Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0223387 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Maliga, P. Pal Maliga RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY NJ A mode of inheritance survey in Medicago truncatula assessing the feasibility of transgene containment in plastids
0189042 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Rakocy, J. E. Rakocy, J. E. UNIV OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS VI A Model Integrated Small Farm for the U.S. Caribbean and Pacific Islands
0189885 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Schwartz, S. J. Schwartz, S. J. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH A model system for functional foods: tomato products containing soy
0219643 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Westgate, M. E. Westgate,Mark Edward IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A model to predict gene flow in open-pollinated crops
1012118 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Ning, Z. H. Ning,Zhu Hua SOUTHERN UNIV LA A Modeling Approach to Climate Change and Natural Resource Education
0225877 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Moore, K. J. Moore,Kenneth J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Modeling Approach to Unifying Concepts Taught in a Professional MS Agronomy Curriculum
1007232 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Jabbour, R. Jabbour,Randa UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY A modular curriculum to teach critical concepts in organic agriculture across regions
0223079 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Sauve, R. J. Sauve,Roger TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN A molecular model for tolerance to toxic metal ions in plants
0220107 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Arabi, M. A. Arabi,Mazdak COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO A Multi Criteria Decision Tool for the Assessment and Planning of Watershed Management Practices
0219983 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Darnell, R. L. Darnell,Rebecca L UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL A multi-disciplinary approach to sustainability and profitability of US blueberry production using the tree-like species Vaccinium arboreum
0196853 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Morris, W. C. Morris, W. C. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN A Multi-Faceted Approach to Improve Food Safety for Child Care Providers
1008842 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Coleman Wasik, J. Coleman Wasik,Jill UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - RIVER FALLS WI A multi-generational approach to increasing the resilience of agricultural, natural, and social landscapes
0204951 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Hamilton, G. C. Hamilton, G. C. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ A Multi-Level Approach to Facilitate Large-Scale Adoption of Parasitic Honey Bee Mite IPM Practices
1010608 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Grossman, J. M. Grossman,Julie UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN A multi-regional approach for sustained soil health in organic high tunnels: nutrient management, economics, and educational programming
1026726 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Pliakoni, E. D. Pliakoni,Eleni D. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS A multi-state approach for assessing the needs of postharvest practices in order to improve quality and safety of organic produce
1014147 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Woodcox, S. Woodcox,Stephanie PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN A Multi-State Effort Of Opioid Abuse Prevention Using SFP 10-14
1023593 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Parr, J. B. Parr,Jessica Beckett CCOF FOUNDATION CA A Multi-state Initiative to Support Organic Food Processors with Food Safety Compliance
1014187 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, G. Brewer,Gary UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Multi-Tactic Push-Pull Strategy for Controlling Stable Flies on Pasture Cattle in Nebraska and Florida
1006313 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Njiti, V. Njiti,Victor ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS A Multidisciplinary Approach To Train Under-Represented Minority Students In The Agriculture And Natural Resource Sciences
0226489 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS McGowan, O. McGowan,Orlenthea LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK A Multifaceted University/School/Food Industry Collaborative for Reducing Urban Childhood Obesity
0223408 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Burke, J. M. Burke,John MICHAEL University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. GA A multigenerational assessment of the fate and impact of crop gene introgression into wild sunflower
1010671 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Boyer, R. R. Boyer,Renee R VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA A multistate effort to integrate and expand farmers market food safety materials across the southern region to increase food safety culture
0216167 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Upadhyaya, S. K. Upadhyaya, S. K. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A multitasking sensor platform for precision management of speciality crop production
1020392 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Tencer, B. Tencer,Brise ORGANIC FARMING RESEARCH FOUNDATION CA A National Agenda for Organic and Transitioning Research
0200518 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Holm, R. E. Holm, R. E. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ A National Agricultural Program: Clearance of Chemicals and Biologics for Minor or Special Uses/Pesticides (Support for ARS IR-4 Program)
0204952 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Baron, J. J. Baron, J. J. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ A National Agricultural Program: Clearance of Chemicals and Biologics for Minor or Special Use/Pesticides (Support for the ARS IR-4 Program)
0196611 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Holm, R. E. Holm, R. E. RUTGERS UNIVERSITY NJ A National Agricultural Program: Clearance of Chemicals and Biologics for Minor or Special Uses/Pesticides (QA Support for ARS IR-4 Program)
0204909 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Koelsch, R. K. Koelsch, R. K. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A National Learning Center for Animal Agricultural Water Quality Issues
0191359 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Phillips, D. V. Phillips, D. V. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA A National Soybean Pathogen Germplasm Conservation System: Proof of Concept
1003771 TERMINATED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. E. Snyder,William WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA A Natural Approach to Human-Pathogen Suppression: Can Biodiversity Fill the GAPs?