Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1022689 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kelly, M. Kulheim,Carsten MICHIGAN TECHNOLOGICAL UNIV MI Social implications of genetically improved trees: Assessing public and forest owner attitudes and risk perceptions
1022728 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Haggerty, J. Haggerty,Julia MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Land Inequality as Economic Development Challenge in Remote Regions
1022763 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Bisinotto, R. Bisinotto,Rafael UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL Impact of fertility-based selection on key physiological pathways that control reproduction in dairy cattle
1022804 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Reed, K. Reed,Kristan CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY The Ruminant Farm Systems (RuFaS) model: A next-generation, whole-farm, dairy systems model to support sustainable productivity and environmental health
1022828 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Taxis, T. Taxis,Tasia MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Establishing a comprehensive approach for eradication of BLV: Reducing BLV incidence in young stock while removing super-shedders from the milking herd
1022853 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Biase, F. Biase,Fernando VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Identification of gene expression profiles in peripheral white blood cells predictive of heifer pregnancy success
1022880 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Liang, X. Liang,Xin-Zhong UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Improving Agricultural Water Use and Nutrient Management to Sustain Food and Energy Crops Production in the Corn Belt
1022886 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Schulte Moore, L. Schulte Moore,Lisa IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Consortium for Cultivating Human And Naturally reGenerative Enterprises (C-CHANGE)
1022961 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Enger, B. D. Enger,Benjamin D OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY OH PARTNERSHIP: Impact of Intramammary Infection (IMI) on the Develping Bovine Mammary Gland
1023094 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Greenlon, A. Greenlon,Alex UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY CA Metagenomic prediction of microbial extracellular polysaccharide synthesis and mineral association in soil
1023112 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Selsby, J. T. Selsby,Joshua Taylor IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Basic and applied consequences of heat stress in barrows and gilts
1023133 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Reif, K. E. Reif,Kathryn Elizabeth KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Partnership: Development Of A Rational Vaccine For Bovine Anaplasmosis
1023149 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Yu, M. Yu,Miao UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Transforming shellfish farming with smart technology and management practices for sustainable production
1023178 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Kent, A. D. Kent,Angela D. UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Mining Ancient Genomes for Mechanisms to Improve Nutrient Retention in Maize Agroecosystems
1023193 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Venkitanarayanan, K. Venkitanarayanan,Kumar UNIV OF CONNECTICUT CT Systems-based integrated program for enhancing the sustainability of antibiotic-restricted poultry production
1023194 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Marks, B. Marks,Bradley MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Sustainable, Systems-Based Solutions for Ensuring Low-Moisture Food Safety
1023209 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Stahlke, A. Stahlke,Amanda UNIV OF IDAHO ID Predicting Range Expansion in Diorhabda
1023213 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT McGuire, M. A. McGuire,Mark A. UNIV OF IDAHO ID Creating a new bioeconomy for dairies to increase nutrient recycling, enhance productivity of crops, & stimulate prosperity in rural America
1023249 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Scudiero, E. Scudiero,Elia UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, RIVERSIDE CA Artificial Intelligence For Sustainable Water, Nutrient, Salinity, And Pest Management In The Western U.S.
1023256 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Jungers, J. Jungers,Jacob UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN Developing and deploying a perennial grain crop enterprise to improve environmental quality and rural prosperity
1023276 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Pandey, S. Pandey,Santosh IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Automated instrument to extract and quantify nematode cysts from roots of agricultural crops
1023397 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Snyder, A. Snyder,Abigail CORNELL UNIVERSITY NY Transforming sanitation strategies in dry food manufacturing environments
1023404 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT McCluney, K. McCluney,Kevin BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY OH Where is pollination in peril? Evaluating climate risks to wild and managed bees and pollination services across the US
1023548 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Eberly, J. Eberly,Jed MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY MT Genetic controls and mechanisms for the recruitment of crop microbiomes for enhanced ecosystem adaptation
1023666 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Wilson, M. Wilson,Melissa UNIV OF MINNESOTA MN FACT: Development of a national manure composition database
1023722 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Machado, G. Machado,Gustavo NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC FACT: Near-real time spatiotemporal resource allocation to improve swine health
1023774 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Peters, R. J. Peters,Reuben J IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Investigating the role of diterpenoid natural products in rice plant-microbe interactions
1023831 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Coaker, G. L. Coaker,Gitta L UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Investigating the role of a tandem kinase-pseudokinase in plant defense
1023888 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Chaplin-Kramer, R. Chaplin-Kramer,Rebecca UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MN FACT: Cyber-infrastructure for Landscape Impacts on Biocontrol
1023904 NEW AFRI COMPETITIVE GRANT Rawat, N. Rawat,Nidhi UNIV OF MARYLAND MD Deciphering the mechanism of a broad-spectrum resistance gene against Fusarium gramin