Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1014960 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bowers, J. Bowers,Jan RESEARCH FOUNDATION FOR THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, THE NY National Partnerships to Recruit, Prepare, and Support Human Sciences/Family and Consumer Sciences Educators
1016271 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS LaGrange, G. Bowser,Craig SERVICEMEMBER AGRICULTURAL VOCATION EDUCATION CORP KS Servicemember Agricultural Vocation Education (SAVE) - Farming for the Future
0219985 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bradford, T. Bradford,Timothy MISSISSIPPI VALLEY STATE UNIVERSITY MS Valley Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers
0196104 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears, M. M. TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Center For Food Industry Excellence
0199612 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears, M. M. TEXAS TECH UNIV TX Center for Food Industry Excellence
0210422 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brashears, M. M. Brashears,Mindy Malynn TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY TX Pre-Harvest Critical Control Points in Feed Yards to Prevent Cross-Contamination of Pathogens onto Cattle and other Environmental Areas
1013079 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brasier, K. J. Brasier,Kathryn Jo PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY PA Connecting Diverse Women Farmers Across the Rural-Urban Divide
1017631 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brauner, R. Brauner,Rachel TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY TX Substance Abuse Program at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas
0190131 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brayton, K. A. Brayton, K. A. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Anaplasma marginale genome sequencing
1020032 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Breaker, J. Breaker,Jonathan INSTITUTE OF AMERICAN INDIAN ARTS NM Contemporary Home Economics
1014187 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, G. Brewer,Gary UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA NE A Multi-Tactic Push-Pull Strategy for Controlling Stable Flies on Pasture Cattle in Nebraska and Florida
1013774 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brewer, M. Brewer,Matthew IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Parasitology residency to support rural areas that are underserved in veterinary medicine
1013994 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brightwell, R. L. Brightwell,Rebecca Lynn UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Enhancing The Safety Of Locally Grown Produce For Veterans In Agriculture
1010680 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brito, A. Brito,Andre UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE NH Developing advanced perennial legume-grass mixtures harvested as stored feeds to improve herd productivity and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions in organic dairies in the Northeast
1020801 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brooks, R. N. Brooks,Rosalind TOGETHER WE CAN NV Double Up Food Bucks Las Vegas Expansion
0204266 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, G. Brown, G. WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY WV Diabetes Detection and Prevention Project at West Virginia
1021056 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, D. N. Brown,David N IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Farm and Ranch Wellness: The Next Steps
1009854 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, J. Brown,Jack UNIV OF IDAHO ID Improving canola production and production systems with genetic and agronomic advances to increase canola acreage in the Pacific Northwest.
1020330 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, R. N. Brown,Rebecca N UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND RI Red Light, Green Light: Assessment of Benefits and Risks from Use of Robotic Laser Scarecrows for Bird Damage Prevention in Specialty Crops
1016836 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, R. C. Brown,Robert C IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY IA Valorization of Biochar: Applications in Anaerobic Digestion, Livestock Odor Control and Plant Growth
1009851 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brown, T. Brown,Tristan R. STATE UNIV OF NEW YORK NY Development of Stochastic Techno-Economic and Life Cycle Models for Quantifying the Economic and Environmental Costs of Cellulosic Bioenergy
1020888 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brummer, E. C. Brummer,Edward Charles UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Developing regionally-adapted, resilient alfalfa germplasm pools
1020699 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Keshavarz Afshar, R. Brummer,Joe E. COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY CO Increasing Yield, Quality, and Economy of Alfalfa Hay through Grass Species Selection and Planting Configuration
1017044 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brunet, J. Brunet,Johanne AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH SERVICE IL Extending a model of gene flow by insect pollinators to discontinuous landscapes
1016674 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, K. Brunner,Lisa WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Revitalizing Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Geospatial Technology at WETCC
1016991 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, K. Brunner,Lisa WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Growing the Circle: Strengthening Community Food Security through Collaboration,Education, and Healthy Food Access
1017101 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Anderson, K. Brunner,Lisa WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Strengthening Anishinaabe Youth and Family Food Literacy by Building Resilience through Culture, Food, and Arts.
0214728 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Garner, J. O. BUCKNER,EDMUND UNIV OF ARKANSAS AR Enhancing Research, Extension and Academic Facilities at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
0214687 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bequette, B. Buckner,Edmund Randolph ALCORN STATE UNIVERSITY MS 1890 Facilities Grant Program: Alcorn State University