Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0191359 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, D. V. Phillips, D. V. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A National Soybean Pathogen Germplasm Conservation System: Proof of Concept
1003771 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. E. Snyder,William WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Natural Approach to Human-Pathogen Suppression: Can Biodiversity Fill the GAPs?
0211205 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Radcliffe, D. E. Radcliffe, D. E. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A New Approach to Sediment TMDL Watersheds in the Southern Piedmont
0223318 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moore, P. P. Moore,Patrick WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A New Way of Manag. Soil Borne Dis. of Raspberry in Western States: Develop. Making Tools and Sustainable Manage. Systems
1005575 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Lorca, G. L. Lorca,Graciela L UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A novel antimicrobial approach to combat Huanglongbing disease
0222818 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smart, C. D. Smart,Christine D. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY A Novel Extension/Education Experience in IPM Systems for Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Plant Pathology
0192683 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Matlock, M. Matlock, M. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR A Nutrient Management Decision Support System for the Eucha Basin
1000716 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, G. Smith,George Robert TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Parking Lot on Grandpa`s Farm
0201420 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hausbeck, M. Hausbeck, M. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI A Partnership Among Eastern US Carrot Stakeholders to Develop and Implement IPM
0200758 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Erhardt, P. W. UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO OH A Partnership for Pharmaceutical and Economic Development of Wild Lebanese Plants
0222879 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tomich, T. P. Tomich,Thomas P UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A partnership model for recruiting nontraditional and underrepresented high school students into sustainability degree programs
1024290 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Robinson, J. P. Robinson,Joseph Paul PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Pathogen-safe Sorter for the Center for Food Safety Engineering at Purdue University
1006984 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Bauer, R. Bauer,Robert SOUTHWEST BADGER RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL, INCORPORATED WI A Pathway to Livestock Farming: Providing Access to Land and A Guiding Hand
0208130 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Cooley, D. Cooley, D. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA A Pest Management Program Using Reduced-Risk Pesticides, Eco-Apple Protocols, and Value Added Marketing for NY and New England Growers
0215957 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Mizell, R. F. Stephens, C. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A Pest Management Strategic Plan Database: Completion, Analyses and Publication
1010710 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Choudhary, R. Choudhary,Ruplal SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIV IL A pilot project on food safety outreach for produce growers and processors in southern Illinois
1014968 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A Planning Activity Project for Development of a Master of Public Health Tracked in Food Safety and Foodborne Disease Epidemiology
1007250 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brito, A. F. Brito,Andre UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH A Planning Network of Organic Farmers, Researchers, and Dairy Processors to Optimize Productivity and Resiliency of Forage Production
0228619 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Kling, C. L. Kling,Catherine L IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Policy Research Center Proposal: The Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University
1007327 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Katampe, I. Katampe,Ibrahim Central State University OH A Potential for Building and Strenghening Capacity and Advancing the Quality of Teaching and Extension at Central State University
0230446 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Afrasiabi, Z. Afrasiabi Navan,Zahra LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO A Practical Approach To Integrating Nanotechnology Education Into Agriculture And Environmental Science Curriculum
1017198 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Smith, S. Smith,Stephanie WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Primer To The Produce Safety Rule For Small And Very Small Farms In Washington State
0223115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Nacos-Burds, K. Nacos-Burds,Kathleen NORTHEAST IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE IA A Program in Chemical Technology
0229694 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Childress, J. Bell,Amber Marie Southwest Georgia Project for Community Education, Inc. GA A Project to Create a Regional Food Hub in Rural and Urban Food Deserts in Southwest Georgia
1004090 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hendrix, J. Hendrix,John MISSISSIPPI BAND OF CHOCTAW INDIANS MS A project to expand the capacity of the Mississippi Choctaws to supply fresh fruits & vegetables to improve health and create jobs.
1007961 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Odemuyiwa, S. O. REDDY,GOPAL TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL A project-based approach to teaching virology and immunology in the Tuskegee University DVM curriculum
1000367 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Thames, S. F. Thames,Shelby Freland T R SOLUTIONS LLC MS A Proposal for Commercialization of Vegetable Oil Macromonomers
0222857 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Newberry, T. Newberry,Teresa Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ A proposal to conduct research on alternative energy sources for a remote tribal community
0224115 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Beghin, J. C. Beghin,John C IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Proposal to Train Doctoral Students in the Economics and Management of Bio-renewable Energy