Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0197802 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Liedl, B. E. Liedl, B. E. WEST VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY WV Revving Up Biotechnology Instruction at West Virginia State College
0196197 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Jose, S. Jose, S. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Restoration Ecology of Longleaf Pine Ecosystems: Developing an Interdisciplinary Distance Education Course
0210546 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Evans, M. R. Evans, M. R. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Resource Sharing for the Enhancement of Curricula in Core and Emerging Issues in the Plant Agricultural Sciences - A Planning Proposal
0204794 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Egnin, M. Egnin, M. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Reshaping K-12 Pipeline and Sophomoric Science Curricula Through Genomic and Biotechnology Training
0197958 TERMINATED SERD GRANT JAGANNADHAM, G. JAGANNADHAM, G. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Technologies for Improving Teaching Agriscience, Environmental and Natural Sciences
0195739 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Morris, H. Morris, H. LEHIGH CARBON COMMUNITY COLLEGE PA Regional Horticulture Program Implementation
0200357 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Head, W. D. Head, W. D. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Recruitment, Retention, and Experiential Learning: Partnerships for Expanding Student Opportunites in Agriculture and Watershed Science
0197907 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Tucker, A. O. Tucker, A. O. DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Recruitment of Minorities into Plant Systematics and Related Plant Sciences
0196175 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Williams, K. Williams, K. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and Retention of Students in Conservation Biology and Natural Resource Studies
0200332 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rosa, M. Rosa, M. GURABO SUBSTATION PR Recruitment and Retention of Disadvantaged Students in a Nutrition/Dietetics Program
0200340 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Mian, L. S. Lal S. Mian CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and Retention of Bilingual Pre-Professionals in Environment Health Science Program
0201121 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Donovan, J. Donovan, J. BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Recruitment and Retention
0210409 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Calderon, L. Laura Calderon CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Recruitment and curricular development for the Food Science + Technology and Nutrition Programs
0204824 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Perkins, J. A. Judy A. Perkins PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Recruit and Prepare Underrepresented Environmental Engineers and Natural Resources
0210976 TERMINATED SERD GRANT moore, J. moore, J. S. LEECH LAKE TRIBAL COLLEGE MN Reclaiming Roots - Extension Special Emphasis Project
0208484 TERMINATED SERD GRANT cummings, T. Terri Cummings Canby School District #86 OR Real Agriscience - Real Solutions
0201299 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Srivastava, K. K. Srivastava, K. K. TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Rapid Detection and Surveillance of Listeria Monocytogenes
0210389 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kunz, M. A. Kunz, M. A. ST. PHILIP'S COLLEGE TX Proyecto Alimento II: Success in Food & Nutrition-Recruit, Retain, Transfer of Hispanic Students from 2 to 4 year Nutrition Degree Program
0200339 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Frattalone, D. Creason, P. J. Long Beach City College CA Providing Latinos with Agriculture and Nursery Technology Success (PLANTS)
0203367 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Walker, T. L. Walker, T. L. EASTERN OKLAHOMA STATE COLLEGE OK Providing Experiential and Academic Service Learning Through a Living Laboratory
0211594 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Arora, K. ARORA,KASHMIRI L. FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Proposal for Strengthening Veterinary Technology Instruction by Procuring State-of-the-Art Equipment.
0218949 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schumacher, C. Schumacher, C. FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Promoting Healthy Lifestyles on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation
0207724 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Kinsey, D. T. Kinsey, D. T. FORT BELKNAP COLLEGE MT Promoting Faculty Excellence in Natural Resources Education
0205550 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Allen, S. W. Allen, S. W. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Promoting Cultural Diversity in the Veterinary Workforce
0199969 TERMINATED SERD GRANT McMullian, A. H. Riley, K. L. Indian River Community College FL Project TASK: Teaching Aquaculture Skills and Knowledge
0195822 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Koike, B. Koike, B. Oregon Coast Community College OR Project Pisces: Linking Oregon Coast Community College's Aquarium Science Curriculum to Lincoln County Middle and High Schools
0209076 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Gillpatrick, T. R. Gillpatrick, T. R. PORTLAND STATE UNIV OR Project Pipeline
0195723 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Grossman-Garber, D. Grossman-Garber, D. UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Project Jump Redux II: Strengthening and Diversifying Our Future Workforce in the Food & Agricultural Sciences
0202793 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Comerford, J. Comerford, J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Production Practices and Consumer Studies with Grass-Fed Beef in the United States and Argentina