Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0207119 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Louzada, E. S. Louzada, E. S. TEXAS A & M UNIVERSITY TX Agricultural Biotechnology Research Experiences for the Preponderantly Hispanic Population of South Texas
0207095 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wolt, J. Swanson, M. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Enabling Graduate Learning in Risk Analysis With Emphasis on Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
0207093 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Choudhury, G. S. Choudhury, G. S. CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY CA Equipping the Culinary Science Laboratory for the New Culinology Program
0207092 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Smith, H. Smith, H. RIVERSIDE COMMUNITY COLLEGE CA Building Bridges Across Riverside Through Water Quality Research
0207091 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bloomquist, P. Bloomquist, P. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIV NM PATHWAYS to Success: A Collaborative Initiative to Transition Outstanding Hispanic Students into a Bachelor's Degree Program in Foodservice
0207090 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Burd, R. Burd,Randy UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Nutrigenomics for the Study of Disease Prevention and Intervention
0207089 TERMINATED SERD GRANT REYNA, R. A. Reyna, R. A. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO TX San Antonio Prefreshman Engineering Program
0207088 TERMINATED SERD GRANT St. Hilaire, R. St. Hilaire, R. NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM A Multi-Institutional Educational Model to Enhance Irrigation Teaching and Training
0207087 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Maxwell, N. K. Nancy Kalikow Maxwell MIAMI DADE COLLEGE, NORTH CAMPUS FL Library Gateway Project (LGP)
0207085 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Negron, J. A. Negron-Berrios,Juan A. INTER AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO PR Building for the Future through Modern Biology and Biotechnology
0207084 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Hlebakos, J. Brianna Aliabadi MT. SAN JACINTO COLLEGE CA Ensuring Success of Underrepresented Students in Environmental Science through Project-based Experiential Learning
0207083 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Natale, R. D. John Piersol LAKE CITY COMMUNITY COLLEGE FL Multidisciplinary Agribusiness Project
0207013 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Littrell, M. A. Littrell, M. A. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Socially Responsible Advertising and Promotion of Food, Fiber and Related Products: Developing an Integrated Set of Undergraduate Courses
0207011 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Zizza, C. A. Zizza, Claire AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Student and Faculty Development: The Community Partnership Service Learning Program at Auburn University
0206995 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Bartlett, P. C. Bartlett,Paul C. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI On-Line DVM-MS Degree Program in Food Safety
0206987 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Malladi, A. Malladi, A. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Certificate Program in Organic Agriculture at the University of Georgia
0206982 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Korn, H. Korn, Howard, H. ULSTER BOCES NY Ulster BOCES/SUNY Delhi Partnership Developing and Implementing Turf Management Bridge Program
0206981 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Raman, D. R. Raman, D. R. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA A Virtual Education Center for Biorenewable Resources: Building Capacity and Humanizing Distance Education
0206979 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Wingenbach, G. J. Wingenbach, G. J. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Big City, Big Country Road Show: Recruiting Non-traditional and Underrepresented Students into the Food and Agricultural Sciences Workforce
0206973 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Schneider, K. M. Katie Schneider FARGO HIGH SCHOOL OK Creating Authentic Intellectual Learning: Convergence of Agriculture Science II and Biology I
0206967 TERMINATED SERD GRANT DeGraff, J. L. DeGraff,Jessica GLOUCESTER COUNTY COLLEGE NJ The Science of Food: A Bridge to the Future, Connecting Secondary, Postsecondary, and Higher Education
0206935 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Foster, J. R. Foster, J. R. SUNY COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & TECHNOLOGY NY Warm-Water Aquaculture Demonstration Project for High School and Two-Year Postsecondary Education
0206925 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Featherstone, A. Featherstone, A. KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Global Awareness of the International Dimensions of Agriculture
0206924 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Newcome, B. A. Newcome, B. A. FAIRMONT STATE COMMUNITY & TECHNICAL COLLEGE WV An Integrated Curriculum Model in Agribusiness and Culinary to Support a Sustainable Economy in West Virginia
0206923 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Holder, T. L. Tammy Holder Crowder College MO Increasing Diversity in Agriculture Majors
0206894 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sell, A. Allen Sell, A. BEDFORD COUNTY TECHNICAL CENTER PA Bedford County Ag/Biotech Curriculum Development Project
0206893 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Sherman, M. J. Sherman, M. J. Tillamook School District OR Agriculture Career and Training Project
0206875 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Everett, S. F. Everett, S. F. CLARK STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OH Agriculture Curriculum Improvement Project
0206865 TERMINATED SERD GRANT Rettler, P. Rettler Peter MORAINE PARK TECHNICAL COLLEGE WI Meeting Wisconsin Student Needs Through Creation of On-line Veterinary Technician Program