Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1028814 NEW OTHER GRANTS Poe, M. K. Poe,Marlene K GRAND COULEE VETERINARY CLINIC WA Enhancement of mobile food animal and equine practice abilities and services for the WA223 shortage area.
1028676 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bullock, J. Bullock,Jeff WENATCHEE VALLEY COLLEGE FOUNDATION WA Experiential Learning and Research to Strengthen Agricultural Education
1027544 NEW OTHER GRANTS Walsh, D. Walsh,Doug WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Enhancing Supply Chain Sustainability and Global Competitiveness for Pacific Northwest Hops
1027381 NEW OTHER GRANTS Coffey, S. Coffey,Stephanie SAN JUAN ISLANDS AGRICULTURAL GUILD WA Farmers-to-Farmland: A collaborative model to enable new farmers and ranchers in the remote San Juan Islands, Washington
1027378 NEW OTHER GRANTS Butler, B. Butler,Bobby HIGHLINE COLLEGE WA Farming for Prosperity: Immigrant and Refugee Training Program in South King County
1027333 NEW OTHER GRANTS Frazier, M. Frazier,Michael GROW FOOD WA Building Beginning Farmer Capacity and Sustainability through Outreach, Training, Mentorship and Land Access in North and Central Puget Sound Program
1026806 NEW OTHER GRANTS Amiri, A. Amiri,Achour WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Systems-Based Approach To Enhance Quality, Safety, And Shelf Life Of Organic Tree Fruit In The Pacific Northwest
1026730 NEW OTHER GRANTS Moskal, L. M. Moskal,Ludmila Monika UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON WA Bridging the gap between data and forest sciences
1024191 NEW OTHER GRANTS Higheagle Strong, Z. Higheagle Strong,Zoe WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Culturally Sustaining/Revitalizing Approach to Native American Undergraduate Recruitment, Retention and Nation Building
1017839 NEW OTHER GRANTS Rodriguez, M. Rodriguez,Maria DJ RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES WA Increase Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Underrepresented Beginning Farmers/Ranchers Through Education and Information
0219014 NEW OTHER GRANTS Gutierrez, L. B. Luz Bazan Gutierrez RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES WA Building Blocks for Transitioning Farm Workers to Farm Owners
0212438 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sischo, W. M. Sischo, W. M. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY WA Reducing the environmental load of food and waterborne pathogens on CAFOS
0201123 NEW OTHER GRANTS Poole, R. Poole, R. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Development of National Indian Center for Marine Environmental Research and Education Institutional Programs
0199881 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bredstrand, J. E. Bredstrand, J. E. Evergreen High School WA Small Engines Technician Training Academy
0197600 NEW OTHER GRANTS Crazy Bull, C. Crazy Bull, C. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Development of Coast Salish Specific Agricultural Curriculum
0196545 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fuller, M. Fuller, M. NORTHWEST INDIAN COLLEGE WA Native Youth Leadership Development
1032800 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sciligo, A. Sciligo,Amber ORGANIC CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND PROMOTION VT Culturally Relevant Organic Curriculum, Professional Development, and Experiential Learning: Increasing Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Organic Sector
1032714 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brady, E. Brady,Earl DANIELLE AND EARL BRADY LLC VT Strategies to increase efficiency and feasibility of a large animal veterinary service for Danielle and EARL BRADY LLC (dba Cold Hollow Veterinary Services) to the JVTNH241 veterinary shortage area.
1032662 NEW OTHER GRANTS Newbold, E. J. Newbold,Elizabeth Jane UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety
1032649 NEW OTHER GRANTS Leslie, T. E. Leslie,Teresa Elizabeth UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT SARE Regional Host
1031768 NEW OTHER GRANTS Buxton, C. Buxton,Cat STATE OF VERMONT OTTAUQUECHEE NRCD VT Upper Valley Super Compost Project - Phase One Builds and Program Implementation
1031560 NEW OTHER GRANTS Bradshaw, T. L. Bradshaw,Terence Lee UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Master Planning and Infrastructure Improvements for UVM Horticulture Research and Education Center
1031205 NEW OTHER GRANTS Darby, H. M. Darby,Heather Marie UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Enhancing the Viability of Grass-Fed Dairy Production in the U.S.through Comprehensive Research and Extension
1031138 NEW OTHER GRANTS Willard, M. Patton,Russ VERMONT STATE COLLEGES VT Vermont Technical College: Implementing a Transformed Agriculture Education Program; Meeting Student and Workforce Needs
1031024 NEW OTHER GRANTS Fanslow, Y. H. Fanslow,Yolanda H. Chen UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Field testing of pheromone mating disruption for swede midge in Brassica crops
1030932 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grubinger, V. P. Grubinger,Vernon Phillip UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Community Accreditation for Produce Safety to Meet the Needs of Small and Mid-size Farms
1030899 NEW OTHER GRANTS Newbold, E. J. Newbold,Elizabeth Jane UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Creation of Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse Content Catalogs to Improve Access and Shared Knowledge
1030450 NEW OTHER GRANTS Grubinger, V. P. Leslie,Teresa UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Application to Serve as a Regional SARE Host Institution
1029692 NEW OTHER GRANTS Dombrowski, K. Coates,Patricia UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Vermont Institute for Rural Partnerships (IFRP-VT)
1028785 NEW OTHER GRANTS Callahan, C. W. Callahan,Christopher William UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT VT Understanding and Addressing Needs for On-Farm Produce Safety Education in Hydroponics and Aquaponics