Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029292 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sun, L. Sun,Luyi UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Acquisition of an Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester for Food Science and Food Packaging Applications
1031432 NEW OTHER GRANTS Salfer, I. Salfer,Isaac UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Acquisition of Combustion Elemental Analyzer to Strengthen Agricultural Research at the University of Minnesota
1031956 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kobayashi, H. Kobayashi,Hideka KENTUCKY STATE UNIVERSITY KY Acquisition of fertile Crocus breeding lines through interspecific hybridization and polyploidization
1031578 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mohamed, A. Mohamed,Abdelrahman TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Acquisition Of High-Throughput Sequencing Equipment For Food And Agriculture Research At Tuskegee University
1029320 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jaisi, D. P. Jaisi,Deb P UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE DE Acquisition of Orbitrap quadrupole mass spectrometer for advancing cross-disciplinary research in agro-environment and food safety
1028613 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mandyam, K. Zhang,Chunquan ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS Acquisition of Scientific Instrumentation for Agricultural Microbiology Instruction
1029300 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kamruzzaman, M. Kamruzzaman,Mohammed UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Acquisition of shared-use rapid and high throughput moisture and fat analyzerto support agricultural research and training at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1029286 NEW OTHER GRANTS Singh, P. Singh,Prashant FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY FL Acquisition of VITEK 2 Compact at Florida State University for Enhancing Microbiology and Antibiotic Resistance Research
1029266 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brown, P. J. Brown,Patrick James UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Adapting Pistachio Production to a Changing Climate
1029085 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chen, K. Chen,Kuan-Ju UNIVERSITY OF GUAM UOG STATION GU Adaption of Virtual Reality Technology (VRT) in Advancement of Agriculture and Food Sciences Education in Insular Institutions
1031527 NEW OTHER GRANTS Well, J. Well,Jay OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Adaptive Agriculture in a Changing Climate
1030352 NEW OTHER GRANTS Abrahamsen, F. Abrahamsen,Frank TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Adding Value to Weaned Beef Calves Belonging to Small and Limited Resource Producers in the Black Belt of Alabama
1029774 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barry, J. Barry,Judith MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Addressing Barriers to Better Serve Socially-Disadvantaged Michigan Producers: A Community-MSU Inclusive Technical Assistance Network
1031408 NEW OTHER GRANTS Friederici, P. G. Friederici,Peter Gerhard NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Addressing Barriers to HSI Student Retention through Community-Engaged Sustainable Food Systems Education
1031455 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hamby, K. Hamby,Kelly UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Addressing evolving corn earworm management challenges in sweet corn grown in the Eastern US
1030399 NEW OTHER GRANTS Zeulner, J. Zeulner,Justin THE WAVE FOUNDATION OR Addressing Food Insecurity in the Northwest Through Zero Waste Solutions
1031646 NEW OTHER GRANTS Soundappan, T. Soundappan,Thiagarajan NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Addressing Food Security And Workforce Needs In Navajo Nation Via The Development Of Flexible Electrochemical Gas Sensors
1030692 NEW OTHER GRANTS Koch-Fienberg, R. E. Koch-Fienberg,Ruby E. CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION OF PUTNAM COUNTY NY Addressing Food System Needs in Putnam County NY
1031022 NEW OTHER GRANTS Leach, A. Leach,Ashley OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH Addressing IPM Challenges: 3D printing in practice
1028694 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coleman, S. M. Coleman,Shannon Monique IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Addressing Produce Safety Educational Needs for Non-English Speaking Produce Growers in the Midwest
1023955 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crutchfield, W. A. Crutchfield,William A. VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY VA Addressing the Impact of Covid-19 on Socially Disadvantaged and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in Virginia
1031300 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gordon, J. Gordon,Jason UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Adoption of climate-smart tree risk assessment in coastal communities
1027355 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gates, R. Gates,Robert TRI-COUNTY AGRICULTURAL COOPERATIVE MS Advance the Sustainability and Growth of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers through Training Exercises, Mentoring and Outreach Programs
1029246 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kubota, C. Kubota,Chieri OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH ADVANCEA: Advancing controlled environment agriculture through data-driven decision making and workforce development
1031104 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roberts, J. Roberts,Joseph CLEMSON UNIVERSITY SC Advanced Methods to Sustain Biological Controls for Integrated Turfgrass Disease Management in the Urban Landscape
1027042 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brown, A. M. Brown,Amanda May Vivian TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Advanced Multidisciplinary Training in Agricultural Microbiome Science
1031195 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weigle, J. Griffin,Ashley EXTENSION FOUNDATION MO Advancing Agrosecurity and Community Resilience through Innovation, Collaboration, and Capacity-Building in the Cooperative Extension Service
1029263 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stephenson, G. O. Stephenson,Garry Owen OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Advancing Beginning Farmer and Rancher Viability by Expanding Our Effective Educational Strategies
1031909 NEW OTHER GRANTS Thapa, R. Thapa,Resham TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Advancing Climate-Smart Agriculture through Nitrogen and Water Management in Cover Crop-Based No-till Crop Production Systems
1031326 NEW OTHER GRANTS Richman, N. Richman,Nessa RHODE ISLAND FOOD POLICY COUNCIL RI Advancing Equity in Capital Access for Beginning Farmers