HOLLOW FARM LLC ID Sweet Hollow Farm Apprenticeship for High Altitude Market Farmers and Regional Educators
1027023 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smanski, M. Smanski,Michael UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Insect genetic biocontrol: Performance of molecular components in fluctuating environments
1031352 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smart, C. Smart,Christine N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Agroecology Indigenous Student Scholars Summer Internships at Cornell AgriTech
1031302 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, A. M. Smith,Ami Marie WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV WVSU 1890 Facilities Program 2023-2027
0220437 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, A. O. Smith, A. O. YENKIN-MAJESTIC PAINT CORPORATION OH Demonstration of the Dry Fermentation of Food and Yard Waste into Biogas and Bioproducts for Large-scale Industrial Applications
1030896 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, D. Smith,Dimitra Texas A&M University-Commerce TX Virtual Interactive Produce Safety (VIPS) Exploration Program for Underrepresented Beginning Farmers
1027120 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, E. W. Smith,Erin Williamson JACKSON MEDICAL MALL FOUNDATION MS COVID Relief 2019-70030-30401: Double-Up Mississippi`s Emergency Response Plan to COVID Induced Food Insecurity Matters Facing SNAP Consumers
1023506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, J. Smith,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Seeding Success for underrepresented students: Informal STEM Learning through Community Science,Avian Ecology, and Ethnic Studies
0210774 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, M. O. Smith,Michael O. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE EXTENSION TN Enhancing Educational Quality and International Competitiveness: Recruiting Traditionally Underrepresented Students into Global Agriculture
1030873 NEW OTHER GRANTS Smith, S. Smith,Stephanie WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Food Safety Training For Cottage Food Processors
1029190 NEW OTHER GRANTS Snekvik, K. R. Snekvik,Kevin Roy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA NAHLN: Maintain Level 1 status and increase NAHLN capabilities and capacity in addressing an adverse animal health event such as may occur with an emerging disease detection or foreign animal disease
1031265 NEW OTHER GRANTS Snekvik, K. R. Snekvik,Kevin Roy WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA NAHLN: Maintain Level 1 status and increase NAHLN capabilities and capacity in addressing an adverse animal health event such as may occur with an emerging disease detection or foreign animal disease.
1030423 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sobrepena, A. Sobrepena,Andie FARMING HOPE CA Farming Hope`s Community Food Hub and Apprenticeship Program
1027481 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sockabasin, A. Sockabasin,Andrea WABANAKI HEALTH AND WELLNESS, NPC ME Ktanaqson "Abundance": Creating an Indigenous Food Sovereignty System
1029719 NEW OTHER GRANTS Solemsaas, R. Solemsaas,Rachel UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII SYSTEMS HI UH Meat and Poultry Workforce Consortium
0212009 NEW OTHER GRANTS Solis, P. Patricia Solis ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS DC My Community, Our Earth Partnership Strategic Planning Activities
1031589 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sorensen, M. Sorensen,Mark PAINTED DESERT DEMONSTRATION PROJECTS, INC. AZ Veterans Agricultural Education and Apprenticeship Program in the Southwest
1031170 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sorrells, M. Sorrells,Mark CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Value-Added Grains for Local and Regional Food Systems
1026958 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sosnoskie, L. M. Sosnoskie,Lynn M. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Integrated Weed Management in Hemp: A Multistate Effort to Evaluate Practices and Develop Recommendations
1023359 NEW OTHER GRANTS SOTOMAYOR-RAMIREZ, D. SOTOMAYOR-RAMIREZ,DAVID RECINTO UNIVERSITARIO MAYAGUEZ PR SuMAS: Student Internships and Faculty Training in Sustainable Management of Agricultural Systems