Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031516 NEW OTHER GRANTS MacPhee, D. MacPhee,David COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Building bridges between families, schools and communities for American Indian and Latine populations
1031515 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watrelot, A. A. Watrelot,Aude A IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Enhancing regional grape and wine production and quality
1031514 NEW OTHER GRANTS Malla, S. Malla,Subas TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Ensuring Future Economic Viability of US Short-day Onion Production Through Mechanical Harvesting
1031513 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bisbee, Y. J. Bisbee,Yolanda J. UNIV OF IDAHO ID University of Idaho Path to Wisdom: Cultivating Indigenous Knowledge through Family and Community
1031512 NEW OTHER GRANTS Miller, M. Miller,Maryfrances (Fr NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM New Mexico Farm Business Management and Benchmarking
1031511 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sanogo, S. Sanogo,Soum NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY NM Multi - barrier Management Strategies of Phytophthora blight in Peppers and Cucurbits
1031510 NEW OTHER GRANTS Green, J. J. Green,John J. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS SRDC Base Funding FY23
1031509 NEW OTHER GRANTS Watkins, C. Watkins,Christopher CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Benefits of and barriers to dynamic controlled atmosphere (DCA) storage: Analyses needed for technology uptake by the U.S. apple industry
1031508 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brock, A. D. Brock,Audrey Diane BLUEGRASS COMMUNITY & TECHNICAL COLLEGE KY Diversifying and Multiplying Pathways into Agriculture in Kentucky
1031507 NEW OTHER GRANTS Acimovic, S. Acimovic,Srdan VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA An all-stage fire blight control: remote sensing, DNA, enzyme and plant activator technologies for cankers, blossom blight and shoot blight
1031506 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swett, C. Swett,Cassandra UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Limiting Fusarium basal rot losses in Allium crops: A planning grant to establish national needs and priorities for improving management
1031505 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, R. Anderson,Ryan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Women And Minorities in Welding- WAM Weld
1031504 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, R. Anderson,Ryan TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY TX Providing a Small Gas Engine CASE Institute for beginning teachers
1031503 NEW OTHER GRANTS Miles, T. Miles,Timothy MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI BLUE-DYNAMO: An interactive platform to deliver blueberry disease and horticultural management strategies for fruit rots
1031502 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gu, L. Gu,Liping SOUTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY SD Acquisition of a GC-TQMS System for Metabolomics Research and Teaching
1031501 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kirchhoff, H. Kirchhoff,Helmut WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Acquisition of a versatile Plant Phenotyping Platform (PhenoPlant) to advance Food and Agricultural Research
1031499 NEW OTHER GRANTS Marshall, M. Marshall,Maria PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN NCRCRD-Facilitating Resilient Rural Communities through Extension, Research, and Teaching
1031498 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sagili, R. Sagili,Ramesh OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Evaluating and mitigating European foulbrood disease in honey bee colonies pollinating specialty crops to enhance and sustain pollination
1031497 NEW OTHER GRANTS Borghi, M. Borghi,Monica UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Harnessing blueberry flower chemistry and morphology to boost pollination and bee health
1031496 NEW OTHER GRANTS Keshwani, J. Keshwani,Jenny UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Cultivate Resilience
1031495 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bales, D. Bales,Diane UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Preventing Opioid Misuse and Reducing Stigma in Rural Georgia Communities
1031494 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cruz, A. E. Cruz,Angel Elisa NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Supporting Career Pathways in Sustainable Agriculture Sciences for Women and Minority Community College Students across NC
1031493 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taylor, M. Taylor,Melissa WHEATLAND UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT CA Agriculture Work-Based Learning and Leadership Institute Project
1031492 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bimczok, D. Bimczok,Diane MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Multi-color flow cytometer for high-dimensional cell characterization
1031491 NEW OTHER GRANTS Caley, M. Caley,Meg SPROUT CITY FARMS, INC. CO Rooting Farmers in the City: Sprout City Farms’ K-12 Education & Youth Job Training through Urban Farms
1031489 NEW OTHER GRANTS Katras, M. Katras,Mary Jo UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN Wiidookadadidaa Chinoojimoyang: Helping Each Other Heal
1031488 NEW OTHER GRANTS Reiss, K. Reiss,Kinzie AMERICAN FARMLAND TRUST, INC DC Regenerative Agriculture Curriculum for the High School Classroom
1031487 NEW OTHER GRANTS Adams, H. Adams,Heidi LOUISIANA TECH UNIVERSITY LA Women in the Woods – Increasing Female Participation in the Forestry Profession via Mentorship, Community Outreach, and Experiential Learning
1031486 NEW OTHER GRANTS Larasatie, P. Larasatie,Pipiet UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS SYSTEM AR Near-peer mentoring to attract and recruit young rural women and minorities in Forestry STEM disciplines to diversify forest industry workforce (WAMSFOR)
1031485 NEW OTHER GRANTS Duncan, A. Duncan,Alex WHOLESOME WAVE GEORGIA INCORPORATED GA Expansion of the Georgia Fresh for Less Incentive Program