Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022724 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Buckner, E. R. Wakefield,Dexter ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Scholarships for Students at 1890 Institutions, Alcorn State University School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences
1011456 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Buettner, C. Buettner,Cynthia OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Expansion and Refinement of the Virtual Lab School, an Innovative Professional Development and Training System for Childcare Professionals
1016926 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burger, L. M. Burger,Leslie M. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Engaging Women and Minorities in Agriculture-Related Stem Disciplines through Mentoring, Leadership Development, and Experiential Learning
0218425 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burgus, S. K. Burgus, S. K. FARM SAFETY 4 JUST KIDS IA Training for Farm Safety Outreach
0188973 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burke, R. T. Smith, J. UNIVERSITY OF MASS DARTMOUTH MA Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center
0216185 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, M. Whittaker,Wesley L LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Langston University`s Construction and Renovation Project
0219299 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, M. Burns, M. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Langston University Construction and Renovation Project
1004999 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, M. Whittaker,Wesley L LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Langston University`s FY 2017 Facilities Program proposal is a document that will strengthen the University`s efforts to serve the public.
1014935 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, R. Burns,Robert WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Developing a Regional Education Program in Sustainable Land Reclamation Management in Central Appalachia
1016372 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burrows, M. Burrows,Mary MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Building a better lentil from the ground up
0207986 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Buseck, P. Oorzco,Samuel G. Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ Everything in the Desert Connects II - Education 2009 - 2010
1016831 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bush, J. Bush,Janis UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Project ASSIST-Advancing and Strengthening Science Identity through Systematic Training-Regular Grant
1020821 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bush, J. E. Harold,Asia FORSYTH FARMERS MARKET GA Chatham County, GA Produce Prescription Program
1020752 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, D. M. Butler,David Michael UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing indigenous soil microflora to facilitate organic strawberry transition in the southeastern US
1022581 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, D. Y. McGowan,Bruce UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR 1890 Scholarships at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
1019932 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, J. R. Butler,John Robert AGRICENTER INTERNATIONAL, INC. TN Veterans Employed in Technology and Service in Agriculture (VETSA)
1018263 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS 4-H Military Partnerships and Outreach Support Program
1024813 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Army 4-H Military Partnership Outreach and Support
1028324 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Department of Air Force 4-H Military Partnership Outreach and Support
1024086 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Buys, D. R. Buys,David Russell MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Preventing Opioid Misuse In The Southeast Through Resiliency-Embedded Farm Management: Promise RFM Initiative
1021849 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Byrne, P. Byrne,Patrick COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Enhancing Educational Outcomes For Plant Genetic Resources Conservation And Use
1010543 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Byrum, B. Zhang,Yan DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE OHIO OH ODA NAHLN supplemental agreement for IT, equipment & support
1009870 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cadotte, J. Cadotte,Jennifer LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Cultivating Future Leaders through Education, Experience and Civic Engagement
1020491 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caldeira Rocateli, A. Caldeira Rocateli,Alexandre OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Using Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars To Improve Water Use Efficiency, Forage Yield, And Forage Quality In Water-Limited Environments
1016713 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caldwell, C. M. Edler,Rebecca COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Advancing and Supporting Indigenous Perspectives of Sustainability at Home and Beyond
1027223 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Calixto, A. Calixto,Alejandro CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Integrated Pest Management Program for New York State, 2021-2024
0196598 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Campbell, M. Campbell, M. FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Capacity Building
1018092 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cao, D. Cao,Deng Central State University OH All-in-One Organic Weed and Crop Disease Management Using Directed Energy and Convolutional Neural Networks
0215740 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caples, V. Malone,Allen A ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Maintaining a Competitive Edge for Human Capital Development, Research, and Extension in the Food and agricultural Sciences