Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0188261 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Burke, M. J. Burke, M. J. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Northwest Center for Small Fruits Research Program
0222466 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Knowles, N. R. Knowles, N. R. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Potato Variety Development in the Northwest
0214379 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Weems, C. W. Weems, C. W. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Luteal and Endometrial LH Receptor Function Modulated by PGE1, PGE2, PGF2a, LH, and Estrogen
0221893 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT CARTER, C. N. CARTER, C. N. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Forages for Advancing Livestock Production, KY
0195174 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Griffith, R. W. Griffith, R. W. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Minor Use Animal Drug Program - North Central Region
0192919 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Zeikus, J. G. Zeikus, J. G. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Bioprocessing for Utilization of Agricultural Resources
0219579 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Palmateer, A. J. Palmateer, A. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Improved disease diagnosis: Development of a novel molecular technique for detection and identification of plant pathogens in host tissue
0191982 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Borski, R. J. Borski, R. J. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Improved Growth and Waste Management in Finfish Aquaculture
0199917 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hansen, G. R. Hansen, G. R. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Feed Efficiency in Cattle
1003730 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Douches, D. Douches,David MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of Multipurpose Potato Cultivars with Enhanced Quality, Disease and Pest Resistance, North Central Region, 2015
0191418 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Norman, D. J. Norman, D. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Using A Pathosystem Approach to Develop Disease Resistant Ornamental Foliage Plants
0199417 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Griffith, R. W. Griffith, R. W. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Minor Use Animal Drug Program - North Central Region
0229387 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ojiambo, P. Ojiambo,Peter NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Predicting in-season infection risk of cucurbit downy mildew and validation of a downy mildew forecasting system
0197776 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lewis, C. E. Lewis, C. E. UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK New Crops Opportunities IV
0204103 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Altpeter, F. Altpeter, F. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Molecular Improvement of Physiological Traits Defining the Environmental Adaptation of Tropical Forage Grass Production
0195906 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Alyokhin, A. V. Alyokhin, A. V. UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ME Integrating Behavioral Control with Reduced Area Treatment Approach for Managing Colorado Potato Beetle and Other Insect Pests of Potato
0203475 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Ghassemi, A. Ghassemi, A. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Organic Waste Utilization, New Mexico
0202839 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stobart, R. H. Stobarat, R. H. UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING WY Objective Measures of Wool Fiber Characteristics
0208025 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Paull, R. E. Robert, R. E. UNIV OF HAWAII HI TPSS Critical Research Needs: Sustainable Farming Systems in Hawaii
0207266 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wrather, J. A. Wrather, J. A. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Biology and Management of Heterodera Glycines
0198648 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Mizell, R. F. Mizell, R. F. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL ACCESS Curculionoidea Is A Weevil Database Supporting IPM and Regulatory Decisions
0225973 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Soderlund, D. M. Soderlund,David M. N Y AGRICULTURAL EXPT STATION NY Northeast Region Center for the IR-4 Minor Crop Pest Management Program
0197003 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Flick, G. J. Flick Jr., G. J. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Fish and Shellfish Technologies 2003
0203974 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Dickson, D. W. Dickson, D. W. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Identification, Distribution, and Biology of Meloidogyne Mayaguensis, other Meloidogyne spp., and their Biological Control Agent, Pasteuria
0195694 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kemp, J. D. Kemp, J. D. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM Oils Resources from Desert Plants, NM
0203315 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Maness, N. O. Maness, N. O. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Harvesting, Handling and Quality Preservation for Horticultural and Alternate Commodities
0201391 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bush, L. P. Cox, N. M. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Animal Health and Grazing Systems
0207744 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Fluharty, C. W. Fluharty, C. W. UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Rural Policy Research Institute
0200773 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Walgenbach, J. F. Walgenbach, J. F. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Management of Twospotted Spider Mite on Vegetables in a Multicrop Agroecosystem