Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1001126 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Groeneveld, D. Groeneveld,David HydroBio NM Targeted Irrigation Management (TIM) and Initial Suite of Remotely Sensed Agronomic Tools
1024186 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Groleau, J. Groleau,Joshua PECOS WIND POWER, INC. MA Drivetrain for High Capacity Factor Distributed Wind Turbine
0221857 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Haase, J. T. Haase, J. T. Secure Banking Solutions WI Integrated Information Security Management System for Rural Small & Medium Sized Entities (rSME-IISMS)
1024310 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hagen, S. Hagen,Stephen DAGAN, INC. NH Cover Crop Information System: Using remote sensing and modeling to map detailed information about cover crops across wide regions
0197016 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hale, C. S. Hale, C. S. FUTURE SEGUE NM Solar Powered Bilateral Virtual Fencing Using Global Positioning System Technology & Animal Behavior for Controlling Free-Ranging Animals
1024307 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hansen, B. Hansen,Brian AEROPHASE INC CO COVID-19 Rapid Response: Bio-Aerosols in Agriculture and Food Processing
0204158 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hanson, R. E. Hanson, R. E. ALKAR-RAPIDPAK, INC. WI Integrated System for Surface Pasteurization of Food
0206564 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Jing, H. Hansong Jing INDUSTRY VISION AUTOMATION CORPORATION MD Automated X-ray & Laser Imaging System for Detecting Bone Fragments on Poultry De-boning Lines
1026250 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Harbour, T. Harbour,Tom HANGAR ALPHA LLC NY Near-real-time potential control location and strategy planning tool for wildland fire management
0213691 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hawthorne, J. Hawthorne,Joe HAWTHORNE MUSHROOMS, INC. IN Increasing the Marketing, Distributing, and Selling Channels of Specialty Mushrooms
1024121 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hay, T. Hay,Todd EN SOLUCION INC DE Ozone-Nanobubble-Enhanced Washing for Produce Longevity and Safety
0199683 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Van Eaton, V. E. Heath Van Eaton Heartland BioComposites, LLC WY Market Development for Wood Substitute Composites Made from Agriculture Biomasses and Recycled Plastics
0221874 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Henderson, G. W. Henderson, G. W. CAPSTAN SYSTEMS, INC KS Development of an integrated actuator for real time control of spray nozzle flow rate and droplet size spectrum
0210102 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hennings, B. Hennings,Brian LYNNTECH, INC TX Reduced Waste Process to Produce Biofuels with Enhanced Properties
0214066 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Herlihy, T. E. Herlihy, T. E. RT SOLUTIONS LLC NY Development of Plant Protection Products Based on Vermicomposted Dairy Manure
1003009 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Herlihy, T. E. Herlihy,Thomas E RT SOLUTIONS LLC NY Pythium root-rot suppression from vermicompost to improve the profitability of hydroponic baby leaf spinach production.
1025819 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hewitt, S. L. Hewitt,Seanna Louise NUPHY, INC. WA Improved Virus Screening of Horticultural Crops Using a Double-stranded RNA Sequencing-Based Approach
0207572 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hiebert, E. Hiebert,Ernest BIOPRODEX, INC. FL SolviNix: A Tobamovirus-Based Bioherbicide for the Noxious Weed Tropical Soda Apple
1025892 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Higgins, R. Higgins,Richard ONVECTOR LLC PA Treatment of Non-Traditional Water Sources for Agricultural Irrigation using a Novel Plasma Reactor
1024274 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hoenig, S. H. Hoenig,Sean Henry ADVANCED COOLING TECHNOLOGIES, INC. PA Brackish Water for Condensation Irrigation
0202979 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Holt, C. T. Holt, C. T. NexTech Materials, Ltd. OH Production of Advanced Nanomaterials from Biological Substrates
0196404 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hood, E. E. Hood, E. E. PRODIGENE, INC. TX Cellulases for Biomass Conversion from the Transgenic Maize Production System
0196224 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hooper, J. E. Hooper, J. E. PIMA RESEARCH COMPANY AZ The Use of Sulfur for the Control of Varroa
1026166 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Horowitz, S. Horowitz,Stephen FEN TECHNOLOGIES LLC FL Vertical Farming Container with a Daylighting System
0219009 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hresko,M,C Hresko,Michelle C. Divergence, Inc. MO Control of Root Knot Nematode by Transgenic RNA Interference
0210150 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Huang, Y. Huang, Y. MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH, INC CA A Novel, Low-Energy Stripper-Membrane Hybrid Process for Bioethanol Production
1026186 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Huang, Y. Huang,Yizhi ASPIRING UNIVERSE CORPORATION IL Developing a scalable and economic solution for real-time irrigation decision-making system for center pivots
1025763 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hugenroth, J. Hugenroth,Jason Hugenroth INVENTHERM, L.L.C. LA Aseptic Soft Serve and Slush Machines
0214938 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Gao, B. Insco, M. Divergence, Inc. MO Use of a Plant Universal Molecular Recognition Library for Root Knot Nematode Resistance
0207604 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Iverson, G. Iverson, G. GREAT NORTHERN GROWERS COOPERATIVE MT Camelina Sativa, Launching a New Oilseed Crop, Could Gold of Pleasure be Montana's Soybean?