Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1020279 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bull, C. T. Bull,Carolee Theresa PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Integrated Management of Emerging Seedborne Bacterial Diseases of Cucurbits and Chenopods (IMDCC)
1026351 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burge, C. A. Burge,Colleen Amy UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Impact of OsHV-1 Microvariants on Cassostrea virginica family lines
0218425 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burgus, S. K. Burgus, S. K. FARM SAFETY 4 JUST KIDS IA Training for Farm Safety Outreach
1026794 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burnham, C. Burnham,Conne UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI EXTENSION MO New Madrid Seismic Zone Multi-State Public Awareness And Education Project
0219299 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Burns, M. Burns, M. LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Langston University Construction and Renovation Project
1022489 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Busch, D. Busch,Dennis UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - PLATTEVILLE WI Approaching zero: reducing water contamination and greenhouse gas emissions from Midwest farms
1025970 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cartmill, A. Busch,Dennis UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - PLATTEVILLE WI Choreographing Change in Agroecology: A NLGCA - Tribal College Network
1022414 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rimal, A. Busdieker-Jesse,Nichole L MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY MO Challenging the system: are U.S. beginning farmer programs debilitating or advancing the progress of agriculture?
1016831 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bush, J. Bush,Janis UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX Project ASSIST-Advancing and Strengthening Science Identity through Systematic Training-Regular Grant
1020752 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, D. M. Butler,David Michael UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Enhancing indigenous soil microflora to facilitate organic strawberry transition in the southeastern US
1019932 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, J. R. Butler,John Robert AGRICENTER INTERNATIONAL, INC. TN Veterans Employed in Technology and Service in Agriculture (VETSA)
1028324 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Department of Air Force 4-H Military Partnership Outreach and Support
1029217 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Byrne, J. Byrne,Janet MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI North Central Plant Diagnostic Network
1021849 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Byrne, P. Byrne,Patrick COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Enhancing Educational Outcomes For Plant Genetic Resources Conservation And Use
1029473 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cabrera-Garcia, J. Cabrera-Garcia,Juan UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI MO Constructing UMKC’s Educational Capacity in Controlled Environment Agriculture
1009870 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cadotte, J. Cadotte,Jennifer LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Cultivating Future Leaders through Education, Experience and Civic Engagement
1020491 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Caldeira Rocateli, A. Caldeira Rocateli,Alexandre OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Using Reduced-Lignin Alfalfa Cultivars To Improve Water Use Efficiency, Forage Yield, And Forage Quality In Water-Limited Environments
1010343 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fellman, D. Caldwell,Christopher COLLEGE OF MENOMINEE NATION WI Plant Phenology as an Indicator of Forest Community Resilience and Adaptive Capacity
1027223 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Calixto, A. Calixto,Alejandro CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Integrated Pest Management Program for New York State, 2021-2024
1026797 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Callahan, M. K. Callahan,Mary Kathleen COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND PATIENT EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM, INC. NM COVID Relief 2019-70030-30407: Navajo Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program
0196598 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Campbell, M. Campbell, M. FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Capacity Building
1003768 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Garcia, N. Campos,Marie SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE NM Family Education and Extension Program (FEEP)
1028946 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Canada, B. Canada,Barbara NATIONAL EXPERIENCED WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS, INC. VA NIFA Mission Support Via Engagement of Experienced Worker Program Enrollees
1018092 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Cao, D. Cao,Deng Central State University OH All-in-One Organic Weed and Crop Disease Management Using Directed Energy and Convolutional Neural Networks
1023702 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS PADGET, G. Carlson,Sarah PRACTICAL FARMERS OF IOWA IA Exploring, Establishing and Enhancing Farm Entrepreneurs through Decision-Making, Farmer-to-Farmer Training and Networking Building
1023855 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carpenter-Boggs, L. Carpenter-Boggs,Lynne WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA No-Till Organic Cropping System for the Dryland Pacific Northwest
1023749 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carriere, Y. Carriere,Yves UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Genomic Resistance Risk Assessment for Vip3-Producing Transgenic Crops in Helicoverpa zea
0218187 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carroll, M. K. Carroll,Marnie K NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Joint Project For Economical Removal of Uranium, Biological Contaminants and Nitrate From Rural Water Sources
0207852 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carroll, M. K. Carroll,Marnie Kay NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Increase Capacity & Quality of Education in Environmental Science & Agriculture for the Benefit of the Navajo People Through Collaboration
1018081 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carson, L. Carson,Laura PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Building a Transformative Learning Culture through Infusing Research Based Learning Experiences: Project TLC