Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0218696 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hughes, S. G. Hughes,Steven G. CHEYNEY UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PA Assessment Of Feeding Equations For Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Using Weight, Temperature, And Digestible Energy
1023703 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Goldberger, J. Goldberger,Jessica WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Assessment of inadvertent chemical contamination of organic crops
1020655 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Qureshi, J. A. Qureshi,Jawwad A UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Assessment To Quantify Current Practices And Research Priorities For Organic Citrus Growers Combating Huanglongbing
1011219 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Darby, H. M. Darby,Heather M UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Assessment, Detection and Innovative Treatment Methods for Seed Borne Diseases in Organic Wheat and Barley Seed Production
1014993 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fouladkhah, A. Fouladkhah,Aliyar Cyrus TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Assisting Producers and Processors Meeting the Water and Food Safety Requirements in the Current Regulatory Climate
1015455 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Jones, Y. K. Jones,Yolanda Kay ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS ASU Center for Sustainability
0201306 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Pacumbaba,R,P Pacumbaba,Rudolfo P. ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY AL Augmentation of Landscape Design Curriculum Through the Incorporation of New Technology Paradigms
0230318 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hirst, P. Hirst,Peter PURDUE UNIVERSITY IN Automation of Dormant Pruning of Specialty Crops
1017020 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dunlap, K. Dunlap,Kriya UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA AK Back to the River: The Science behind Alaska`s Traditional Subsistence Lifestyle
1013453 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Samac, D. Samac,Deborah AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Bacterial stem blight of alfalfa: Connection with frost damage, development of resistant germplasm, and mapping resistance genes
1016294 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Michel, F. C. Michel,Frederick C. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH BARRAL-Bioenergy, Advanced Biofuel, and Rubber Research Agricultural Linkages
0203791 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Threadgill, P. Threadgill, P. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extenison, Stoneville, MS
0219107 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS martin, S. W. Martin, S. W. MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIV MS Basic Weather Service for Research & Extension, Stoneville, MS
1016649 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Agriculture and Academics Initiative
1017578 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Extension Services
1019767 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gunka, B. Yanni,Stephen BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Mino B Maadiziwin "the Good Life" Youth Initiative
0211651 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Snowball, C. D. Snowball LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Be Strong and Educate My Children
0200269 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Hart, J. LaRose, L. LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Be Strong and Educate My Children - Little Priest: Science and Technology
0196372 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Downes, A. Downes, A. LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Be Strong and Educate My Children-Little Priest
1016780 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Barlow, J. W. Barlow,John W UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Bedding strategies that promote udder health and milk quality by fostering a beneficial microbiome on organic dairy farms
1013081 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Donoghue, D. J. Kidd,Michael T. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Beefing Up Livestock, Poultry and Agroforestry Enterprises for Military Veteran Farmers
1016941 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Motsenbocker, C. Motsenbocker,Carl LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Beginning farmer training program for small to mid-scale horticulture farmers with less than ten years experience.
1024022 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Crockett, D. Crockett,Deb GARDEN-RAISED BOUNTY WA Beginning Farmer Veterans Growing Skills on the Land and Cultivating a Network of Support in 5 Western Washington Counties
1017512 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Wilner, S. Wilner,Seth UNH Cooperative Extension NH Benchmarks for Northeast High-Value Agricultural Sectors
0220759 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Fenn, D. R. Fenn,David PPG COATINGS & RESINS R&D PA Biobased Acrylic Polymers for Waterborne Coatings
1010339 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Liu, W. Stewart,Charles Neal UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Bioconfinement of Camelina sativa as a sustainable oilseed crop via cleistogamy
0186564 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Carruthers, R. I. USDA, ARS, Pacific West Area CA Biological Based Control for the Areawide Management of Exotic and Invasive Weeds
0197684 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Haines, C. E. Haines, C. E. HASKELL INDIAN NATIONS UNIVERSITY KS Biology Curriculum Laboratory Improvement Project
1015117 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Meng, Y. Meng,Yan ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Biotechnological approaches for improving sweetpotato crop with multiple virus resistance