Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1031892 NEW OTHER GRANTS Chang, A. Chang,Anjin TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN Leveraging AI and Image-based Indoor Phenotyping in Greenhouse for Vegetable Productions
1031891 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wu, Y. Wu,Ying TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY TN An In-Depth Elucidation Of The Correlation Between Dietary Fiber And Gut Microbiota
1031890 NEW OTHER GRANTS Porter, M. Porter,Mary YAKUTAT TLINGIT TRIBE AK Expanding Yakutat Tlingit Tribe's Community Composting & Gardening Program
1031889 NEW OTHER GRANTS Warhoftig, N. Warhoftig,Nicole CITY OF PLANO TX City of Plano Residential Food Scrap Composting Program
1031887 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sanders, C. Sanders,Colleen UMATILLA INDIAN RESERVATION OR Nixyaawii, Awku Cawpam Akaatta!: "Nixyaawii, Don't Throw it Away!"
1031878 NEW OTHER GRANTS Henderson, R. Henderson,Robin CITY OF CINCINNATI OH The Cincinnati Food Waste Reduction & Composting Project
1031873 NEW OTHER GRANTS SCOTT HENRY, B. SCOTT HENRY,BRENDA CITY OF GARY IN Sustainable Homes: Communities of Color Composting Collaborative
1031861 NEW OTHER GRANTS Winter, S. Winter,Steven CITY OF NEW HAVEN CT Elevating Solutions to Food Recovery and Composting in New Haven
1031858 NEW OTHER GRANTS Pollard, E. Pollard,Eric ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL OK GOV OK Central Oklahoma Community Composting Pilot Project
1031854 NEW OTHER GRANTS Stockton, D. Stockton,Deanna PRINCETON NJ Municipality of Princeton Food Waste Drop Off Program
1031853 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wang, Y. Wang,Yi UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS CA Light/Dark-Inducible Suicide Bio-circuits for the Containment of Recombinant Microorganisms
1031851 NEW OTHER GRANTS Medeiros, B. Medeiros,Brandi CITY OF SUTHERLIN OR City of Sutherlin Composting and Food Waste Reduction (CFWR) Pilot Program
1031849 NEW OTHER GRANTS Roska, J. Roska,James CITY OF LOS ANGELES CA Growing Community through Compost in the City of Los Angeles
1031848 NEW OTHER GRANTS Swanson, J. Swanson,Justine COUNTY OF GALLATIN MT Food Rescue and Food Waste Composting
1031846 NEW OTHER GRANTS Sims, M. Sims,Madeleine BOARD OF EDUCATION OF CITY OF CH IL CPS District-Wide Composting Project
1031838 NEW OTHER GRANTS Taillon, L. Taillon,Lane TANGIPAHOA PARISH COUNCIL LA Florida Parishes Arena Composting Facility
1031837 NEW OTHER GRANTS Toth, K. Toth,Kelli ANCHORAGE, MUNICIPALITY OF (INC) AK Municipality of Anchorage, Solid Waste Services (SWS) Food Waste Reduction, Dehydration, and Composting pilot project.
1031834 NEW OTHER GRANTS Quinlan, D. Quinlan,Debra SOUHEGAN REGIONAL LANDFILL DISTRICT NH SRLD Food Waste Diversion Project
1031833 NEW OTHER GRANTS McCarthy, K. McCarthy,Kat TOMPKINS, COUNTY OF NY Feeding People and Feeding Soils in Tompkins County
1031831 NEW OTHER GRANTS Wienkes, R. Wienkes,Roxanne COUNTY OF DANE WI Moving Dane County Towards Circularity: Establishing Community Food Scraps Collection Kiosks & Full-time Organics Business Development & Outreach (OBDO) Role
1031830 NEW OTHER GRANTS Balz, M. Balz,Michelle COUNTY OF HAMILTON, OHIO OH The Southwest Ohio Community Composting Project
1031829 NEW OTHER GRANTS Corwin, J. Corwin,James NORTH PROVIDENCE SCHOOL DEPARTMENT RI Get Food Smart, Rhode Island
1031823 NEW OTHER GRANTS Blaz, E. Blaz,Erin CIUDAD SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION DISTRICT NM Cultivating Collaborative Composting in New Mexico
1031822 NEW OTHER GRANTS Powell, S. Powell,Shannon AVONDALE ESTATES PROJECTS CORPORATION GA City of Avondale Estates Curbside Compost Program and Finished Compost Return
1031821 NEW OTHER GRANTS Malavez, Y. Malavez,Yadira UNIVERSITY OF PUERTO RICO AT MAYAGUEZ PR Improving scientific instrumentation for student success in Puerto Rico (ISISS-PR)
1031796 NEW OTHER GRANTS Nichols, G. Nichols,Greg CITY OF NEW ORLEANS LA New Orleans Municipal & Community Partnership for Reducing Food Waste
1031787 NEW OTHER GRANTS Hoffman, V. Hoffman,Victoria COUNTY OF BEAUFORT SC Beaufort County- Organics Diversion Pilot Program
1031785 NEW OTHER GRANTS Brown, A. Brown,Alex TOWN OF SILVER CITY ADMINISTRATION OFFICE NM Upper Gila Water Alliance (UGWA) New Earth Project
1031778 NEW OTHER GRANTS Butera, A. Butera,Austin HARRY S TRUMAN COORDINATING COUNCIL MO City of Neosho Food Waste Reduction and Composting Project 2023
1031777 NEW OTHER GRANTS Alexander, T. Alexander,Tikora CLEVELAND, CITY OF OH City of Cleveland Residential Composting and Community Workforce Development Pilot Program