Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030192 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pomper, K. Pomper,Kirk KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY 1890 Scholarships Program for Kentucky State University
1030141 NEW OTHER GRANTS McGowan, B. McGowan,Bruce UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR 1890 Scholarships at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
1030074 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zaman, N. Zaman,Naveed WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV 1890 Scholarships Program at West Virginia State University
1030072 NEW OTHER GRANTS Young, D. Young,De'Etra TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN TSU 1890 Scholarship Program: Training and Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders in Food and Agricultural Sciences
1030069 NEW OTHER GRANTS McMeans, O. F. McMeans,Orlando Fitzgerald SOUTHERN UNIV LA Land Grant Scholarships for Students at Southern University and A&M College
1030068 NEW OTHER GRANTS Whittaker, W. L. Whittaker,Wesley L LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Langston University 1890 Scholarship Program
1030047 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wakefield, D. Wakefield,Dexter ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Scholarships for Students at 1890 Institutions, Alcorn State University School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
1030034 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ikem, A. Ikem,Abua LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO 1890 Agricultural Scholars Program
1030018 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kuti, M. A. Kuti,Morakinyo A.O. Central State University OH A Scholarship Program at Central State University to Increase Graduates in Agriculture and Related Fields
1030014 NEW OTHER GRANTS Alston, A. J. Alston,Antoine Jerrod NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Recruiting And Graduating The Next Generation Of Leaders In Agricultural, Food, And Natural Resources
1029987 NEW OTHER GRANTS Whitesides, L. D. Whitesides,Louis D SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC SC State 1890 Research & Extension Agriculture Innovation Scholars
1029978 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cheng, X. Cheng,Xuemei INDUSTRY VISION AUTOMATION CORPORATION MD Machine Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to Increase Capabilities and Efficiencies of Poultry Productions
1029972 NEW OTHER GRANTS Clack, H. Clack,Herek TAZA AYA LLC MI Toward a More Resilient Domestic Food Infrastructure: Protecting Workers from Communicable Diseases During Meat and Poultry Processing
1029968 NEW OTHER GRANTS Welborn, R. Welborn,Rachel MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Moving DEIA Forward
1029967 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kairo, M. T. Kairo,Moses T University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD 1890 Scholarships for Students in the Food and Agricultural Science Disciplines at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore
1029965 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walker, L. T. Walker,Lloyd T ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL A Strategic Project to Support 1890 Scholars in Agricultural and Related Sciences at Alabama A&M University
1029957 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez, A. Rodriguez,Alan UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR LATINO Farm to Table & Food Safety Culinary Arts Initiative @ UPRCa
1029954 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weatherwax, M. Weatherwax,Melissa BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT BCC Meat Processing
1029951 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sen, S. Sen,Sudipta CIRRUS360 LLC TX Edge Computing driven AUTOMATION for small and medium Poultry and Meat Processors
1029938 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dweik, B. Riley,Ian GINER, INC. MA Effective Microbial Treatment for Prevention of Carcass Contamination
1029936 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ghosal, S. Ghosal,Sarbajit SC SOLUTIONS INC CA Rapid Real-time Image Analysis for Meat Quality Monitoring
1029930 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barashkov, N. Barashkov,Nikolay MICRO-TRACERS INC. CA Disinfection of Water used in the Poultry Industry by Combined Advanced Oxidation Processes
1029928 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kanmukhla, V. Kanmukhla,Vikram HALOMINE INC. NY Rechargeable Antimicrobial Coating For Poultry And Meat Processing Facilities
1029921 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hansen, B. Hansen,Brian AEROPHASE INC CO Bio-Aerosol Protection for Worker Safety and Food Safety in Meat and Poultry Processing
1029917 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yannone, S. M. Yannone,Steven Michael CINDER BIOLOGICAL INC CA Natural and non-toxic hyperthermoacidic enzyme cleaning and sanitation products meat and poultry processing
1029916 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amin, V. R. Amin,Viren R Biotronics, Inc. IA Increase Market Opportunities for Small and Mid-Size Packing Plants by Identifying Superior Pork Quality Using Ultrasound
1029909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cremer, J. T. Cremer,Jay Theodore ADELPHI TECHNOLOGY INC CA Automated Air Monitoring, Disinfection and Purification System for Small and Mid-Size Poultry Processing Facilities
1029905 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sulakvelidze, A. Sulakvelidze,Alexander Intralytix, Inc. MD Optimization of SalmoFreshâ„¢ application at small and medium poultry and meat producers
1029903 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roberson, M. W. Roberson,Mark W GOLDFINCH SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES AND ANALYTICS LLC NC RF Digital Nose for Ground Product Smart Processing