Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031420 NEW OTHER GRANTS Drakeford, R. Drakeford,Ronda BERGEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NJ Bergen Community College Food and Agriculture Science Education Pathways(FASE)
0213783 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chevalier, J. Chevalier, J. BERGEN COUNTY TECHNICAL SCHOOLS NJ Culinary Food Science: Promoting Synergistic Secondary/Postsecondary Linkage through Curriculum Development
1029916 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amin, V. R. Amin,Viren R Biotronics, Inc. IA Increase Market Opportunities for Small and Mid-Size Packing Plants by Identifying Superior Pork Quality Using Ultrasound
1029816 NEW OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. Williams,Raymond BLACK FARMERS COLLECTIVE WA Leveling The Fields In Western Washington: A BIPOC-Led Nonprofit Uplifts BIPOC Farmers, Leveraging USDA and Other Farm Resources
0197170 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fish, W. Fish, W. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Tribal College Research Grants Program
0197419 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, T. Tatsey, T. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Spirit of The Land on Triple Divide
1029954 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weatherwax, M. Weatherwax,Melissa BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT BCC Meat Processing
1028940 NEW OTHER GRANTS Leggett, D. Leggett,Drew BLUE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Blue Mountain Precision Agriculture Mobile Unit Grant
1031508 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brock, A. D. Brock,Audrey Diane BLUEGRASS COMMUNITY & TECHNICAL COLLEGE KY Diversifying and Multiplying Pathways into Agriculture in Kentucky
1031846 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sims, M. Sims,Madeleine BOARD OF EDUCATION OF CITY OF CH IL CPS District-Wide Composting Project
1026346 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, M. Anderson,Matthew BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA GA Southwest Georgia Veterinary Medicine Candidate and Growth Capacity Building Program
1026761 NEW OTHER GRANTS Silverstein, M. Marcil,Lucy BOSTON UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER MA COVID Relief 2019-70030-30413: BMC FreshConnect (PRX)
1031419 NEW OTHER GRANTS Furgal, J. C. Furgal,Joseph C BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY OH High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Humeomic, Toxin, and Pollutant Determinations in Agricultural Lands and their Watershed Environments
1031458 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pomeroy, M. Pomeroy,Mike BRIGHTER BITES TX Brighter Bites GusNIP Produce Prescription
1031047 NEW OTHER GRANTS Beals, M. Beals,McKenzie BROKEN BOW ANIMAL HOSPITAL NE NE234 Broken Bow Animal Hospital: Serving Rural Central Nebraska Livestock Production
1031521 NEW OTHER GRANTS Karim, B. Karim,Bibi BRONXWORKS, INC NY The BronxWorks Nutrition Incentive Program (BNIP)
1026033 NEW OTHER GRANTS Castro, L. Castro,Luis CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Establishment of a Fermented Beverages Laboratory for Enhancing Education and Research in Fermentation Science
1027396 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lammert, A. Lammert,Amy CAL POLY CORPORATION CA FIRST in PD Teaching: Food Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology in Product Development Teaching
1028774 NEW OTHER GRANTS McFarlane, Z. McFarlane,Zach CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Cal Poly Bull Test Research and Education Center: Improving education and outreach through research of novel traits in yearling bulls
1029115 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kleier, C. DeLay,Ann CAL POLY CORPORATION CA College Of Agriculture, Food And Environmental Sciences (CAFES) Multicultural Scholars Program
1030918 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grieshop, M. J. Grieshop,Matthew James-Donovan CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Fostering experiential learning through the evaluation of a regenerative vegetable system
1031440 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grieshop, M. Grieshop,Matt CAL POLY CORPORATION CA Taming agriculture’s elephant: broadening the conversation about field equipment sanitation practices for specialty crops
1031329 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gunasekara, A. Gunasekara,Amrith CALIFORNIA BOUNTIFUL FOUNDATION CA Agricultural Mentoring and Education for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Including those that are Socially Disadvantaged and Veterans in California
1027563 NEW OTHER GRANTS Knox, R. Knox,Reggie CALIFORNIA FARMLINK CA Building Skills and Resilience for Small Farms Businesses in California: An Ecosystem of Support to Foster Successful Farm Businesses from Start-Up to Advanced Beginner
1023366 NEW OTHER GRANTS Trejo, H. Trejo,Helen CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA An Experiential Learning Approach: US Wool and Water Re-Use for Sustainable Development
1023405 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fox, A. Fox,Aaron CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA SoCal Farm to Table: Experiential Learning And Leadership Development In Direct Marketing, Food Safety, Urban And Community Agriculture
1026264 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gekara, O. Gekara,Ondieki CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA Enhancing Research Skills Of Underrepresented Students In Feed Manufacturing Technology
1030786 NEW OTHER GRANTS Still, D. Still,David CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIV CA Building a Boulevard for Career Success in Agriculture and Natural Resources for Underrepresented Students
0200337 NEW OTHER GRANTS Choudhury, G. S. Choudhury, G. S. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Instructional Capability Improvement for the Interdisciplinary Dairy Science and Technology Program
1023174 NEW OTHER GRANTS Freeman, S. Freeman,Sharon CALIFORNIA STATE UNIV. FRESNO FOUNDATION CA Agricultural Career Readiness Skills for the 21st Century (ACRS21)