Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0192192 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bull, L. S. Bull, L. S. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Management of Closure or Remediation of Swine Waste Treatment Lagoons
0219231 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Holm, D. G. Holm, D. G. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Potato Breeding and Cultivar Development in the Southwest
0191668 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Caruso, F. Cromack, P. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Use of Molecular Genetics to Reduce Pesticide Dependence in Cranberry Production
0199630 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Sonka, S. T. Khanna, P. K. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Soybean Research Illinois-Soybean Disease Biotechnology Center
0189006 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT McPheron, B. A. McPheron, B. A. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA The Penn State FY2001 Dairy Farm Profitability Project
0198234 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Neilson, J. T. Neilson, J. T. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Tropical Subtropical Agricultural Research (TSTAR)-Caribbean Management Grant
0223243 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Auyong, J. Langdon, C. J. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Molluscan Broodstock Program
0196576 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Horn, G. W. Horn, G. W. OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY OK Increasing Profitability of the Wheat/Stocker Cattle Enterprise
0203737 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT King, D. M. Doug King VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Information Systems for Biotechnology
0195452 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Daniels, H. V. Daniels, H. V. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Improved Production Technology for Finfish Aquaculture
0203157 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Craigmill, A. L. Craigmill, A. L. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Minor Use Animal Drug Program: Western Region
0201092 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Knabel, S. J. Knabel, S. J. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Developing New Technologies and Programs to Enhance the Safety and Security of Dairy Products
0207499 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Watson, C. A. Sturmer, L. N. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Aquaculture Florida, Texas, California 2006
0200521 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Miller, R. H. Miller, R. H. UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU TSTAR Agricultural Research at the University of Guam for FY 2004
0207038 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lamb, G. C. Hansen, G. R. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Feed Efficiency in Cattle
0206677 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Jaworski, J. G. Jan Jaworski DONALD DANFORTH PLANT SCIENCE CENTER MO Genetically Enhanced Plants for Micro-Nutrients and Bio-renewable Oils
0214810 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kelly, N. M. Kelly, N. M. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Distributed Participatory Sensing for Early Detection, Monitoring and Management of Sudden Oak Death
0204517 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rouse, R. E. Rouse, R. E. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Adaptation of Low-Chill Peaches to Tropical and Subtropical Regions
0214369 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Sweeten, J. M. Sweeten, J. M. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Air Quality: Reducing Emissions from Cattle Feedlots and Dairies (TX and KS)
0213901 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Dale, B. E. Dale, B. E. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Development of Biobased Chemicals and Materials from Agricultural Raw Materials
0193828 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Shearer, S. A. Shearer, S. A. UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY KY Precision Agriculture: Development and Assessment of Integrated Practices for Kentucky Producers-Phase 4
0201006 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wintersteen, W. K. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA CAST Scientific Research Publications
0200099 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Williams, C. M. Bull, L. S. NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC The Influence of Environmentally Improved Waste Management Systems on Swine Health and Performance
0206964 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Rials, T. Rials, T. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Wood Utilization Through Innovative Research
0199631 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Dong, F. M. Khanna, P. K. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Future Foods-Illinois
0205858 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Cantliffe, D. J. Cantliffe, D. J. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Integration of Eretmocerus Species into a Biologically Based Pest Management System for Whitefly Control in Greenhouse Grown Vegetables
0204347 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Roberts, P. D. Roberts, P. D. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Characterization and Pathogenic Potential of Phytophthora Capsici on Diverse Hosts, It's Survival and Management
0214206 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Perkins, T. D. Perkins, T. D. UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Effects of High Sap Sugar Concentration by Reverse Osmosis on Maple Syrup Attributes
0203742 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Caruso, F. Cromack, P. UNIV OF MASSACHUSETTS MA Use of Molecular Genetics to Reduce Pesticide Dependence in Cranberry Production