Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0196358 NEW OTHER GRANTS Huenemann, L. Huenemann, L. DINE COLLEGE AZ Applying Value-Added Principles to Foster Community-Based Economic Development with Wool Producers & Textile Artists
0197542 NEW OTHER GRANTS Natori, T. Natori, T. DINE COLLEGE AZ Curriculum Development: Conservation of Rana Pipiens and Ecology of Desert Wetland in Navajo Nation
0208791 NEW OTHER GRANTS Breshears, D. D. Breshears,David D. UNIV OF ARIZONA AZ Ecohydrological Training to Address Semiarid Forest Ecosystem Health and Restoration
0210264 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coen, C. Imelda Cuyugan PUMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE AZ Agriculture Science Education Development Program
0218009 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ryan, J. Wood, A. H. CHIRICAHUA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS, INC. AZ Creciendo Sano/Growing Healthy
0219987 NEW OTHER GRANTS Schlaefli, C. Schlaefli,Cie`na COMMUNITY FOOD BANK, INC. AZ Marana Heritage Farm Youth Program
1016403 NEW OTHER GRANTS Limesand, K. H. Limesand,Kirsten H. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Precision Nutrition: Emerging Solutions for Chronic Disease
1017073 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, Y. Auty,David NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Training The Next Generation of Native American Leaders for Managing Resilient Agroecosystems
1018077 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hingle, M. D. Hingle,Melanie Daniela UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ University of Arizona Multicultural scholars program in culinary medicine
1023464 NEW OTHER GRANTS Aradhyula, S. Aradhyula,Satheesh UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Towards an Accessible Agribusiness Education for College Students in Borderland Areas of the U.S. Southwest: An Agribusiness Analytics Minor
1024563 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hakim, S. T. Hakim,Shazia Tabassum NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Decision support for agricultural reuse of municipal wastewater effluent in the Navajo Nation
1025173 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hodges, T. Hodges,Tanya UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Yumans United through Microbiology, Agriculture, Nutrition, and Social Sciences - Mentorship, Awareness, Networking, Opportunities, leading to Success (YUMANS-MANOS)
1026306 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ruyle, G. B. Ruyle,George B UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Expanding Extension Capacity Through RangeDocs: Searchable Rangeland Science
1026578 NEW OTHER GRANTS Teske, J. Teske,Jennifer UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Arizona`s Science, Engineering, And Mathematic Scholars (ASEMS): Preparing And Retaining Leaders In STEAM
1026596 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hodges, T. Hodges,Tanya UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Sopa (Student Success By Increasing Opportunity, Participation, Awareness, And Achievement)
1026701 NEW OTHER GRANTS Litson, B. Litson,Benita NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Forest and woodland dynamic supporting food and agriculture on the Navajo Nation.
1027083 NEW OTHER GRANTS McKinney, R. McKinney,Racheal URBAN LIVESTOCK AND EQUINE VETERINARY SERVICES LLC AZ Provide clinic with equipment and support staff needed to more effectively mitigate veterinary service shortages in the state of Arizona
1027148 NEW OTHER GRANTS Mpanga, I. Brown,Judith K. UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Assessing Soil and Plant Health Response to Composted and Solarized Grape Pomace with manure in Semi-arid Soil
1027449 NEW OTHER GRANTS Udarbe, A. Udarbe,Adrienne PINNACLE PREVENTION CORP. AZ Double Up Food Bucks Arizona Corner Store Expansion Initiative
1028667 NEW OTHER GRANTS Villa, F. A. Villa,Francisco A NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Science in Agriculture By Navigating to Degrees in Yuma: Learning, Opportunities, Assistance, and Mentorship
1028679 NEW OTHER GRANTS Kim, Y. Antoninka,Anita Joy NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY AZ Training The Next Generation Of Hispanic Leaders For Managing Resilient Forests
1028705 NEW OTHER GRANTS Linares-Gaffer, A. Linares-Gaffer,Ashlee UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ SALUDABLES (Strengthening Awareness for Living healthy Using Dietetics Approaches and Boosting Local Educational Success)
1028707 NEW OTHER GRANTS Li, S. Li,Shujuan UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Increasing Accessibility of Food Safety Resources to Tribal Growers in Arizona to Advance Resilience of Native Nations
1028842 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amavisca, D. C. Amavisca,Danielle Christine YUMA VETERINARY CLINIC, L.L.C. AZ AZ225_Preventing the Kicker Cow: How Mobile Capture and Restraint Facilities Can Impact Food Safety, Education, and Disease Control in the Rural Southwest
1028861 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gornish, E. S. Gornish,Elise S UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ EcoRestore: Online Portal and Community of Practice for ecological restoration for Southwest rangelands and forests
1028930 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cervantes, J. C. Quijada,Adrian Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ Planting the seeds of culture and food: Agricultural experiential education with Micro-credentials
1029248 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dhar, A. Dhar,Arun UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA AZ Development of PCR-based diagnostic assays in support of disease free attestations of formulated aquafeed.
1029269 NEW OTHER GRANTS Litson, B. Litson,Benita NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ An integrative approach to expanding agricultural opportunity
1029293 NEW OTHER GRANTS Cervantes, J. C. Quijada,Adrian Tohono O`odham Community Action (TOCA) AZ Sovereign O`oidag (Gardens) for a Sovereign Nation