Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1027231 NEW OTHER GRANTS da Silva, A. da Silva,Andre AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL The divergent paths of organic transition: Best management practices for initial years of organic vegetable fields in Southeastern U.S.
1027565 NEW OTHER GRANTS Powers, A. R. Powers,Alicia R. AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Alabama Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program
1028703 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rodrigues, C. Rodrigues,Camila AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Developing an Engaging Produce Safety Add-On Training for Soilless Growing Operations
1028837 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bayne, J. Bayne,Jenna AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Recruitment and Support of Veterinarians in Underserved Rural Areas of Alabama
1029055 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tschetter, E. Tschetter,Emery AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL HEADS-UP Helping Every Alabamian (American) Develop Storm Understanding and Preparation Plans
1029275 NEW OTHER GRANTS Barger, P. Barger,Priscilla AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Rapid validation of immunogenic targets from hypervirulent Aeromonas hydrophila for development of a recombinant protein vaccine against vMAS in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus)
1029675 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fasina, O. Fasina,Oladiran AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Leveraging Technologies to Enhance Rural Alabama`s Leading Agricultural Industries
1030490 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bruce, T. Bruce,Timothy AUBURN UNIVERSITY AL Investigation of vaccination and disease susceptibility of largemouth bass fry during the early rearing stages
1024434 NEW OTHER GRANTS Elliott, M. Elliott,Max AUSTIN YOUTH AND COMMUNITY FARM INC TX Austin Youth and Community Farm (dba Urban Roots) Farm 2 Family/Family 2 Farm (Urban Roots Youth F2F)
1029423 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hockett, C. Hockett,Christine AVERA MCKENNAN SD Avera McKennan-Food as Medicine (FaM): a hospital-based approach to increase access and intake of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of chronic disease in rural America
1027522 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wingard, S. L. Wingard,Shylea Lynn BAR 88 ENTERPRISES, LLC MT GoatMT: Enhancing Montana Beginning Producers Knowledge and Practical Experience with Goat Production and Marketing
1023761 NEW OTHER GRANTS Loya, S. Loya,Sarah BAR SL VETERINARY SERVICES, LLC NM Providing Veterinary Services to Rural Food Animals in NM205
1030744 NEW OTHER GRANTS Vega, L. Vega,Leticia BARRY UNIVERSITY, INC. FL Barry University CRAFT Scholars -- Cultivating Resilience Through Agriculture and Food Training
1028993 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Agricultural Education and Student Success Initiative
1029294 NEW OTHER GRANTS Yanni, S. Yanni,Steve BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Extension Services
1029691 NEW OTHER GRANTS Jacques, K. Jacques,Kathryn BAY MILLS COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Bay Mills Meat and Poultry Processing Project
1021108 NEW OTHER GRANTS Arnold, C. Arnold,Catherine BENEDICTINE UNIVERSITY IL Preparing Multicultural Scholars For Leadership In Nutrition And Dietetics
1029220 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walden, M. Walden,Mark BEREA COLLEGE KY Grow Appalachia`s Climate Resilient Farming Project
1030776 NEW OTHER GRANTS Ricatto, P. Ricatto,P. J BERGEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE NJ Bergen Community College New Jersey NexTGen for Sustainable Farming
0213783 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chevalier, J. Chevalier, J. BERGEN COUNTY TECHNICAL SCHOOLS NJ Culinary Food Science: Promoting Synergistic Secondary/Postsecondary Linkage through Curriculum Development
1029916 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amin, V. R. Amin,Viren R Biotronics, Inc. IA Increase Market Opportunities for Small and Mid-Size Packing Plants by Identifying Superior Pork Quality Using Ultrasound
1029816 NEW OTHER GRANTS Williams, R. Williams,Raymond BLACK FARMERS COLLECTIVE WA Leveling The Fields In Western Washington: A BIPOC-Led Nonprofit Uplifts BIPOC Farmers, Leveraging USDA and Other Farm Resources
0197170 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fish, W. Fish, W. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Tribal College Research Grants Program
0197419 NEW OTHER GRANTS Tatsey, T. Tatsey, T. BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Spirit of The Land on Triple Divide
1028970 NEW OTHER GRANTS Peterson, J. Peterson,Jim BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Experiential Learning at Blackfeet Community College
1029387 NEW OTHER GRANTS Landry, D. Nez,Felix BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Blackfeet Community College Tribal College Extension Program
1029954 NEW OTHER GRANTS Weatherwax, M. Weatherwax,Melissa BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT BCC Meat Processing
1028940 NEW OTHER GRANTS Leggett, D. Leggett,Drew BLUE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR Blue Mountain Precision Agriculture Mobile Unit Grant
1026346 NEW OTHER GRANTS Anderson, M. Anderson,Matthew BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM OF GEORGIA GA Southwest Georgia Veterinary Medicine Candidate and Growth Capacity Building Program
1026761 NEW OTHER GRANTS Silverstein, M. Marcil,Lucy BOSTON UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER MA COVID Relief 2019-70030-30413: BMC FreshConnect (PRX)