Project Listing

Accession Number Status Type Project Director Project Contact Institution State Title
1029327 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Short-Azure, M. Short-Azure,Michelle TURTLE MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Maximizing Turtle Mountain Family Resources Project
1029330 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Schoen, R. Schoen,Roberta NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES DC Blue-Ribbon Panel on Land-grant Cooperation and Collaboration Continuation
1029339 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dedecker, J. Dedecker,James MICHIGAN STATE UNIV MI The Midwestern Hemp Research Collaborative: Participatory Research and Extension to Grow a Sustainable Hemp Industry
1029344 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dale, R. Dale,Rosalind NORTH CAROLINA A&T STATE UNIV NC Aggies DO Fresh and Local Nutrition Incentive Pilot Program
1029347 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Gourneau, T. Gourneau,Terrance FORT PECK COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Fostering People to Connect Culture and Community through Natural Resource Development
1029353 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Litson, B. Litson,Benita NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Dine College Education Equity Grant
1029354 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Old Elk, L. OLd Elk,Latonna LITTLE BIG HORN COLLEGE MT Little Big Horn College Extension-Community & Economic Development
1029358 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS SELLS, A. SELLS,ANGELINE SOUTHWESTERN INDIAN POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE NM Advancing Culturally Relevant Teaching And Professional Development For Faculty And Student Success
1029359 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Ford, S. Thimm,Tamara LAC COURTE OREILLES OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE WI Daazhiike Manezid: Meeting Community Needs with Ojibwe Ecological Knowledge
1029360 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Knight, S. Large,Tallie RED LAKE NATION COLLEGE MN Red Lake Nation College Community Connections: Supporting Sovereignty in Food, Culture, Health, and Education
1029361 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Litson, B. Litson,Benita NAVAJO NATION TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, THE AZ Dine College Tribal College Extension Delivery Program
1029364 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bordeaux, S. Bordeaux,Shawn Sinte Gleska University SD Sinte Gleska University Extension Program: Expanding Opportunities for Health, Wellness, & Prosperity for the Sicangu Lakota Oyate
1029367 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Monteau, C. Russette,Ursula STONE CHILD COLLEGE MT SCC NIFA Extension Program
1029368 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Comeau, R. Comeau,Richard TULSA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OK Double Up Oklahoma | Expanding access to fruits and vegetables for low-income Oklahomans
1029374 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Kenning, R. Kenning,Robert SYS_ORG - SALISH KOOTENAI MT Growing a New Generation of Stewardship for Tribal Natural Resources
1029376 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nipp, K. R. Nipp,Kelly Richard LEECH LAKE TRIBAL COLLEGE MN Community Health and Vitality: Enhancing Indigenous STEM Programs for a Brighter Future in Ojibwe Communities
1029377 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Morales, M. Friskics,Scott Aaniiih Nakoda College MT Aaniiih Nakoda College Extension Program-Capacity Grant
1029384 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Laux, C. Laux,Catherine KEWEENAW BAY OJIBWA COMMUNITY COLLEGE MI Native Food Pathways: Promoting Community Well-Being Through Food and Culture
1029386 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Woodard, J. L. Nussbaum,Marjorie LITTLE PRIEST TRIBAL COLLEGE NE Little Priest Tribal College Extension: Strengthening Communities through Food, Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Health Education, 2022-2026
1029387 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Landry, D. Nez,Felix BLACKFEET COMMUNITY COLLEGE MT Blackfeet Community College Tribal College Extension Program
1029409 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Bajwa, Z. Bajwa,Zahrine CORNELL COOPERATIVE EXTENSION ASSOCIATION OF SUFFOLK COUNTY NY Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County Partnership with Healthcare Providers to facilitate fresh fruit and vegetables vouchers to underserved populations.
1029432 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS McLaren, A. Dysert,Catie IOWA HEALTHIEST STATE INITIATIVE IA Iowa Produce Prescription Program: Improving the health status of Iowans facing nutrition insecurity
1029436 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Reichel, P. Waddle,Michael PARTNERSHIP FOR A HEALTHIER AMERICA DC Food is Medicine: Locally Sourced Produce Prescription Programs for Bolivar and Sunflower County, MS.
1029437 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Critzer, F. Critzer,Faith UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GA Bridging the Gap: expanding a HACCP-based curriculum to help produce growers treat agricultural water
1029442 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Dunn, J. Dunn,Joe Sitting Bull College ND Sitting Bull College Ag. Extension
1029443 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Nelson, L. Nelson,Lori FORT BERTHOLD COMMUNITY COLLEGE ND Expanding Community Engagement through Tribally Grounded Agriculture at NHSC
1029448 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Brunner, L. Bellanger,Tammy WHITE EARTH TRIBAL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGE MN Creating Sustainable Food Security in White Earth Tribal Communities
1029449 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Marshall, S. E. Marshall,Susan Edinger HUMBOLDT STATE UNIV CA California Rangeland EDucation (CRED): Multi-Institutional Collaboration for Mission Critical Occupations
1029452 EXTENDED OTHER GRANTS Witt, K. Witt,Karla OGLALA LAKOTA COLLEGE SD NIFA Extension Capacity Program 22-26