Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
0220134 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Amacher, GR. Amacher, GR. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Economics of Threats and Opportunities for Forest Conservation on Non-Industrial Forest Lands
0220400 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Day, S. Day, S. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Urban Forest Resource Management to Increase Canopy Cover and Provision of Ecosystem Services in Urban Systems
0220783 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Wiseman, P. E. Wiseman, P. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Investigations to Improve Knowledge and Management of Forest Resources in Urbanized Areas
0220827 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Prisley, S. Prisley, S. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Quantitative and Spatial Tools for Sustainable Forests: Planning, Managing, and Monitoring
0221200 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Copenheaver, C. A. Copenheaver, CA, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Detection of fine-scale environmental changes with dendrochronology
0221332 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Brunner, A. Brunner, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Populus Functional Genomics of Economically and Ecologically Important Traits in Trees
0223517 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Busby, G. Busby, G. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Optimal conservation reserve design to protect Virginia wildlife
0223551 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Fox, T. R. Fox, T. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Silviculture of Varietal Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) Plantations: Impacts of Spacing and Silvicultural Treatments on Varieties with Differing Crown Ideotypes
0228500 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Aust, W. M. Aust, W. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Enhancing Best Management Practices for Control of Erosion Caused by Forest Operations
0229938 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Hindman, D. P. Hindman, DA, P. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Exploring Uses of Cross Laminated Timbers for Sustainable Structures
0232298 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Zink-Sharp, A. Zink-Sharp, AU. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Adhesive Bonding Characteristics of Douglas-fir and southern yellow pine wood
1001833 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kline, D. Kline, D. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Development of Engineering and Manufacturing Guidelines for Improved Cross-Laminated Timber Buildings
1003294 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Frazier, CH, E.. Frazier, CH. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Conversion and Fabrication of Value Added Bioplastics from Waste Biomass
1003357 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Burkhart, HA, . Burkhart, HA, E.. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Modeling Competition Effects on Tree Growth and Forest Stand Development
1005394 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Holliday, JA, A.. Holliday, JA, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Integrating Genome-Wide Association Mapping and Landscape Genomics to Understand Climatic Adaptation in Tree Populations
1006328 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Haas, C. Haas, C. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Forest Management and Other Land Use Practices as Determinants of Native Wildlife Populations
1007054 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Thomas, RO, QU. Thomas, RO, QU. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Detecting and Forecasting the Consequences of Subtle and Gross Disturbance on Forest Carbon Cycling
1007271 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Sorice, MI, G.. Sorice, MI, G.. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Understanding the Influence of Conservation Incentive Programs on the Land Stewardship Ethic
1009027 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Stern, M. Stern, M. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Building Resilient Natural Resource Management Institutions
1010564 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Copenheaver, CA, A. Copenheaver, CA, A. VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE VA Application of Proxy Records for Reconstructing Forest Disturbance History
0084724 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Long, J. N. Long, J. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Silviculture of Intermountain Subalpine Forests
0095591 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Blahna, D. J. Blahna, D. J. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Social Equity and Ecosystem Management: Integrating Social Science in Resource Planning, Policy, and Decision making
0095629 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Baker, F. A. Baker, F. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Assessing the Impact of Forest Diseases
0095697 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Jenkins, M. J. Jenkins, M. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT The Ecology and Management of Disturbance in Intermountain Subalpine Spruce-fir Forests
0134862 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Frazer, N. Frazer, N. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Administrative Support for McIntire-Stennis Research
0166625 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Van Miegroet, H. Van Miegroet, H. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Nutrient Dynamics in Wildland Ecosystems
0172687 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Kuhns, M. Kuhns, M. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Social Aspects of Community Forests
0181669 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Brunson, M. W. Brunson, . UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Public Responses to Natural Resource Management Practices and Conditions
0195965 TERMINATED MCINTIRE-STENNIS Gooseff, M. N. Gooseff, M. N. UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY UT Stream and Forested Catchment Restoration: Near-Stream Physical Hydrology and Consequences of Stream Function