Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1032013 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kaluwasha, W. Kaluwasha,Waana LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Out-Scaling a Grower-Friendly Cloud-based Monitoring System and Degree-Day Model Development to Manage the Invasive Spotted Wing Drosophila in Small Fruit Production.
1032009 NEW OTHER GRANTS Whittaker, W. Whittaker,Wesley LANGSTON UNIVERSITY OK Langston University 1890 Scholarship Program
1032008 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kuti, M. Kuti,Morakinyo Central State University OH A Scholarship Program at Central State University to Increase Graduates in Agriculture and Related Fields
1032006 NEW OTHER GRANTS Alston, A. J. Alston,Antoine Jerrod NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Recruiting And Graduating The Next Generation Of Leaders In Agricultural, Food, And Natural Resources
1031995 NEW OTHER GRANTS Singh, R. Singh,Renu SOUTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY SC Building Digital Capacity: An Integrated Approach to Building Digital Commerce Capabilities of Small Agricultural Producers in South Carolina.
1031992 NEW OTHER GRANTS Lyon Bennett, N. A. Lyon Bennett,Nina A. UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Creating a New Pathway for Increasing the Presence of African American Teachers in Ag Teacher Education Programs
1031990 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crain, J. Crain,Julia THE CITY-COUNTY OF BUTTE SILVER BOW MT Butte-Silver Bow Composting for a Richer Hill
1031988 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ray, A. Ray,Andrew KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Practical Methods for Enhancing Productivity, Sustainability, and Profitability of Marine Aquaculture Systems to Grow Healthy Food
1031986 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walston, H. Walston,Herman KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Positive Youth Development: An Afterschool, One-to-One, and Group Mentoring Program for Disadvantaged Children, Ages 8-15
1031979 NEW OTHER GRANTS McIntosh, D. McIntosh,Dennis DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE DE Shellfish Aquaculture: K-12 Training to Support an Emerging Industry
1031978 NEW OTHER GRANTS Garner, K. F. Garner,Karnita Faye ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Minimizing Climatic Impacts through the Environmental Education and Climate Outreach Initiative
1031977 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sepehri, M. Sepehri,Mozhgan University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Harnessing the potential of resilient microbes associated with bioenergy crops roots as biostimulants
1031975 NEW OTHER GRANTS Eggleston, E. Eggleston,Emma WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CORP WV "Farm To You Mobile" Produce Prescription Program: Increasing Access To Local Produce And Nutrition/Cooking Education Via Mobile Outreach
1031970 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hankoua, B. Hankoua,Bertrand DELAWARE STATE UNIVERSITY DE Transgenic Accumulation and In Situ Activation of Ligninolytic Peroxidases for Sustainable Production of Biofuels
1031969 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swamy, A. Swamy,Aavudai Anandhi FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY FL Professional Development for Complexity Assessment in Natural Resource Systems
1031967 NEW OTHER GRANTS Siddiqui, R. A. Siddiqui,Rafat A VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Nutritional profile of ginger grown under deficit irrigation for promoting its cultivation and consumption for preventing obesity.
1031965 NEW OTHER GRANTS Addo, K. Addo,Kwaku PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX An Integrated Approach to Advance Education and Research Activities in Climate Smart Agriculture to Support New NRES Degree Programs
1031964 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ampim, P. Ampim,Peter PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Developing Climate Smart Cropping Systems Through Natural Crop Plant Biological Nitrification Inhibition
1031963 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weerasooriya, A. D. Weerasooriya,Aruna Dharmapriya PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX Establishing the breeding value for various economic traits of industrial hemp using multi-omics data
1031961 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hashem, F. Hashem,Fawzy University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Litter Management Practices with Sterile Miscanthus x giganteus to Reduce Ammonia Emissions and Enhance Broiler Production and Soil Health
1031960 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dhekney, S. Dhekney,Sadanand University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Development of Climate-Smart Grapevine Cultivars with Improved Fruit Quality via Precision Breeding and Genome Editing Technologies
1031959 NEW OTHER GRANTS Karki, L. B. Karki,Lila B. University of Maryland Eastern Shore MD Enhancing Climate-Smart Agricultural Practices for the Sustainability of Small and Minority Farmers and Landowners
1031958 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bebe, F. Bebe,Frederick KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Skin Cancer Awareness, Knowledge and Prevalence in Small, Limited-Resource and Minority Farmers in Kentucky - An Assessment
1031956 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kobayashi, H. Kobayashi,Hideka KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Acquisition of fertile Crocus breeding lines through interspecific hybridization and polyploidization
1031954 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fisher, T. Fisher,Tatijana LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Evaluating hempseed cake as an alternative protein source for chickens
1031953 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bardhan, S. Bardhan,Sougata LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Building a Forest Farming Network to Support Greater Farm Diversity and Enhanced Ecosystem Services in Missouri
1031952 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zheng, G. Zheng,Guolu LINCOLN UNIVERSITY MO Novel Escherichia coli Genetic Markers for Tracking Fecal Pollution of Agricultural Sources in Water
1031951 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yong ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Enhancing Graduate Biostatistical Program at Alabama A&M University
1031950 NEW OTHER GRANTS Warren, T. Warren,Tamara ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Cardiovascular Health, Aerobic, Management And Prevention Initiative Optimizing Nutrition
1031949 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rudolph, D. D. Rudolph,Danielle D ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Saving the Family Property: Heirs’ Property Prevention, Resolution, and Land Use