Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1019557 REVISED HATCH Dey, M, . Dey, M, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Assessing dietary lifestyle factors in the development and mitigation of metabolic diseases related to weight-gain.
1019554 REVISED HATCH Zhou, RU, . Zhou, RU, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Engineering Solar-powered N2-fixing Cyanobacteria for Agricultural and Industrial Applications
1019540 REVISED HATCH Zhu, XI. Zhu, XI. UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Mucosal delivery of universal influenza vaccine antigens
1019427 REVISED HATCH Wagner, KE, . Wagner, KE. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Future Challenges in Animal Production Systems: Seeking Solutions through Focused Facilitation
1019422 REVISED HATCH Graham, CH, . Graham, CH. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Grazing and cover cropping to supplement an integrated crop-livestock production system
1019410 REVISED HATCH Nayga, RO, M. Nayga, RO, M. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Food Preferences and Demand, Obesity, and Health
1019381 REVISED HATCH Bleakley, B, . Bleakley, BR. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Biological Control of Small Grain Diseases
1019373 REVISED HATCH Leffler, JO, . Leffler, JO, . SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Grazing practices and ecosystem services in grasslands of the Northern Great Plains
1019340 REVISED HATCH Pliakoni, EL, D.. Pliakoni, EL, D.. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Storage Technologies
1019339 REVISED HATCH Griffin, J. Griffin, JA. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Industrial Hemp Production, Processing, and Marketing in the U.S.
1019299 REVISED HATCH Mathew, FE, ME. Mathew, FE. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Diagnosis of and developing management strategies for diseases of broadleaf crops in South Dakota
1019270 REVISED HATCH Strawn, LA, K.. Strawn, LA, K.. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Enhancing Microbial Food Safety by Risk Analysis
1019202 REVISED HATCH Torrion, JE, . Torrion, JE. MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT The Physiology of Crop Resource-use Efficiency
1019198 REVISED HATCH Wang, CH, . Wang, CH, . RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ Reducing Pest Infestations and Pesticide Use in the Urban Environment
1019170 REVISED HATCH Jacobs, LE, . Jacobs, LE. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Improving poultry welfare throughout the production chain
1019164 REVISED HATCH Stranlund, J, . Stranlund, J. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Collective Property Rights and Exclusion in Natural Resource Management
1019081 REVISED HATCH skobba, KI, . skobba, KI. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA The road to substandard housing: Pathways, poverty, and life circumstances in rural Georgia
1018968 REVISED HATCH Gerry, A. Gerry, A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Management of nuisance and pathogen-transmitting ectoparasites of animals (ENT-7645-H)
1018951 REVISED HATCH McKibben, JA, DA. Perdue, EM. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Building Scientific Inquiry Through the Use of Cross Curricular Project Based Learning in Agriculture to Developing Students in the Mountains of Appalachia
1018881 REVISED HATCH Enger, BE, . Enger, BE, D. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Mastitis Resistance to Enhance Dairy Food Safety
1018860 REVISED HATCH Olson, KE, . Olson, KE. SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Improving Sustainability of Northern Plains Beef Production Systems
1018846 REVISED HATCH Ulmer, JO, DA. Ulmer, JO, DA. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS A framework for secondary schools agriscience education programs that emphasizes the STEM content in agriculture
1018844 REVISED HATCH Shoemaker, CA, A. Shoemaker, CA, A. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Specialty Crops and Urban Food Systems
1018843 REVISED HATCH Dinkins, JO, . Dinkins, JO. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Maintaining Resilient Sagebrush & Rural Communities
1018780 REVISED HATCH Bugbee, G, J.. Bugbee, GR, J.. CONNECTICUT AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION CT Utilization of winter drawdown and grass carp to control invasive plants in Connecticut lakes
1018746 REVISED HATCH Gachomo, EM, . Gachomo, EM. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Managing Plant Microbe Interactions in Soil to Promote Sustainable Agriculture
1018744 REVISED HATCH Castillo, AL, . Castillo, AL. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Quality and Safety of Fresh-cut Vegetables and Fruits
1018684 REVISED HATCH Helms, T. Miranda, CA, . NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIV ND Soybean Breeding and Cultivar Selection
1018647 REVISED HATCH Carlson, JO, E.. Ray, CH. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Biological Improvement of Chestnut through Technologies that Address Management of the Species and its Pathogens and Pests