Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0206625 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT McLeay, F. McLeay, F. AMAZING GRAINS MT Marketing Assessment of Indian Ricegrass as a Gluten-Free Flour and in Baked Finished Goods
0206627 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Tedders, W. L. Tedders, W. L. SOUTHEASTERN INSECTARIES, INC. GA Mechanized in vivo Production of Entomopathogenic Nematodes: Expanding Biocontrol Utility
0206679 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carraway, D. T. Carraway, D. T. DANIMER SCIENTIFIC, LLC GA Creation of Cost Competitive Biodegradable Films from Renewable Resources for Agriculture
0207431 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Mach, J. J. Mach, J. J. GENESIS LABORATORIES, INC. CO A Novel Rodent Bait to Control Nutria (Myocastor Coypus)
0207538 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Talukdar, K. Bohnenberger, G. HARRIS ACOUSTIC PRODUCTS CORPORATION MA Acoustic Cavitation Technology for Drinking Water Treatment in Small Rural Utilities
0207556 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Herlihy, T. Thomas Herlihy RT SOLUTIONS LLC NY Large-Scale Production and Marketing of Vermicomposted Dairy Manure
0207572 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hiebert, E. Hiebert,Ernest BIOPRODEX, INC. FL SolviNix: A Tobamovirus-Based Bioherbicide for the Noxious Weed Tropical Soda Apple
0207604 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Iverson, G. Iverson, G. GREAT NORTHERN GROWERS COOPERATIVE MT Camelina Sativa, Launching a New Oilseed Crop, Could Gold of Pleasure be Montana's Soybean?
0207676 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Faucette, B. L. Governo, J. D. COMPOST WIZARD GA Evaluation of Pine Mulch with Compost as a New Erosion and Sediment Control Product for Construction Activities
0210025 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Frear, C. S. Craig Frear BIOLOGICAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES WA Moving baffle for improving solids transport and reducing labor costs and phosphorous discharge in aquaculture raceways
0210034 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Todd, E. F. Todd, E. F. LONG BRANCH CO., INC. MS Automated Vaccination of Broiler Chicken Flocks
0210047 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Crabtree, R. L. Robert Crabtree HYPERSPECTIVES, INC. MT An Automated Tool for Deriving FARSITE Canopy Fuel Parameters from Airborne LiDAR Data
0210048 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kennedy, T. S. Kennedy, T. S. RYNEL, INC. ME Development of a 100% Biodegradable Stabilized Plant Propagation Medium using Corn-Based Polymer
0210081 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Baxter, J. Baxter,Jeff BAXTER LAND COMPANY, INC. AR Improving Hybrid Catfish Production Efficiency Through Early Out of Season Broodstock Conditioning
0210099 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Benedict, L. Benedict, L. EERGC CORPORATION CA Use of Cow Manure in Cement Kilns
0210100 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Varlyguin, D. Dmitry Varlyguin GDA CORP. PA An Advanced Information System for Timely Assessments of International Crop Market Opportunities
0210102 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Hennings, B. Hennings,Brian LYNNTECH, INC TX Reduced Waste Process to Produce Biofuels with Enhanced Properties
0210125 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT HOPKINS, B. Poche,Richard M. STARON, LLC NY Comparison between species-selective rodenticides to determine superior performance in rat control, absence of nontarget risk, and ...
0210129 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Longie, E. S. Erich Longie SPIRIT LAKE CONSULTING, INC. ND Tribal Leaders with Character: Web-based training
0210149 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Chatterjee, R. Chatterjee, R. FARASIS ENERGY, INC. CA Biofuels Production from Hemicellulose
0210150 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Huang, Y. Huang, Y. MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY & RESEARCH, INC CA A Novel, Low-Energy Stripper-Membrane Hybrid Process for Bioethanol Production
0210179 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Applewhite, L. D. Applewhite, LeeAnn APPLIED FOOD TECHNOLOGIES FL Species Identification of Red Snapper by a Discriminating PCR-Based Diagnostic
0210235 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Radin, D. N. David Radin BIOSTRATEGIES, LLC AR Plant-based BioProduction of Chicken IL-12 Adjuvant for Bird Flu Vaccines
0210295 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Swartz, S. L. Swartz, S. L. NexTech Materials, Ltd. OH Bio-Ethanol Fueled SOFC System
0210956 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Balog, R. S. Balog, R. S. SMARTSPARK ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. IL Power Supply for Remote Unattended Electrical Loads
0211012 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT yuan, H. Yuan, H. KONA BAY MARINE RESOURCES, INC. HI Development of a novel, cold-tolerant, disease-resistant line of Pacific white shrimp
0211016 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Kremer, R. J. Kremer, R. J. HERITAGE ACRES FOODS, LLC MO Verifying the Feasibility of Marketing Heritage Organic Pork
0211070 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Zhu, P. X. Zhu, P. X. CREATV MICROTECH, INC. MD Sample Preparation Chip for PCR Detection of Waterborne and Foodborne Pathogens
0211231 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Gardner, P. Gardner,Perry FREUND'S FARM INC. CT Development of Horticultural Containers from Anaerobically Digested Cow manure
0211420 NEW SMALL BUSINESS GRANT Carter, M. T. Carter, M. T. ELTRON RESEARCH INCORPORATED CO Ammonia Point Sensor for Intensive Livestock Operations