Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1017031 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Maga, E. A. Maga,Elizabeth A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Reduction of androgens by gene editing for the genetic containment of livestock
1017071 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Welker, T. L. Welker,Thomas L AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Underlying Mechanisms For Selected Disease Resistance And Enhanced Non-Specific Resistance In Rainbow Trout
1017332 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Farrar, J. J. Baur,Matt UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA A Western IPM Center Led by California, Arizona, and Oregon (FY18)
1018373 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ramadugu, C. Ramadugu,Chandrika The Regents of University of California CA Development of huanglongbing resistant/tolerant citrus through genomic approaches.
1018393 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Borneman, J. Borneman,James UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Systems Biology to Elucidate the CLas-Citrus-Psyllid Interactions Needed to Culture, Inhibit, and Detect CLas for Successful HLB Management
1018394 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jin, H. Jin,Hailing UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Develop therapies using a novel class of citrus-derived dual-functional antimicrobial peptides to cure HLB trees and to protect healthy trees from infection
1018408 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Coaker, G. L. Coaker,Gitta L UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Exploiting pattern-triggered immunity to combat HLB
1020210 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Oberholster, A. Oberholster,Anita UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Ecobiology, Impact, and Management of Grapevine Red Blotch Virus and its Vector(s) in California and Oregon Vineyards
1020713 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Odeh, O. Odeh,Oluwarotimi California State University, Stanislaus CA Recruiting and Preparing Underrepresented Hispanic Students for Careers in Agriculture through Experiential Learning Programs
1020767 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, M. Johnson,Matthew D. HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA Echale ganas: Engaging Hispanic Students in Agriculture and Natural Resources at Humboldt State University
1020891 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rhee, K. Rhee,Kyung UNIV OF CALIFORNIA-SAN DIEGO CA Expansion of the ¡Màs Fresco! More Fresh Nutrition Incentive Program
1021597 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Chen, S. Chen,Steven ALAMEDA, COUNTY OF CA ALL IN Alameda County Food as Rx/Incentive Program
1022530 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Volpe, R. J. Volpe,Richard CAL POLY CORPORATION CA The Economic Impact of Retail and Wholesale Mergers and Acquisitions in the Food-at-Home Supply Chain
1022531 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Sikalidis, A. Sikalidis,Angelos CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Capacity Strengthening Undertaking - Farm Organized Response of Workers Against Risk for Diabetes: (C.S.U. - F.O.R W.A.R.D. with CalPoly)
1023416 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Orts, W. Orts,William AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE CA Advanced Carbon from Almond Byproducts
1023439 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Johnson, S. Johnson,Sara California State University, Fullerton CA The U-ACRE Project: Broadening Opportunities for High Impact Service-Learning Experiences in Agroecological Research
1023541 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ullmann, K. Dixon,Colin UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Modernizing agricultural education through community based, culturally responsive experiential learning
1023558 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS DiCaprio, E. DiCaprio,Erin UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Hybrid training for quality assurance and food safety programs designed for small-scale food processors and distributors
1023559 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Simmons, C. W. Simmons,Christopher W UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Development And Evaluation Of Novel Online Virtual Environment And Virtual Reality Tools To Enhance Instruction of Food Processing Curricula
1023581 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Zegarra, J. Zegarra,Jorge COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS FOUNDATION CA College of the Sequoias FSMA Training for small and mid-sized farms, small processors, and small fruit and vegetable wholesalers in California’s Central Valley.
1023599 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Feenstra, G. Engelskirchen,Gwenael UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Enhancing Food Safety Capacity of Western Elderberry Producers: Best Practices for Harvest and Processing
1024171 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Muramoto, J. Muramoto,Joji UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Developing Suppressive Crop Rotations as a Non-Fumigant Soilborne Disease Management Strategy for Strawberries
1024265 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fennimore, S. A. Fennimore,Steven A. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA High-effciency steam application for soil disinfestation in strawberry nurseries
1024358 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kuo, T. Kuo,Tony COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES CA Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake among Prediabetic and Diabetic Medicaid Recipients in Los Angeles County, California
1024588 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ramadugu, C. Ramadugu,Chandrika The Regents of University of California CA Novel, non-transgenic, hybrid citrus varieties with resistance to huanglongbing: evaluation and cultivar development.
1024604 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Roper, C. Roper,Caroline UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA CAP: Combining cultural and genetic approaches for grove success to unravel and enhance resistance/tolerance to Huanglongbing
1024605 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kuo, Y. Kuo,Yen-Wen UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA VIGS-driven RNAi using insect specific viruses to manipulate psyllids and their endosymbionts as a strategy to control citrus greening/HLB
1025984 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Houk, E. Houk,Eric California State University, Chico CA Succession Planning in Agriculture: Promoting Financial Resilience through Enhanced Education and Outreach
1026093 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dundore-Arias, J. Dundore-Arias,Jose Pablo CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA FUTURE-Ag: Fostering Undergraduate student Training, Upskilling, and Retention through interdisciplinary Experiential learning in Agricultural sciences
1026325 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kang, I. Kang,Iksoon CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Skin-on Goat Meat for Consumer Needs, Diverse Education, and Industrial Collaboration