Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0221485 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Nagaraja, T. G. Nagaraja,Tiruvoor G KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Ecology of E. coli O157:H7 in Beef Cow-Calf Operations from Ranch to Feedlot
0191758 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Etherton, T. D. Etherton, T. D. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Improved Dairy Management Practices
0219619 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Watson, C. A. Watson,Craig Adam UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Evaluation of Thermally selsected Multi-Parental Crosses with Hard Clams and Clam Hybrids
0218796 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Marshall, M. R. Marshall, M. R. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Southern Region Program to Clear Pest Control Agents for Minor Uses
0190113 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Browning, H. W. Browning, H. W. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Biology, Epidemiology and Development of Methods for Detection and Suppression of Citrus Canker
0219094 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Aita, G. M. Aita,Giovanna M LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Biomaterials from Sugarcane
1006674 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wise, J. Wise,John MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Interregional Research Project No. 4 Minor Crop Pest Management for the North Central Region
0218376 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Johnson, P. G. Johnson, P. G. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Drought Management, UT
0188152 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Kaiser, H. M. Coffman, W. R. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Generic Commodity Promotion, Research, and Evaluation
0196861 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Foil, L. D. Foil, L. D. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Development of an Integrated Control Program for Stable Flies
0229563 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Murphy, J. F. Murphy,John Francis AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Integration of inter-row living ground cover and plant growth promoting formulations to reduce losses by insect-borne plant viruses
0195611 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Dietert, R. R. Decker, D. J. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Environmental Risk Factors and Breast Cancer
0222715 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Byrne, P. F. Byrne, P. F. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Russian Wheat Aphid Resistance, Stress Tolerance, and Quality Enhancement of Wheat
0195147 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Olson, T. A. Olson, T. A. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Evaluation and Utilization of the Slick Hair Gene in Florida and Caribbean Dairies
0222147 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Sullivan, C. V. Sullivan,Craig Vincent NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Innovative Biotechnologies for Environmentally Sustainable and Economically Competitive Aquaculture across North Carolina
0201278 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Fares, A. Fares, A. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Determining the Impacts of Water Pumping and Alien Species Invasion on Stream Flow for Sustainable Water Resource Management in Makaha Valle
0192795 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Morrison, D. Morrison, D. LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY LA Development and Evaluation of New Technologies for Louisiana Aquaculture
0200717 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Johnson, L. A. Good, C. IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Plant Biotechnology - Iowa: Technologies to Recover Recombinant Proteins from Plants for Use as Therapeutics and Industrial Enzymes Year 2
0199834 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Wilhite, D. A. Wilhite, D. A. UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE Drought Mitigation Project-Nebraska
0206770 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Mittelhammer, R. C. Mittelhammer, R. C. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Enhancing Competitiveness of Agricultural Products
0199316 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Miller, M. G. MILLER, M. G. UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Minor Use Pesticide Research - Western Region IR-4
0204864 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Hu, J. Hu, J. UNIV OF HAWAII HI Effects of Viral Suppressors of RNA Silencing in Sugarcane
0204056 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stiegert, K. W. Stiegert, K. W. UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI The Organization, Regulation and Performance of the U. S. Food System
0214016 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Johnson, K. Johnson, K. OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY OR Development of a rapid detection protocol for the fire blight pathogen of pear and apple.
0203385 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Shapiro, K. H. Karen Nielsen UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI The Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development
0210335 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Bryan, W. B. Bryan,William WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Immune status of lambs, born of protein-supplemented periparturient ewes and creep-grazed in spring, against Haemonchus contortus
0207959 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Otwell, W. S. Otwell,Walter Steven UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Consumption Risks and Consumer Perceptions of Muscle Foods Treated with Carbon Monoxide or Filtered Smoke
0207222 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Stover, P. J. Hoffmann, M. P. CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Stable Isotope Metabolism and Human Nutritional Requirements
0219354 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Semmens, K. J. Semmens, K. J. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV NU-Aquaculture Product & Marketing Dev., WV
0218640 TERMINATED SPECIAL GRANT Lupton, C. J. Lupton, C. J. TEXAS A&M UNIV TX Wool Research MT, TX & WY