Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031104 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roberts, J. Roberts,Joseph CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Advanced Methods to Sustain Biological Controls for Integrated Turfgrass Disease Management in the Urban Landscape
1027042 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brown, A. M. Brown,Amanda May Vivian TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Advanced Multidisciplinary Training in Agricultural Microbiome Science
1031195 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weigle, J. Griffin,Ashley EXTENSION FOUNDATION MO Advancing Agrosecurity and Community Resilience through Innovation, Collaboration, and Capacity-Building in the Cooperative Extension Service
1029263 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stephenson, G. O. Stacey,Nathan OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Advancing Beginning Farmer and Rancher Viability by Expanding Our Effective Educational Strategies
1031909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thapa, R. Thapa,Resham TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture through Nitrogen and Water Management in Cover Crop-Based No-till Crop Production Systems
1031326 NEW OTHER GRANTS Richman, N. Richman,Nessa RHODE ISLAND FOOD POLICY COUNCIL RI Advancing Equity in Capital Access for Beginning Farmers
1026603 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lee, J. Lee,Jung-lim DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Advancing future food scientists through summer programs.
1027229 NEW OTHER GRANTS MOREIRA, M. C. MOREIRA,MARIA C WORLD FARMERS, INC. MA Advancing Immigrants and Refugees Toward Farm Ownership and Building Learning Networks through Farmer-to-Farmer Mentorship across 25 Cultures
1031422 NEW OTHER GRANTS King-Kostelac, A. L. King-Kostelac,Amelia Lynn UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Advancing Minoritized Students through Regenerative Agriculture and Community-Engaged Study Abroad
1031332 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brown, N. Brown,Niki SISKIYOU COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL CA Advancing Next Generation Livestock Farmers and Ranchers: Land Transitions, Capacity Building, and Access to CapitalĀ 
1031596 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nelson, L. Nelson,Lori FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Advancing NHSC Extension and Educational Services to Include Remote Underserved Communities
1027367 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kinkade, L. Schafer,Joseph WINROCK INTERNATIONAL INST. FOR AGRIC. DEVELOPMENT VA Advancing Organic Agriculture in the Mid-South: Evaluating Systems and Reducing Barriers to Entry
1031271 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grossman, J. Grossman,Julie UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Advancing Organic High Tunnel Sustainability Through Legume Cover Crop Based Fertility Management and On-Farm Learning
1031160 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gentile, B. Gentile,Brooke ORGANIC ASSOCIATION OF KENTUCKY INC KY Advancing Organics In Kentucky: Adopting Practices, Increasing Resilience, and Strengthening Systems
1031433 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kapp, J. M. Kapp,Julie M. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Adversity to Action: Mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences in Rural Missouri
0218520 NEW OTHER GRANTS Findeis, J. L. Findeis, J. L. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Ag 2 Africa: Development of an International-US Learning Laboratory
0199418 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gross, W. Gross, W. Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, Inc. GA Agenda 2020 Technology Summit II
1029082 NEW OTHER GRANTS McFall, P. McFall,Pauline AMERICAN SAMOA COMM COLLEGE AS AGFEI Project: Strengthening research and experiential learning opportunities in plant and animal sciences at the American Samoa Community College
1026120 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adams, B. L. Adams,Barbara L SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Agricultural and Entrepreneurial Leadership: An Integrated Model to Enhance the Sustainability of Small Agricultural Producers in South Carolina
1030268 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ricketts, J. C. Ricketts,John C TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Agricultural Communications Capacity-building through Curriculum Development, Collaboration, and Artificial Intelligence (AC4AI)
1026557 NEW OTHER GRANTS Morales, C. R. Morales,Carlos R SISTEMA UNIVERSITARIO ANA G. MENDEZ, INC. PR Agricultural Diverse Learning Approach Program
1003903 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hunt, D. Hunt,Dreama HORRY COUNTY SCHOOL SC Agricultural Education and Occupational Preparation Project
1031329 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gunasekara, A. Gunasekara,Amrith CALIFORNIA BOUNTIFUL FOUNDATION CA Agricultural Mentoring and Education for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Including those that are Socially Disadvantaged and Veterans in California
0216041 NEW OTHER GRANTS Finkenstadt, V. F. Finkenstadt,Victoria AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Agricultural polymers for corrosion inhibition
1030916 NEW OTHER GRANTS Holly, M. Holly,Michael UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN SYSTEM WI Agricultural Runoff Treatment Research and Education Center: Capacity Building to Research Sustainable Treatment Systems and Create Design Recommendations
1031697 NEW OTHER GRANTS York, D. A. York,De`Shoin A. SOUTHERN UNIV LA Agricultural Science Center of Excellence for Nutrition and Diet (ASCEND) Pilot Nutrition Hub at Southern University and A&M College
1031572 NEW OTHER GRANTS Million, P. Cabrera-Mazzeo,Nadia NOT FORGOTTEN OUTREACH INC NM Agricultural VetCorps Program for Veterans and Military Families
1028948 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barbosa, J. F. Barbosa,Jose Ferreira UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Agriculture & Nutrition For Girls While Encouraging Leadership & Stem-Enrichment (Angels)
1030778 NEW OTHER GRANTS Johnson, L. Johnson,LaToya SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Agriculture and Family and Consumer Sciences Academy (AgriFCS)
0200057 NEW OTHER GRANTS Willingham, F. F. Willingham, F. F. Tomball College-North Harris Montgomery Community College District TX Agriculture Improvement Project