Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1030547 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zhang, B. Zhang,Boce UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Machine Learning Enabled Detection of Spoilage and Foodborne Pathogens Using Paper Chromogenic Arrays of Dye-Impregnated Porous Nanosilica
1032120 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zhang, B. Zhang,Bo VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Plant Transform: Developing Soybean Genotypes with Reduced/removed Trypsin Inhibitor and Lectin in Seeds
1032125 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zhai, C. Zhai,Chaoyu UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT CT Effect of vitamin E supplementation on production efficiency and product quality of feedlot steers with different pulmonary arterial pressures
1009040 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT ZENG, Q. Zeng,Quan CONNECTICUT AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION CT Develop novel antisense antimicrobials for the control of fire blight
1022739 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zeng, Q. Zeng,Quan CONNECTICUT AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION CT Functional characterization of flower microbiome in fruit development and resistance to plant disease
0228294 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zeng, L. Zeng,Lirong UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Genome-wide Identification And Characterization Of Tomato E2 Ubiquitin-conjugating Enzymes In Plant Immunity
1005617 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zempleni, J. Zempleni,Janos UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Roles of milk-borne microRNAs in the regulation of gut inflammation
1009766 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zempleni, J. Zempleni,Janos UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Molecular signatures of new bioactive compounds in humans: cows milk microRNAs
1021942 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zempleni, J. Zempleni,Janos UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Milk Exosome-Driven Evolution Of Antibiotic-Resistant Gut Pathogens
1027887 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zempleni, J. Zempleni,Janos UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Biopharming: engineering nanoparticles in milk for use in drug delivery
1029779 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zempleni, J. Zempleni,Janos UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE The milk exosome - bacterial vesicle - host health triad
0227633 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zemel, M. B. Zemel,Michael B. UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Dietary Calcium and Leucine Modulation of Airway Inflammatory Response and Smooth Muscle Function
1026754 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zavodna, T. Zavodna,Tetiana-Olena CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Establishing the role of CITFL transcription factors in copper homeostasis and reproduction in wheat and its model Brachypodium
1010735 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zavala Tejeda, V. Zavala Tejeda,Victor UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI INFEWS/T3: A Multi-Scale Platform for Technology Evaluation and Decision-Making in the Dairy-Water-Energy Nexus
1024671 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zare, A. Zare,Alina UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL SitS: Hyperspectral Signals in the Soil
1018297 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zander, E. Rogers,Ginell PIEDMONT CONSERVATION COUNCIL NC Expansion of the Bionomic Education Training Center in Piedmont, NC
1032435 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zamora, M. Zamora,Manuela NEW YORK SUN WORKS, INC. NY K-12 Teacher Professional Development in Urban Agriculture and Sustainability
0231740 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zalom, F. G. Zalom,Frank G. Entomological Society of America MD Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America
1026416 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zalewski, Z. Zalewski,Zachary UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Exploring and Capitalizing on Genotypic Variation in the Oat Microbiome
0220312 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zakharov, F. Zakharov, F. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Investigation of Branched-Chain Amino Acid Metabolism Involved in Aroma Formation in Melon
1026516 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zait, Y. Zait,Yotam PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Elucidation and optimization of guard cells’ response to VPD to improve water use efficiency in crops
1011557 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zahn, L. Zahn,Levi UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Development and Demonstration of Automated Remote Wingbeat Sensors for the Identification of Pestiferous Insects in Animal Agricultural Operations
1005380 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Zabawa, R. Zabawa,Robert TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Securing the Land for Agricultural and Community Development: Addressing Heir Property as an Asset Building Strategy
1012060 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yung, L. Yung,Laurie UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA MT Improving the Efficacy of Climate Information for Water Use Decisions: Developing, Testing, and Institutionalizing New Tools for Producers
1019113 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yun, S. Yun,Seong Do MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Sustainable Bioenergy Production and Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services
0228277 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yuan, Y. Yuan,Yinan MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Systematic identification and characterization of overlapping sense/antisense gene loci in Populus genome
1019946 EXTENDED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yuan, W. Yuan,Wenqiao NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Biochar-Based Soil Nutrient Carriers: Production, Processing and Performance
1032498 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yuan, F. Yuan,Fangfeng Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA Rational Design and Immunogenicity Evaluation of mRNA-based Vaccine against African Swine Fever Virus
0228208 TERMINATED AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yu, Z. Yu,Zhongtang OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Interactions of Ruminal Protozoa with Cellulolytic Bacteria, Methanogens, and Hyperammonia-producing Bacteria: Impact on Methane Emission