Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0197543 NEW OTHER GRANTS Balok, C. Balok, C. NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM TEE: Development of Computer Based Curriculum
0201122 NEW OTHER GRANTS Balok, C. Balok, C. NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Incorporation of Native Languages into Scientific and Distance Learning Curricula
0204026 NEW OTHER GRANTS Balok, C. J. Balok, C. J. NAVAJO TECHNICAL COLLEGE NM Implementation of Internet Based Distance Learning Technology
1031445 NEW OTHER GRANTS Balota, M. Balota,Maria VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Enhanced Mid-Atlantic System Sustainability Through Development Of High-Protein And Stress Tolerant Faba Bean For Winter Production
0214279 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bandy, M. B. Michael Bandy AMERICAN FORAGE AND GRASSLAND COUNCIL IL 2008 Emerging Scientist Competition
1028735 NEW OTHER GRANTS Banerjee, P. Banerjee,Pratik UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL A collaborative multi-state food safety outreach program for cottage food and home-based food producers with limited resources
1030981 NEW OTHER GRANTS Banerjee, P. Banerjee,Pratik UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS IL Bridging the Gap: Creating FSMA-PSR and GAP-Inspired Food Safety Outreach Program for Underserved Urban Growers in Illinois
1026607 NEW OTHER GRANTS Banks, J. Banks,John CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MONTEREY BAY CA Increased Degree Attainment in FANH Sciences: Creating a Regional Pipeline
1029930 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barashkov, N. Barashkov,Nikolay MICRO-TRACERS INC. CA Disinfection of Water used in the Poultry Industry by Combined Advanced Oxidation Processes
1028948 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barbosa, J. F. Barbosa,Jose Ferreira UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE TN Agriculture & Nutrition For Girls While Encouraging Leadership & Stem-Enrichment (Angels)
1026847 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barden, C. J. Barden,Charles J KANSAS STATE UNIV KS Promoting a Pathway to Higher Education at Kansas State University through Tribal Food Sovereignty and Community Gardens
1029275 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barger, P. Barger,Priscilla AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Rapid validation of immunogenic targets from hypervirulent Aeromonas hydrophila for development of a recombinant protein vaccine against vMAS in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)
1027538 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barker, D. E. Barker,Dorathy E. OPERATION SPRING PLANT, INC. NC Preparing Socially Disadvantaged, and Veteran Beginning Farmers and Ranchers in North Carolina for Sustainability
1030863 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barker, D. E. Barker,Dorathy E. OPERATION SPRING PLANT, INC. NC Reducing Food Safety Risk at Farm Level
1024397 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barnes, R. A. Heaney,Cordelia MARKETUMBRELLA.ORG LA New Orleans Market Match
1030421 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barouei, J. Barouei,Javad PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY TX An Integrated Approach to Minimize Produce Food Safety Risks Associated with Manure Applications for Small-Scale Diversified Growers in Texas
1031341 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barriga, A. V. Barriga,Alicia V UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Implementation of a Case Study Methodology in Distance Learning for Agribusiness Courses
1029774 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barry, J. Barry,Judith MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI Addressing Barriers to Better Serve Socially-Disadvantaged Michigan Producers: A Community-MSU Inclusive Technical Assistance Network
1026172 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bartlett, J. R. Bartlett,Jannette Rose TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY AL Integration of Pastured Poultry as part of a Sustainable Farming Enterprise for Local Producers
1026108 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bashir, S. Bashir,Saima Central State University OH Marauder Agricultural Scholarship Program (MASP)-Workforce
1031260 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bass, P. Bass,Phillip UNIV OF IDAHO ID Beef 101: Pacific Northwest Beginning Rancher Development Program
1029274 NEW OTHER GRANTS BAUER-ARMSTRONG, C. L. BAUER-ARMSTRONG,CHERYL L UNIV OF WISCONSIN WI Deepening Native Education Pathways through Experiential Learning, Cultural Connection, and Knowledge Exchange
1029302 NEW OTHER GRANTS Baum, J. Baum,Jamie UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing capabilities of agricultural research to prevent obesity and diet-related chronic diseases
1031181 NEW OTHER GRANTS Baur, P. Baur,Patrick UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Developing risk-assessment, educational, and communication tools to lower food safety barriers for organic specialty crop growers
1028716 NEW OTHER GRANTS Baylis, K. R. Baylis,Katherine Ruth UNIV OF CALIFORNIA CA Equitable Agriculture and Environmental Management
1028837 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bayne, J. Bayne,Jenna AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Recruitment and Support of Veterinarians in Underserved Rural Areas of Alabama
1031335 NEW OTHER GRANTS Baynes, R. Baynes,Ronald NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIV NC Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank 2023-2024
1030725 NEW OTHER GRANTS Baynham, P. Baynham,Patricia ST. EDWARDS UNIVERSITY TX From Education and Experiential Learning to Employment (E3): Cultivating the NEXTGEN of Natural Resources and Food Leaders
1029326 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bazilevskaya, E. A. Bazilevskaya,Ekaterina A PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Shimadzu GC-2030 Greenhouse Gas Chromatograph (GC) for a multi-user soils research lab
1031047 NEW OTHER GRANTS Beals, M. Beals,McKenzie BROKEN BOW ANIMAL HOSPITAL NE NE234 Broken Bow Animal Hospital: Serving Rural Central Nebraska Livestock Production