Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1012148 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Grosser, J. W. Grosser,Jude William UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL An Integrated Approach to the Accelerated Development of Rootstocks that Impart HLB Tolerance to Trees Grafted with Commercial Scions
1017118 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nair, S. Nair,Shyam SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY TX An Integrated Project to Enhance Sustainable Agriculture Education Through Research-based Pedagogical Practices
1020941 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS He, L. He,Long PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA An Intelligent Spraying System for Tree Fruit Crops Pest Management: Technology Enhancement, Evaluation, and Outreach
0190131 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brayton, K. A. Brayton, K. A. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Anaplasma marginale genome sequencing
0221581 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Northington, W. A. Northington,Wade A MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Animal Health Research and Diagnostics
1020493 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dannenberg, D. R. Hutchings,D'Arcy UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA - ANCHORAGE AK ANNH: The Alaska Open Education Initiative
1020761 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Soto Martinez, E. Soto Martinez,Esteban UNIV OF CALIFORNIA (VET-MED) CA Antigenic profiling of distinct Flavobacterium columnare genetic groups affecting cultured fish species for vaccine development
0186927 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wittum, T. E. Morscher, M. L. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY - VET MED OH Antimicrobial Drug Use and the Development of Resistant Enteric Bacteria in Dairy Cattle
1019787 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Old Elk, L. Old Elk,Latonna LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Apsaalooke Healing Families Project.
1024813 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Butler, M. Butler,Meredith KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Army 4-H Military Partnership Outreach and Support
1011248 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Aronson, K. R. Aronson,Keith Robert PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Army Family Advocacy Program: Prevention and Research
1017154 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Rao, Q. Rao,Qinchun FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FL Assay Development for the Detection of the Major Fish Allergen in Foods
1020068 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Park, S. Park,Sunghun KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Assessing Genome Alterations and Phenotypic Variations in CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Transgenic Tomato and Chemical-Mutagenized Tomato
1020143 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gardner, C. Gardner,Courtney WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Assessing Risks of Transport and Uptake of Antibiotic Resistance and RNA Silencing Transgenes in Soils via Experiments and Modeling
0230562 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Grewal, P. S. Grewal,Parwinder S OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Assessing, Modeling, and Maximizing Ecosystem Services in Long-term Organic and Transitioning Farming Systems
0218696 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hughes, S. G. Hughes,Steven G. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Assessment Of Feeding Equations For Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Using Weight, Temperature, And Digestible Energy
1023818 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Davis, C. Davis,Christopher V MAINE AQUACULTURE INNOVATION CENTER ME Assessment of regional U.S. consumer attitudes and preferences about domestic farm-raised seaweed
1023491 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Mitchell, W. McCarthy,Billy NATIONAL FARMERS UNION FOUNDATION DC Assisting Small- and Medium-Sized Farmers through Cross-State Collaboration
0201306 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pacumbaba,R,P Pacumbaba,Rudolfo P. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Augmentation of Landscape Design Curriculum Through the Incorporation of New Technology Paradigms
0230318 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hirst, P. Hirst,Peter PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Automation of Dormant Pruning of Specialty Crops
1017020 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dunlap, K. Dunlap,Kriya UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Back to the River: The Science behind Alaska`s Traditional Subsistence Lifestyle
1013453 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Samac, D. Samac,Deborah AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Bacterial stem blight of alfalfa: Connection with frost damage, development of resistant germplasm, and mapping resistance genes
1020496 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Snyder, W. Snyder,William UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Balancing soil nutrition for sustainable weed and pest-insect management
1024513 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Moten-Thomas, J. Latimore,Mark FORT VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY GA Baldwin Grows Learning Lab Expansion Project: A USDA Food & Agricultural Service Learning Program
1016294 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Michel, F. C. Michel,Frederick C. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH BARRAL-Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuel, and Rubber Research Agricultural Linkages
0203791 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Threadgill, P. Threadgill, P. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extenison, Stoneville, MS
0219107 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS martin, S. W. Martin, S. W. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extension, Stoneville, MS
1016649 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Agriculture and Academics Initiative
1017578 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Extension Services